The Mightiest Little Peasant - Chapter 1122

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Chapter 1122: The Hardworking Liu Heihu

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the depths of the Thunder Cliff Mountain Range, rumbling sounds continuously rang out.

The giant palm slammed down crazily, and the ground exploded with a bang. Corpses flew out one after another.

“That’s the bone of the Heavenly Thunder Bird!”

“That’s a Thunder Python’s bone!”

A group of Nascent Souls stood at the side, occasionally crying out in alarm.

Their eyes widened in shock.

With a light slap, it could smash apart the tough lightning earth. Just how terrifying was this senior’s cultivation!

At the same time, they were a little depressed. They had to carry hoes and shovels and worked themselves to death. After working for half a day, they only managed to dig one out. However, this senior dug a whole bunch of them in just a short while.

This method was simple and crude.

They smacked their lips in envy.

“As expected of a senior! Impressive!”

“Senior, you can do it!”

They began to cheer and flatter him.


Streaks of lightning struck down from the sky. Tang Hao didn’t move at all and directly endured it. Several bolts of lightning struck down, but he was completely fine.

The group of people’s eyes almost popped out.

To be able to withstand the lightning, this senior’s physical body was too freakish!

“My goodness! Where did this senior come from?”

“I don’t know… but I feel like this senior looks familiar, like I’ve seen him somewhere before.”

The group of people discussed softly.

Tang Hao kept patting. The hole got deeper and deeper, and the skeletons that came out starting becoming larger and older. Each skeleton was like the size of a small mountain.

Tang Hao’s gaze swept over it. After identifying it, he quickly put it away.

These skeletons were the best materials for refining artifacts. They were all extremely valuable, so the more the better.

After an hour, Tang Hao finally stopped and rested.

“Se… Senior, you’re really professional!”

“Senior, impressive!”

A group of people surrounded him and bowed. Their faces were filled with smiles of flattery.

Tang Hao glanced at them but didn’t say anything.

The group of people did not mind. Such coldness was the demeanor of an expert!

After a round of flattery, an old man glanced toward the abyss and said, “Senior, with your capabilities, you shouldn’t waste your time here. The things here are far inferior to those inside.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Only in the heart of the Thundering Abyss would there be real treasures. The most ancient corpses are all there. Primeval Mountain had launched expeditions into the Thundering Abyss several times, and uncovered a set of lightning pheasant bones. One of them was even a spirit bone.”

The other old man echoed.

“Lightning pheasant?”

Tang Hao stared blankly. He remembered that this bone was currently with Xintong.

“Really?” Tang Hao was immediately interested.

Every single piece of spirit bones was extremely precious. He had obtained quite a few from the Ten Thousand Beasts Pagoda previously and had given them all to the Taoist masters.

“Of course, there are many good things inside, but… it’s quite dangerous. Primeval Mountain had come in several times, and each time, they escaped with serious injuries. It’s said that there were even casualties.”

“What’s the danger inside?”

Tang Hao asked.

“There are many Lightning Spirits inside. These are the monsters that were born from Lightning Beasts that absorbed the lightning. They are very powerful, and the older they are, the stronger they are. There are even existences that surpass the Nascent Soul stage.

The old man answered.

Tang Hao nodded slightly.

He had heard of things like Lightning Spirits.

“Then I’ll go take a look!”

Tang Hao stood up.

He originally came here to search for bones. The older the better. It would be best if he could find bones that surpassed the Lightning Roc’s. That way, he could forge an even stronger lightning pool.

“Senior, you must be careful!”

The group chuckled.

With the senior gone, they would be rich.

They looked at the pits and were overjoyed.

With their ability, they would not be able to dig such a big hole even after months.

Tang Hao naturally saw through their thoughts and couldn’t be bothered with them. His body moved and he rushed towards Thundering Abyss.

The abyss was huge, and the deeper one went, the bigger the space below.

It was pitch-black below. From time to time, streaks of lightning would descend, blasting towards into abyss.

In the depths of the abyss, there were occasional flashes of light that moved like lightning.

That was definitely the Lightning Spirit!

Tang Hao took out his precious clothes and tidied himself up. Only then did he feel at ease and rush down.

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Before reaching the bottom, he encountered a few Lightning Spirits, including birds, lions, and tigers. Their strength was only at the Nascent Soul realm, and they were easily destroyed by him.

He was getting closer to the bottom.

Suddenly, his ears twitched as he heard something.

Listening carefully, it sounded like someone was humming a song.

Tang Hao was startled.

Someone was actually humming in such a crappy place?

He retracted his aura and headed in that direction.

“I love to dig treasures, I’m in a good mood!”

“Lalala! Who am I? I’m the Liu Heihu that everyone loves!”

“I dig! I dig! I dig! Ah-! I’m really hardworking! Who in this world can be more hardworking than me, Liu Heihu!”

The voice floated over.

Tang Hao was startled again, his expression becoming incomparably strange.

Liu Heihu?

Why was he here? Enemies were bound to run into each other eventually!

He stopped, narrowed his eyes, and looked down.

There was a figure squatting there. He was wearing a purple robe and holding a shovel. He was digging.

He was very excited. As he dug, he hummed a song, his face glowing.

“Wahaha! Another spirit bone! I’m rich! I’m rich!”

After digging for a while, Liu Heihu took out a dazzling precious bone and excitedly shouted.

“Awesome! I’ll dig, I’ll dig, I’ll continue digging!”

Liu Heihu grew even more excited.

As he dug, he felt a little tired. He put down the shovel and raised his head to wipe his sweat. He sighed. “Ah! Life is so beautiful! Ever since that Tang guy left, my time has returned.”

“That was such a horrible time!”

Recalling the tragic events earlier, Liu Heihu’s body shivered, and a chill ran down his spine.

Then, he looked even more humiliated.

“Tang, you b*stard, just you wait! Don’t let me run into you again! In the past, I wasn’t your match, but now I can beat ten of you by myself.”

He cursed at the sky and felt much better. He picked up the shovel and continued to dig.

There were many Lightning Spirits around him, but none of them attacked him.

“This is… the Lightningrod Robe?”

Tang Hao stared at the purple robe, and his eyes suddenly lit up with a fiery glow.

This was a treasure robe! It did not lose to the one he was wearing!

However, Tang Hao wasn’t in a hurry. He retracted his aura and hid in a corner. The more Liu Heihu continued to dig, the happier he became.

“This brother Liu is still the same as before. He’s a great person!”

Tang Hao sighed inwardly and smiled brightly.

When he could no longer hide as the Lightning Spirit discovered him, he took a step forward and released his aura. He shattered the Lightning Spirit with a single palm, and then lunged at Liu Heihu.

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