The Princess Helps Her Sister To Be the Emperor - Chapter 1-2

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The Princess Helps Her Sister To Be The Emperor | 1-2

She was riding the horse frantically.

With an eyes as gold and a hair as red as the twilight over the sky.

As the twilight turned in the dawn, she stopped the horse abruptly.

“… I’m going crazy.”

The contempt, regret and even shock could be seen over her face. All those emotions which had been swaying without shape all along, are now sweeping like a typhoon. It was clear that she had lost her mind for a moment. Her heart has weakened just by keep thinking desperately in her lover and because of that she lost for an instant her rationality.

‘I can’t believe I abandoned Dearon. Turned me face away from him who was seriously injured just to save my own life. I knew he gave me a chance to run away … he already had prepared to die, I…, how I could.‘

Cheluna immediately forced the horse to turn around. Under the twilight sky, she headed towards her loved one.

Anyone could tell that this was a dumb choice. She was throwing away the efforts of her lover, shouldn’t she just keep running away?

In this kind of situation you should think coldly and don’t get emotional. If you die, what purpose Dearon gave his life for? You know, everything will be in vain? Run away and at least try to live.

Of course, this is a logic way of thinking. Even though this could sound cold or calculating, better to live alone rather than die in vain with Daeron.

However, Cheluna at this right moment couldn’t think clearly. Dearon could already have died because of her. Who could have a cold heart right now? As long as Cheluna made it on time she could get the most desirable outcome.


‘At least one has to survive. I don’t care if I die but Dearon must not’.

The person who has been targeted in the first place was the princess, Dearon tried to buy her time while she escaped and due to that, he is seen as a traitor now.

Even though he must be punished, the fact that he has been an active knight by the side of new emperor and additionally his brother is the emperor’s husband, it will make his punishment less severe.


So even now, if he only retracted and betrays her lover, he would be forgiven. However, Cheluna was well aware of Dearon Teloa’s principles, and she knew he won’t do that.

She loved to that man, from the day she turned 17.


He secretly saved the condemned princess of death, letting her escape and staying behind to stop the pursuers.

He’s that kind of man, an idiot.


‘He was stabbed right in front of my eyes.’

It’s too late. She was very close to making on time. Only 1 minute, no, 30 seconds, yes, if only she had arrived 30 seconds earlier. She gladly would receive the sword that stabbed Dearon’s chest and instead of him, she would have lost her life, saving him.

However, it’s already too late for Cheluna.

Dearon has already killed almost all the pursuers but the only one left had mortally wounded to Dearon.

Dearon clenched his molars and squeezed his last strength even in the midst of literally tearing his flesh apart.

He grabbed the knife stuck in his chest with his bare hands.

The palm of his bleeding hand had a cut, but it was only a little scratch if you compared with the huge hole in his chest.

Dearon did not let go the blade and the knight who was grabbing it, faltered. Then, Dearon took the knife with his other hand and slit the pursuer’s neck. The last pursuer fell to the ground and at the same time Dearon collapsed too.


Cheluna approached to him with a scream. Then she knelt down beside her lover. Blood covered her hands, clothes and face. Her hair was red as crimson but now every part of her was painted in red.


Dearon whispered with an astonished voice. Why was she here? She should’ve gone far away. However, he didn’t have remaining energy for asking her.

“Luna… here, you must have this, take it.”

He only could say the most necessary things. Dearon rummaged under his lapel and a transparent jewel in a golden collar was pulled out.

“You, this, don’t lose it, you hear…”

He kept it as a keepsake of his deceased mother, a necklace that he treasured.

‘My mother was a commoner who died a long time ago. People used to mock at me for being an illegitimate child of humble origins, but I never felt regret for being mom’s son. ’

“If you manage to give it the proper use, this has the power to turn back the time.”

Dearon laugh weakly. The necklace carried a mysterious power. This was a story that his mother at some point told him.

It seemed as a fairy tale joke that he almost had forgotten.

“You can use it whether keep it or sell it. It’s made of gold, so it could be quite expensive… actually, I’m not sure about that.”

“Dean, please, please…come on, let’s go. Let’s treat you first. I’ll find a doctor. Please, come on…”

Cheluna talked in despair. Every word she said, one after other, didn’t make sense. ‘While he was passing me the necklace, he whispered something that I couldn’t understand.’


