The Rich Second Generation Villain’s Father - Chapter 23

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[Ability extraction successful, choose one of the following abilities.]

1: Piano skill Maximum level.

2: Dance skill Maximum level.

This time, both skills were not good, but the skills drawn in the lottery were basically those which cannot be bought with money.

A 1000 villain points were required to extract a single prize, and each was worth 100 million yuan1 in cash.

And these two skills require talent to learn, which cannot be measured with money.

So, Qin Tian could not complain.

Of course! Neither of these two abilities was of much use to him, so Qin Tian randomly chose the one that seemed relatively suitable—the Piano Skill Maximum level.


Host: Qin Tian

Strength points: 110

Charm points: 550

Luck points: 700

Health points: 100

(The average value for a normal adult male is 100)

Villain points: 900

Currently have skills: Divine Toxic Healing Technique, Combat skills maximum level, piano skills maximum level.


This time, both the villain points and the luck points had a huge increase.

Even after the system lottery, he still had 900 villain points.

So he could draw the system lottery again with a little difference of 100 villain points.

The luck points were more outrageous, and this time alone, he managed to receive 500 points?

Seeing this, even Qin Tian could not help but be surprised.

500 Luck points?

Does this mean that the Su family played a huge role in Lin Feng’s future?

Did I just ruin Lin Feng’s relationship with the Su family?


About a minute later.

“Dad ….. Are you okay? Dad!”

Su Zhengyang, who was carried to the sofa in the private room by the bodyguards, woke up slowly.

Su Yanran had a nervous face.


Su Zhengyang, who had just woken up, hadn’t fully recovered his breathing and memory: “I just…What happened?”

“Dad, you suddenly fainted, and Uncle Qin managed to save you.” Su Yanran was reminded.

“Oh? Also…was there such a thing?”

With the return of his memory, Su Zhengyang looked at Qin Tian as if he was looking at a monster.

Does this guy actually know medicine?

What in the world is happening?


Su Zhengyang was sent to the hospital for examination.

Although after Qin Tian’s rescue he was fine, it wouldn’t hurt them to go to the hospital for another check-up, right?

So they left for the hospital.

As his daughter, Su Yanran would naturally accompany him!

But she gave an apology to Qin Tian before she left.

After all, the Su family requested to release Lin Feng, but never did they expect to have released a white-eyed wolf…

“President Qin, we…”Seeing that the private room was already empty, Mu Die spoke.

“Let’s go.” Qin Tian shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

After the scene just now, he had not only harvested a large number of villain points and luck points, but he also increased his friendship with the Su family.

He was very satisfied with the outcome.

The business cooperation ended in a smooth way too.

Because Qin Tian saved Su Zhengyang, Su Zhengyang took the initiative to give up 10 percent of profit to show gratitude.

10 percent might not seem a lot at first, but with the power of the Qin and Su families, the cooperation project was expected to profit at least 500 million or more.

10 present, that was at least 50 million yuan2.

Not bad.

Perhaps the only thing that he regretted was the sudden disappearance of Lin Feng?

This kid had taken advantage of the chaos to slip away when Qin Tian was giving CPR to Su Zhengyang.

This made Qin Tian very unhappy, as he wanted to use the Su family’s hand to teach Lin Feng a lesson.

But Qin Tian had no other choice but to postpone his revenge for a future date.

Because Lin Feng was the protagonist and had unbelievable luck points.

Trying to solve him wasn’t something that could be done in a day or two.


Lin Feng ran away?

Yeah, Lin Feng did run away!

He knew that he had offended two families, so after seeing Qin Tian’s professional CPR technique, he had given up his last hope of turning the tables and took the advantage of the chaos to run away.

Anyway, Su Zhengyang’s life was no longer in danger, so why won’t he take advantage of the situation and leave?

However, after Lin Feng ran away, he was depressed.

Because all the way along, his mind kept repeating the situation in the past two days.

Why do I always feel something wrong is wrong in my heart?

Especially Qin Tian, he didn’t use his connections nor threatened him directly.

Against a small shrimp-like me, he would actually choose to call the police?

Obviously, should a billionaire like him know medicine?

A wealthy man like himself, shouldn’t he be preoccupied with business?

How could he learn such life-saving skills and have the time to save others?

This was not logical at all.

But as the protagonist, he naturally knew that Su Zhengyang suddenly fainted because of him.

If he was the one who saved Su Zhengyang, the entire situation would be different.

But the person who saved Su Zhengyang was not him but Qin Tian.

This didn’t feel good having him steal all the limelight.

This means that he lost the Su family’s backing.

He couldn’t rely on the Su family anymore, so he must go and look for other opportunities for his backing.

Therefore, he had to leave.

It was best to leave the Tang family as well and disappear from the sight of the Qin family.

Only in this way, I have the hope for a comeback.

Thinking of this, Lin Feng already had a plan.

“Kid, hand over the money.”

While Lin Feng was thinking, two yellow-haired punks blocked his way.

One of the punks was holding a dagger in his hand, somewhat rudely.

At this point, Lin Feng looked back and forth and found that he had walked into an alley without streetlights.

“These punks want to rob me?”

Lin Feng made a judgment, and his eyes became hostile.

“Damn it, you guys are the ones who sent yourselves to the door.”

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Soon… countless screams and wails came from the alley.

The two poor yellow-haired punks just happened to run into Lin Feng became his vent for anger.

Their ending was naturally imaginable.

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