The Legend of Futian - Chapter 42

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"Ye Futian!" Murong Qiu's eyes became gloomy . He could not believe that Ye Futian had survived after jumping into the canyon full of monsters . How could the Monster Lord have let him go?

Even the powerful swordsman, Xia Fan's uncle, who was in the Arcana Plane had died at the hands of the Snow Ape . In fact, many powerful mages had tried to sneak into the canyon to find Emperor Ye Qing's relics . None of them had been successful, and most of them had died .

In the restaurant, other students of Qingzhou Academy were also looking at Ye Futian with confusion . The entire restaurant was in extreme silence as they watched the confrontation unfold .

"How did you survive?" someone next to Murong Qiu asked him .

Ye Futian shrugged his shoulders and said, "I share the same first name as Emperor Ye Qing . His soul told me that I was destined to inherit his treasures . I just got back from the canyon after accepting his powers . " People around him thought he was insane . They believed he was acting shamelessly to show off . Treasures? Inheritance? Destiny? What was he talking about? If he actually had these treasures, why wouldn't he try to keep a low profile?

Yep, Ye Futian hadn't changed his style at all . He was still the lucky boy that loved to bullsh*t .

"You're alive, and you dared to come back to the City of Qingzhou . " Murong Qiu still wanted him dead . "It looks like I have to kill you, again . "

"Students of Qingzhou Academy, listen to me . This guy, Ye Futian, betrayed our academy .  I cannot believe he has survived all that happened . Please help me execute him as soon as possible . " Murong Qiu sounded cold . He now knew that Ye Futian was much more powerful than he was and he would definitely not fight against him alone . Around him, however, there were some powerful disciples from the College of Earth Element, including several mages in the Glory Plane . He believed that Ye Futian would die for sure this time .

Some students came forward and prepared to attack . They were looking at Ye Futian with hatred in their eyes . Their director, Shi Zhong, had been humiliated entirely by Ye Futian and his master, Hua Fengliu . They felt so ashamed by this that they wanted to kill Ye Futian right then .

"This is the second time that Murong Qiu has wanted to kill me . If you help him, I will consider you guys his accomplices," Ye Futian said peacefully to those who stood in front of Murong Qiu . "I will not show you any mercy . "

"Shut up, you arrogant fool!" A mage from the Four-star Glory Plane stepped out . The earth element power around him was covering his body . Soon, the power formed into armor . He knew Ye Futian was both a mage and a warrior, so it was important to formulate a defense system . Otherwise, he would be in trouble once Ye Futian approached him in melee range .

Bang! Ye Futian stomped on the ground, then his body suddenly sprang to his opponent . He realized this guy was determined to kill him, so he had to skip the formalities and get down to business .

The mage in the Four-star Glory Plane was forced to react . The earth-element power around his body formed into sharp lances, and with a swing of his arm, all the lances rushed toward Ye Futian . There was a piercing sound that rang through the air .

Ye Futian actually sped up while facing the lances . When the lances had almost reached him, he suddenly leaned his body backward . His body slid through the lances without even a scratch . Moments later, there was a blast behind him . That was the sound of the restaurant wall being destroyed by the lances .

The mage was starting to become nervous . He then urged the Spiritual Qi in his body to resonate with the power of the universe . A shadow in the shape of a giant rhinoceros showed up on his body .

"Go!" He initiated his spell . The giant rhino charged toward Ye Futian . The earth began to crack under this beast . It seemed like the rhino was going tear Ye Futian's body into pieces .

"You cannot run from this," The mage started speaking in a cold voice . He believed that at such a close range, Ye Futian was definitely going to die .

However, to his surprise, Ye Futian didn't even try to run away from the attack . His body made a sound like the roar of a dragon . With thunder surrounding him, he made a fist and readied his attack .

He landed his fist on the rhino when the beast reached his body . At that moment, people had the illusion that it was not Ye Futian, but a giant ape who landed that fist . The attack was so powerful and fierce that it exceeded their knowledge of power .

A clamor burst out . The giant rhino was killed by the attack instantly . Now, people's minds were blown, much like the rhino . They had never witnessed a warrior who could kill a creature formed by the spell of a mage in a higher plane . This completely changed their understanding of the differences between a warrior and a sorcerer . It was too shocking to be real .

However, Ye Futian didn't stop there . His fist kept moving with authority toward the mage . It was too late for the mage to defend himself against the attack with any spells other than the armor he had formed before the fight .

With a snapping sound, the earth-element armor shattered . The onlookers realized it was not only the armor that shattered though . His bones were also broken from the attack . He was knocked feet away, and his body smashed into the tables behind him .

"Murong Qiu, just go!" Shen Yue yelled . He was driving the earth-element power of the universe with the perceiving ability of a Five-star Glory Plane mage . The earth element formed into walls . He had tried to lock Ye Futian's body within these walls to confine his movement into a tiny space .

Murong Qiu ran outside the restaurant as fast as he could . He was shocked by the power Ye Futian had just shown . Ye Futian had defeated a mage in the Four-star Glory Plane with his martial arts techniques, and it was apparent that Murong Qiu must run for his life .

Murong Qing was even weaker than her cousin . She had no choice but to run away with him in panic .

Bang . With another booming sound, Ye Futian broke down the walls . He saw Murong Qiu running away, so he tried to chase after him .

However, another wall suddenly formed in front of him, blocking the exit of the restaurant .

