The Schoolgirl Secret Agent - Chapter 634

Chapter 634: A Big Girl. Putting Permission To Good Use

Qin Yirou herself got married and fell pregnant early. She dropped out of high school, abiding by Zhang Meihua’s arrangement and getting married to Yun Gang as she dismissed Dong Ruan’s advice.

Actually, she regretted it after getting married but she chose to believe in Yun Gang and that he would be nice to her. Yun Gang ended up a gambling addict; not only did he frequent the casino, he stole money from home and each time, to which it only grew worse.

Qin Yirou was heartbroken but it was not the direct cause of the failed marriage. The real reason that put an end to their marriage was Yun Gang’s affair.

Initially, Qin Yirou did not believe it. She trusted Yun Gang deep down, so it came unexpectedly that the man really did have a lover outside. It was until the mistress came knocking on her door that Qin Yirou was struck with the realization that she should have divorced Yun Gang a long time ago instead.

Toward the end, her mother-in-law, Lu Lanhua, even had the cheek to reprimand her and claim “Which man doesn’t have an affair” right in her face. It infuriated Qin Yirou but meek as she was, she had still managed to get through the divorce with Xiao Jian.

After a complicated and burdensome marriage that wasted half of her lifetime, Qin Yirou had let it all go. To her, if her daughter could find someone she liked, she would never stop her. When she knew that it was Si Yi, Qin Yirou was rather delighted.

Si Yi was a handsome child. Looks came secondary, however, as first and foremost he had a decent character. Qin Yirou thought that no matter how he looked, she would give the green light as long as he was nice to Xiao Jian. Si Yi was no doubt the best candidate. Moreover, both Yun Jian and Si Yi reciprocated each other’s feelings.

In spite of it, Yun Jian who was on the staircase took a slight stumble backward and almost lost her footing when she heard what Qin Yirou said. Her mother was telling her that she would take care of their child if they got pregnant? This was not the issue though. Yun Jian realized that Qin Yirou’s misunderstanding toward them ran deep.

“Mom…” Yun Jian spoke up but said the woman cut her off.

“Xiao Jian, I know that you’re a big girl now and you’d get embarrassed. I won’t tease you anymore. Alright, go back to your room and rest.” With that, Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian went downstairs together and returned to watching television in the living room, leaving Yun Jian and Si Yi on the spot.

A second later, Si Yi’s hand flew to grab Yun Jian’s and led her upstairs. Unnoticeable to Yun Jian, the corners of his lips were tugged up into a dashing smile.

This time, Si Yi did not go to Yun Jian’s room but held her hand and headed to his own room. He was immediately putting the permission he had gotten to good use.

Just as Yun Jian was going to enter her room, Si Yi had tugged her hand and turned to bring them both into his room instead.

“You—” Yun Jian’s soft voice was completely drowned inside the door.

Si Yi led her to the bed upon entering. Being her first time to have gone into Si Yi’s bedroom, Yun Jian scanned the space and noticed the navy interior. The setting was simple—a large bed was right in front of the room with a long study table on the side. There was nothing else.

While Yun Jian was engrossed in the new area, Si Yi circled her waist from behind. Bending slightly, he leaned his head against Yun Jian’s shoulder and took in her faint fragrance, sighing involuntarily, “You smell so good.”

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