That was Dearon’s last whisper. He was being squeezed for the death force, he was really dying. This was the right moment to say the most important thing.

“I love you.”

His most important confession, promise, his last wish.

Dearon touch for the last time Cheluna’s cheek. Cheluna desperately took his hand. Shortly after that, his hand lost strength and fell off.

“Please don’t…”

Cheluna’s voice cracked. She felt as if the whole world was crumbling. This instant finished with her. The end, already death, in the abyss. She was already in the depths of hell.

“No, no, no…”

She was left alone in the dark and cold abyss. No light, no warmth, no love, alone.


Cheluna Forentine was fated to die soon. She can’t feel depressed, there was nothing to do nor anyone to blame.

To be blunt, it was hard to say that Cheluna deserved to be executed. Her crime could be called simply back luck rather than a wrongdoing.

The fierce battle for the throne between and her brother and his half-sister lead to Cheluna’s brother to downfall.

The powerless, the youngest princess, Cheluna, who had never been in a fight before, she was placed in a dungeon because of her brother, the prince Blennon, and she was accused to team up with the rebels.

In that dark, cold and hopeless space, Cheluna though, ‘Ah, I finally am going to meet my end’ As a human being probably she wanted to live. But, she was already exhausted. The emperor spent his entire life harassing and hating his youngest daughter because her beloved Empress giving birth Cheluna, killed her. A heartless grandfather and a wicked brother treated her like a useless object. The nobles talked behind her back, the servants mocked at her.

‘If I could get away from all this, the death would be a sweet relief’, Cheluna mused bitterly. Anyways it was more comfortable to think of death in that way

. There was only one thing that lingering attachment her to this world.

“Get out.”

A cold voice echoed thought of the iron bars. Cheluna stared at the jailer with cold eyes and the iron door opened after a squeaky, gloomy and heavy fricative sound. Cheluna then clenched her teeth.

“Get out, princess.”

Princess… Princess was a title that haunted to Cheluna all her life. Calling the king’s daughter a princess was a convention in the past when this country was a kingdom, not an empire. In other words, this word was used to label her in a lower level that the imperial princess.

This is how Cheluna has been treated like from the beginning to the present. A girl born after killing her mother, an unloved daughter, the laughingstock of the world. Even though she was born in the noblest lineage in the Empire, she had never had authority nor power in her 23 years of life.

The blasphemy against the imperial family, can’t be tolerated in a class-based society but this occurred frequently with Cheluna. To be ignored for her subordinates, has been her daily life.

Now that finally her misery is over, all that is left is a tragic death. Even though she was already such a pathetic princess, she is the sister of a political loser, so she has to be eliminated.

The guard grabbed Cheluna’s arm tightly. Cheluna tried struggle, but she didn’t have the enough energy due to the lacking of sleep and food.

Cheluna was dragged out like if she was a doll made of paper. ‘To be dragged around regardless of my will, was familiarly annoying.’

Cheluna had not a docile nature but in this world the hierarchy of power was not something that could be rejected simply because of her temper.

So far, Cheluna has never wanted to do anything for her brother, but if he had asked for something, she would have to obey.

That’s why she did a lot of things she didn’t want to. Her main mission was stop to the princess Teles.

Blennon and Teles were enemies, so Cheluna had to pretend hatred towards her half-sister Teles. Cheluna had no malice towards the Empress’ daughter, her unnie Teles. She neither liked nor hated her. She just found it tiresome.

The time has come.

“Please, close your eyes.”

Murmured the guard who dragged Cheluna into the hallway. Cheluna’s eyes were covered with cloth.

She almost screamed out of instinctive fear. But Cheluna bit her lips and held it in. Her pride had been ragged.

The guard and Cheluna walked a long time, it felt like an eternity for her. Cheluna was feeling more and more confused, and this confusion turned in fear.

‘Where are we going?’ She had many questions, but it doesn’t matter because she’ll be executed anyways. Why they were bothering in dragging so far away a useless princess like her?

Cheluna’s heart fluttered. Maybe, just maybe she was being dragged with other intentions, before her execution, she could be abused.

The princess who is not really called princess, had to bear many rumors of obscenity among the many insults from the imperial family.