Ye Futian turned around . He gave Shen Yue a cold glance and said, "You are really pissing me off . "

"What are you going to do about it?" Shen Yue did not dare look down on Ye Futian anymore . He had covered his body with earth-element armor and prepared for the fight . He realized Ye Futian was much stronger than a warrior who was merely in the Two-star Glory Plane .

"You're done . " Ye Futian's hands started to glow with a golden light after he spoke . He released his mental power, and a storm of the metal element was around his arms . It almost felt like his arms turned into the golden wings of a bird .

"What? How are you using that metal-element power?" Shen Yue was so shocked . In fact, it was not just Shen Yue who was shocked . The students of Qingzhou Academy standing in the corners also could not believe it . Ye Futian had shown so many talents in various elements, including martial arts, thunder, and fire . Now there was metal element, too? Exactly how much power was he hiding?

Actually, the metal-element storm around his body was entirely beyond the ability of a mage in Two-star Glory Plane .

Even for the mages in the same Two-star Glory Plane, there was a significant difference in the strength of power they were able to use . Moreover, Ye Futian was a Mandate Sorcerer .

There was no time to waste . Ye Futian's body formed into a bolt of golden thunder that broke through the air .

Soon, another wall blocked Ye Futian's way . It didn't work at all because his arms had become razor sharp wings that easily cut the wall into pieces .

Shen Yue's face looked gloomy . He was driving the power in that space like crazy . All the remaining lances and walls were rushing at Ye Futian . However, Ye Futian was so fast that his body had become a golden shadow . Every attack from Shen Yue totally missed its target .

When a martial arts cultivator was this overwhelming and fast, he would be lethal for a mage, because once the mage's attacks missed their opponent and the mage was forced to fight in melee range, he was already defeated .

Shen Yue could do nothing more but run away, but Ye Futian didn't give him a second chance . His body flew toward Shen Yue as fast as a bird, and suddenly a horrifying wound appeared on Shen Yue's chest . His face turned ghastly pale from blood loss .

Ye Futian left him alone . Murong Qiu was still his primary target . He saw Murong Qiu running in the direction of Qingzhou Academy and kept chasing .

"We're getting a show . " The students of Qingzhou Academy in the restaurant rushed out . They believed Ye Futian was going to kill Murong Qiu .

Murong Qiu was surprised that Ye Futian was so fast, and the distance between them was disappearing . He was running so hard that he felt like his lungs were about to explode .

There were a lot of students coming in and out the academy . Murong Qiu was screaming with desperation, "Help!"

People were curious as to why Murong Qiu was in such a panic . They realized that Murong Qiu was being chased by someone, and was that—Ye Futian? How could he be alive after jumping into the canyon?

"What's going on?" Someone came out of the academy and tried to control the scene . It was the Director of the College of Thunder Element .

"Help me, Professor! He's going to kill me!" Murong clutched at his last life-saving straw . He quickly hid behind the director .

"Ye Futian?" The Director was surprised to see the student chasing after Murong Qiu .

Ye Futian stopped charging forward . He was still staring at Murong Qiu and said, "Sorry Professor, you may want to stay out of this . It's totally personal . "

"Ye Futian, listen, you are lucky to have survived . Remember, this academy is a sacred place . Don't do anything stupid . " The director was commanding him to stop .

"On my way here, I saw the whole city was destroyed by the monsters . People are crying in their houses, and this academy has been severely damaged . I believe, Professor, you know who is behind all of this," Ye Futian started saying . "And what about General Qin Shuai and the Dark Kylin Knighthood? They do not deserve this! If you still believe this place is sacred, leave me alone . "

The director was ashamed . Xia Fan was the Lord of East Sea Prefecture, and even the Headmaster of Qingzhou Academy wouldn't dare question his ideas, not to mention the directors . However, now Ye Futian was accusing him in public .

"In fact, I believe we are not at the academy yet," Ye Futian said . The director was stirred from his resolve . Murong Qiu knew that the director might not be protecting him anymore . At that moment, someone else came to his side and told him, "Just follow me . "

Suddenly, the student who talked to Murong Qiu flew into the air, bringing Murong Qiu along with him . A lot of students lifted their heads to look at them .

"That is Yang Yao, a student from the College of Earth Element . He is a mage of earth and wind double elements," people whispered to each other .

"Ye Futian," Murong Qiu was now floating in the air and taunting Ye Futian, "How are you going to kill me now?"

"Director, why don't you take him down?" Murong Qiu then asked the director .

"Just leave . " The director did not want to hurt Ye Futian . In fact, he actually appreciated this boy .

"I must kill Murong Qiu today . " Ye Futian was stubborn . This attitude reminded the director of the time this young boy had stood in the snow, confronting the authority of the academy .

"I know you are good at wind-element power . Even so, you cannot outrun him . " The director kept trying to persuade him, "Yang Yao is in the Four-star Glory Plane . "

"This is a personal matter," Ye Futian insisted .

The director kept staring at Ye Futian . He could not believe that this boy was so stubborn and persistent .

Could that be the arrogance of knowing nothing? Ye Futian had proven his power twice .

"I guess you have to show me your real power to persuade me . " The director started talking again after a few moments of silence . Students were surprised by this demand .

"You are going to see something brilliant . " Ye Futian laughed . Suddenly, a bright golden glow burst out of his body . As the crowd watched in admiration, two wings appeared on his back . He had transformed his body into the shape of a giant bird!

All of a sudden, the place was silent .

"I am a Mandate Sorcerer!" Ye Futian announced his power to the audience with pride .

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