The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 664

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Chapter 664: Offering Herself as Tiger Food?

Under the shocked eyes of the crowd, Xia Xibei actually put her hand into the cage!

This scene made everyone’s jaws drop.

There was a big tiger in here!

Was she offering herself as tiger food?

“Pull back!” the surrounding zookeepers shouted.

Jiang Shenghe also ran over, trying to pull Xia Xibei’s hand out.

His face was pale. He had thought he was crazy, but he hadn’t expected Xia Xibei to be even crazier than him!

Did she want to be in trouble?

Just as he rushed to the cage, he was stunned by the scene that took place in front of him.

The huge, fierce tiger in the cage reacted quickly, its head stretching out and going directly toward Xia Xibei’s hand. Its mouth opened wide, revealing its sharp teeth.


Everyone couldn’t help but close their eyes, unable to bear seeing the bloody tragedy that would happen next.

But in the next second, someone couldn’t help but exclaim, “Crap!!!”

“Oh my God!”


No screams were heard, only incredulous shrieks. The staff members who had closed their eyes opened them suspiciously, then were stunned by the scene before them.

In the cage, the huge, fierce tiger was already on the ground, but its big head was moving around under Xia Xibei’s hand.

The obviously fierce and scary tiger was as adorable and naive as a small cat at that moment.

Everyone was speechless.

Oh my God, they were not just seeing things, right?

Xia Xibei laughed softly and stroked its head.

This scene made everyone petrified.

They had to be going blind, right?

Xia Xibei touched its big head, then tried to take her hand back, but before she could, the tiger stretched out its paws and grabbed her hand back, placing it on its own head.

“Roar…” Keep touching!

Everyone was convinced they had actually gone blind.

Was this a tiger or a cat?!

They knew that this big tiger was bred in captivity and had lost much of its feral nature, but it could not be that harmless, could it?

Even Jiang Shenghe turned his head to look at the keeper, with only one question in his eyes: Was this really a tiger, not a fake?

The keeper was also bewildered. “It… it was very fierce before!”

Everyone silently looked at the big tiger that was rubbing around in Xia Xibei’s hands with its eyes narrowed.

Yes, very fierce, super fierce.

The keeper was embarrassed. How would he know why this big tiger had become so docile?

When it had eaten meat that same morning, it was still very fierce and strong!

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In that case, there must be something going on with Xia Xibei!

“Let it out,” Xia Xibei said to them. “The cage is too small for it to be comfortable.”

The tiger had told her that it was uncomfortable inside.

In the zoo, it had its own territory. Although it was not as spacious and comfortable as the wild, it was good.

But this cage was too small and made it too uncomfortable.


Everyone was a little hesitant to let it out now.

If it was released too early, it could mess things up, couldn’t it?


Seeing them hesitate, the tiger roared loudly.

“Don’t get excited.” Xia Xibei patted its head.

“Roar…” Its voice suddenly dropped several keys and its volume was much lower.

The onlookers were dumbfounded.

Just one pat and the tiger really listened to her!

What kind of person was she?

Jiang Shenghe was excited. “Great!”

Xia Xibei’s animal affinity was really superb! That was great!

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