Knights and servants was debating about what would be the best way to destroy to that good looking and arrogant princess.

These were words that they can’t dare to say because of the King’s wrath. If anyone overhear those words, they will be decapitated immediately.

However, no one will be killed. Cheluna had to bear everything for herself because she had no one by her side.

‘… There is one person.’


There was actually only one.

The only lingering attachment left in Cheluna’s wretched life.

If it wasn’t for that person, Cheluna must have died long before.



Finally at the end of long walk, a door opened. Cheluna felt the cold wind.

The grip on her arm disappeared, and someone hurriedly removed the blindfold. Cheluna blinked her eyes.




Cheluna’s lips trembled. Her loved one, the only lingering attachment with this world, looked at her with earnest purple eyes.


“You must go now, come on.”


The guard who brought Cheluna all the way to this place sneaked away into the darkness. Cheluna didn’t even give him a look.


She only looked at her lover, Dearon Teloa.


“Dean, Why are you here?”


“Princess, come on, we don’t have time, ride the horse.”


“Dean, calm down, what are you doing here? Are you trying to save me? Didn’t you know I’ll be executed?”


“Princess, this is not the time to be naggy.”


“Nag? Nag?! Does it look like I’m saying nonsenses?”


Cheluna lost her temper, while she was screaming grabbed Dearon’s collar. The grab guided to man to get close to her, they were almost rubbing their noses.


“Snap out of it, Dearon Teloa. We’re done here. I’m going to die because of my fucking brother and his defeated. Besides, you’re something like a hero now.”


Cheluna is a tool for her brother but Dearon was a knight and brother in law with the imperial princess Teles.


Dearon’s older brother, Morian Teloa was the husband and advisor of the princess Teles. It had been a long time since Dearon made a loath to her and become her exclusive knight.

It was truly a tragedy that he fell in love with the youngest sister of prince Blennon, the enemy of his lord.


“From now on you only have to eat well and enjoy your life, that’s all you have to do. What’s the point in saving my life? Live in a hiding place for the rest of my life? I’d rather die than that.”




Dearon was furious. He threw away the title of princess and called her for her nickname, which was only allowed to him.


Dearon was the illegitimate son of the Marquis, and Cheluna was the daughter’s emperor. If you just look at the surface, the gap between them was huge, she is out of his league.


To say the true they actually were equal. Cheluna because of her circumstances can’t be considered part of the imperial family and that set them in the same situation.

They were lovers, family and most precious friends.


In one side you had a bastard born after killing her own mother and in the other an illegitimate son mixed with commoner’s blood.


They were neglected by others, and they only found warmth in each other’s arms. The lover saved the loner.


‘Why did you have to be Teles’ servant?’


‘Why did you darling have to be Blennon’s sister?’


“Don’t say you rather die, don’t ever say that.”


Dearon pleaded furiously.


To speak informally to a princess in an ordinary world wouldn’t have been possible however, neither Cheluna nor Dearon remembered what was ordinary.


“You must live, no matter what you must live, so come on, get in the horse. You must go now.”


Dearon can’t betray to Teles or her family, nor abandon the oath he had made, so he has to serve her to the end.


But right now he couldn’t abandon his beloved Cheluna.


Now that his lord and her family have won, he secretly could buy the imperial guard in order to save Cheluna and go together.




Cheluna groaned as if she was under pressure. She had a hunch that Dearon’s urge to escape wasn’t only because of her but he was trying escape too.


“No, dean, please… you don’t need to be ruined like this.”


‘Dearon is victorious, his lord is the Emperor and his family has been praised. Why you came back to me, you should enjoy the honor yourself gained.‘


He was abandoning everything, his bright future and even the glory.


‘Take my hand.’


“I’m not going to be ruined.”


Dearon denied it right away. Then, he held Cheluna in his arms and kiss her briefly.


“Only like this I can feel complete.”


Dearon whispered after a desperate kiss. Cheluna who looked at his violet eyes was captivated.


“And if I’m by your side, it’s fine if I’m ruined.”


‘Idiot, Dearon idiot. Precious and pity Dearon.’


Cheluna cried for a second and then simply nodded.


“Ok, yes, let’s go.”


Cheluna has admitted her defeat. It was no longer necessary to spend more time here.

