The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife - Chapter 1951

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Chapter 1951: A Relationship That Goes With The Flow (2)

“Alright, they’ve said all the nice things, so there’s no need to say any more polite words. Getting married is a beautiful and peaceful thing anyway, so the two of you will definitely be happy.”

Su Chen also laughed loudly.

“Thank you, I’ve heard about you guys from Zimo before. I know that you guys are his best friends, and I can be considered as half acquaintances with Chairman Mu and Chief Su. I hope that everyone can take care of us in the future. I wish us all happiness.”

Qin Su replied politely. As she spoke, she looked at Zhou Zimo, who was on the side. However, she noticed that Zhou Zimo had his head lowered and was smiling with his mouth slightly covered—

In fact, he had been like this for the past two days. He seemed to be in a good mood.

Qin Su naturally did not understand how Zhou Zimo felt. Zhou Zimo had been in a state of disbelief for the past two days. He always thought that he was dreaming.

If it was a dream, he hoped that he would never be woken up from such a dream .

Seeing that he lowered his head and smiled inexplicably, Qin Su immediately frowned. He raised his arm and touched him, and only then did he react.

Seeing this, Su Chen coughed lightly and could not help but laugh, “Don’t pretend to be shy. Everyone here knows that you, Zhou Zimo, are the most flirtatious. Qin Su, don’t take it to heart. We brothers always talk like this. I hope you won’t mind.”

“Only you, Su Chen, are the most decent!”

At this moment, Zhou Zimo glared at Su Chen and turned to explain to Qin Su, “Don’t listen to them. Some people like to slander my image to raise their status. I’ve always hated people like this. Stay away from such people in the future. Qi Lei, what do you think?”

As Zhou Zimo spoke, he asked for Qi Lei’s opinion.

Qi Lei raised his eyebrows and gave him a meaningful smile. He did not answer.

“Alright, anyway, everyone’s best wishes are in this glass of wine. Let’s be happy together.”

Dongfang Liuyun’s clear voice sounded. The people at the table clinked their glasses and drank.

“I bumped into Aunty Liang at the hospital a while ago. She even mentioned Zimo to us. I can tell that she’s very anxious and worried. Now that you guys have fulfilled this good deed, it’s really something to be happy about.”

Xi Xiaye sighed. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something. She turned to look at Mu Yuchen, only to find that the man was adding her favorite food into the bowl in front of her.

“I remember that when I first met him, everyone was still single. In just a few short years, we each found our own other half. This is really something that everyone is happy about. For this moment, I…”

“Alright, you guys have some juice.”

Xi Xiaye was about to pour some wine, but Mu Yuchen stopped her. He took the juice and poured it for her. He also poured it for the two women as he said, “This Mongolian King liquour isn’t suitable for you guys, it’s has quite a strong effect.”

“Isn’t your period going to be in the next two days? You were complaining earlier that you weren’t feeling well.”

Mu Yuchen reminded Xi Xiaye in a low voice, “So, enough is enough. Otherwise, you’ll reap what you sow.”

Xi Xiaye’s outstretched hand froze for a moment. After a while, she took it back and smiled stiffly. “Sorry, you guys still need to drive later. The chauffeurs at home are all on vacation.”

Even though she said that, she still glared at Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen pretended not to see anything—

This woman was getting more and more unscrupulous while he doted on her. She was getting more and more lawless!

However, he was used to it. was he not the one who spoiled her?

After dinner, a few men made tea in the living room and chatted as they drank.

After Xi Xiaye, Dongfang Liuyun and Qin Su cleaned up the dishes, they went to the pantry to talk about things.

Qin Su had seen Xi Xiaye before, but she had never really met Dongfang Liuyun before. She had only seen her once when he was with Zhou Zimo. However, she had heard a little about Dongfang Liuyun.

“Have some tea. It’s good to drink some flower tea at this time.”

Xi Xiaye poured flower tea for the two of them as she said, “Qin Su, you’re really pretty. You have a lot of charisma too. No wonder Zimo has been thinking about you all these years. He even said that he wanted to marry you and that’s why he stayed single for so many years. If it were me, I think I’d be interested in you too.”

Xi Xiaye really admired Qin Su. It was rare to see a woman like her.

When she heard this, Qin Su’s face turned a little red as she replied, “No matter how beautiful you are, you can’t resist the day you grow old. Actually, I’d rather he be with me not because of my looks.”

When she said this, Xi Xiaye froze for a moment and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I just wanted to say that Zimo really cares about you. We’re truly happy that the two of you had a fruitful outcome.”

“Don’t be nervous. I’m not refuting you, it was just a sentiment. You and Ms. Dongfang are very outstanding as well. You’re both worthy of my respect.”

“Call me Liuyun. You don’t have to be so polite.”

Dongfang Liuyun, who had been silent all this while, stopped what she was doing and spoke calmly.

Qin Su nodded, “Mmm, Xiaye, Liuyun… It’s my honor to know the both of you. I’ve stayed in the military region for too long and practically lost contact with the outside world. I keep feeling that the outside world doesn’t fit in with the world I imagined, so… However, after interacting with you tonight, I realized that I was just overthinking it.”

“This world is quite complicated, but as long as you simplify it, it can become simpler too.” Xi Xiaye replied, her twinkling eyes glimmering as she quietly looked at the two beautiful and outstanding women opposite her. “I really hope that by your man’s side, the two of you can become simpler too.”

“Not everyone can be like you and Chairman Mu. Moreover, everyone has their own way of being in a relationship.”

Qin Su took a deep breath and lowered her eyes as he quietly sipped his tea. There was a sense of great change in her hoarse voice, “Actually, there are many things and principles that we understand, unfortunately, sometimes, we just can’t convince ourselves.”

“You and Zimo…”

Xi Xiaye was stunned…

Qin Su smiled, “No, I’m not talking about me and him. He’s very nice to me, and I quite like him too. That’s why we got married, there was no coercion. On the contrary, we actually went with the flow. Actually, from the moment he went to my house to meet my parents, I had a feeling that it was probably him for the rest of my life. Sometimes, I can’t help but lament, a woman’s intuition is really that accurate.”

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