If she continued with the idea of going against the escape, it only will increases the chances of get caught and put in danger to Dearon.


Cheluna still didn’t like Dearon’s decision. He was abandoning his future and the new life that the Emperor could offer him.


‘If this is really what he wants, if he really wants to stay with me against all odds.’

In that case, Cheluna would be happy to hold his hand.


‘You, who are willing to give your life to me, I promise to give mine to you.’


After making her decision, Cheluna leapt on the horse that Dearon brought.

Dearon followed her, wrapped her around and grabbed the reins.


“Let’s go!”


Dearon rushed to the beast. The horse immediately began to move. Cheluna closed her eyes against the whipping wind.


The chilly night of the early winter engulfed them.



The emperor of the Forentine Empire was a lascivious man.


Even though he is lascivious, had at least a minimal sense of responsibility as the monarch, so it’s true that he paid special attention to not twist the succession structure because of his frivolous lower body.


So indeed the emperor only slept with the empress. But no matter how hard they tried, she can’t conceive a child. That was the seed of the first tragedy.


The emperor got several noble women as his lovers under the pretext of conceive a successor. One of them was pregnant and she got a new title, some kind of concubine, the Queen. That woman gave birth to a boy.


If it had stopped there, bloodshed would have been avoided in the future.


The emperor, who had already a son, had to be more self-aware of himself, but he couldn’t suppress his lustful habit and slept once more with the empress.


His lame excuse, argue about the infertile empress, then guarantee that nothing would happen, but he was wrong, the empress became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter.


Now he had split the empire in two. Who will be the next emperor? The queen’s son or the empress’ daughter?


“Naturally, the prince should be the emperor. The eldest son after all, you know?”


“And a man, no matter how the times changed, a woman in the throne…”


In the side of the queen there are those who are close to the family of the Queen, the only family of the prince are the nobles who pushed the Prince Blennon with the excuse of being the eldest son.


“Bigamy because of that concubine, is something unacceptable in the sacred history of the empire. The existence of the Queen from the begging was irrelevant. The daughter of the Empress should be the next emperor.”


“Of course, indeed, also, I’ve heard that the princess has been smart from a young age…”

In the side of the empress there are those who push princess Teles because are traditionalist besides those who are close to the empress’ family.


The confrontation between those two powers led to a civil war, the war was finally over when the princess Teles ascended to the throne after numerous slaughters and horrors.

But, was that really the end?


At a time when a long narrative story seemed to have finally come to an end, someone else’s story had just began.


Dearon drove all the night. By the time he arrived in a secluded forest outside the capital city with his lover, the dawn was already being spread out in the sky.


“Princess, we should take a break.”


The man that had returned to the use of honorifics, gently exhorted. Cheluna nodded in silence.


Dearon got off the horse first and reached out to his lover. Cheluna came down holding Dearon’s hand.


“Are you all right?”


As the princess slightly stumbled, Dearon asked anxiously. Cheluna looked up at her lover’s face, she didn’t look good.


A good looking face full of tension and fatigue, with purple eyes resemble wild flowers. His eyes filled only with affection and concern for her.


Cheluna was in tears. She hugged Dearon’s waist and put her face down on his chest. Dearon embraced her.






“I’m sorry.”


Cheluna whispered muffledly. She was apologizing for a lot of things.

This was the right moment for him to give up his comfortable life and be a traitor as his lover.


“Don’t apologize. You did nothing wrong.”


Dearon comforted Cheluna. Cheluna was choked by that kindness.

She lifted her head and join her lips with Dearon’s ones. He accepted happily as well as warmly.


“Would you like to rest for a while? I’ll start a fire.”


Dearon suggested. He pointed to a small cave nearby.


“May I? We don’t have to keep moving?”


Cheluna asked nervously. The princess, who should have been executed for being part of the rebels who worked with her brother, disappeared, so the soldiers should have started to look for her by now.


“We’ve traveled far enough. We need some rest to success in our escape because if we keep moving, we’ll be exhausted.”


This was a logical persuasion. Cheluna succumbed to her lover’s opinion. Most of all, she was so tired that she was almost on the verge of fainting.


Dearon is a well-trained knight, but Cheluna has never done anything special to improve her stamina.


Furthermore, the last few days in a poor prison have taken a toll on her body.

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