The Girl Who Cured the Crazy BOSS is Majestic and Mighty - Chapter 32

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Ever since Ji Luo Lian had confessed that he was looking for the pure golden lotus, Shu Yu felt at a loss. Ji Luo Lian wanted the pure golden lotus, but so did Shu Yu, what should she do now? With Ji Luo Lian leading the way, she couldn’t backstab him by snatching it from him!

Not to mention the fact that it was Ji Luo Lian who had brought her into the mansion, just from how weak he looked, she couldn’t bear to backstab a child-at-heart young man that she had no enmity with. What if she accidentally hurt him in the process?

Perhaps because Shu Yu was eyeing him intensely, Ji Luo Lian who had been leading the way turned around and looked at her. “Why are you staring at me with such a strange expression?”

Shu Yu didn’t say a word but Ji Luo Lian let out an ‘oh’, “Could it be that you’re also looking for the pure golden lotus?” he was pretty spot on.

“En, I want to give it to Fu Wang.” Shu Yu replied firmly, but sighed again when she looked at him, “But you want the pure golden lotus too, so what should we do?”

Once again, Ji Luo Lian felt that he couldn’t understand her, “It’ll belong to whoever gets their hands on it first, isn’t that normal? If I have it and you take it away from me, then it belongs to you. The same logic applies to the contrary.”

“If someone else has it, it is wrong for me to snatch their things for no reason.” Shu Yu corrected him.

“You’re really peculiar.” Ji Luo Lian felt once again that he couldn’t understand her. Sure enough, outside demon clans are all weirdos and only him and his sister were normal. “Just take it if you want it, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Shu Yu couldn’t be bothered to argue with him on this, just like how Ji Luo Lian wouldn’t be able to convince her, so she could only raise the white flag. She felt like she’d probably never understand the demon clan’s ways. If Ji Luo Lian was her enemy or a bad guy, then Shu Yu would feel no pressure snatching his things.

But he was neither, at least in the period of time he had spent with her. This young man was just a natural slightly blackened sadistic sis con and she couldn’t bring herself to snatch something from an innocent person.

Just like how she had known right from the start that BOSS would ultimately kill Tian Feng Jin Yu but was still unable to make the move first, to kill someone who hadn’t yet hurt her. There were morals that Shu Yu lived by, even if they may seem ridiculous in the eyes of others.

It seems like she can only take things one step at a time. If Ji Luo Lian were to get to the lotus first, she could maybe convince him to do an exchange with her. Tian Feng Jin Yu had an abundance of useful items and for all she knew, he might be willing to exchange.

Convinced of this idea, Shu Yu followed behind Ji Luo Lian as they walked around the massive mansion. Because she was preoccupied with the matter regarding the lotus, the fear she felt towards this haunted mansion had lessened. Back to the main point, just where exactly was the pure golden lotus, was it located that far away? Why haven’t they encountered it after walking around for so long?

Shu Yu squinted her eyes as she asked Ji Luo Lian, “How much longer will it take for us to get there?”

“Get where?” Ji Luo Lian asked in return.

Shu Yu had a not-so-good premonition, but she still asked, “To where the lotus is at, aren’t you headed towards its location?”

Ji Luo Lian blinked, “It’s my first time stepping foot in here, I don’t know where the lotus is.”

His tone was bold and confident. Shu Yu’s forehead crinkled in disbelief. It was wrong of her to have taken that confident and unhurried expression on his face to mean that he knew where to go. She had just been dwelling on the matter that both of them wanted the lotus, but it would be wrong of her to snatch the lotus after cheating by following him to its location. But Lo and behold, he just told her that he didn’t know where it was.

So he was just walking around randomly? Are you really not joking around with me? Shu Yu forced herself to calm down. He never said that he knew where the lotus was, she had just assumed that that was the case so she can’t blame him……but why did she feel so aggrieved?

Speaking of this, Fu Wang always teased her too but she had never felt this way before, at most she’d just feel exasperated. This was the difference, and of course it also had something to do with the fact that he would pacify her after his antiques. It was obvious that this sis con Ji didn’t have this level of self awareness and he couldn’t understand Shu Yu’s train of thoughts too.

There was an entire galaxy between both of their individual mindsets.

Shu Yu tugged on Ji Luo Lian’s clothes lightly, stopping him from moving forward, “When will you find the lotus if you just keep walking around randomly like this?”

“We’ll find it after walking through the whole place.”

“Then do you know how big Penglai Mansion is?”

“I don’t know.”

Well……Shu Yu wasn’t surprised at all, but what’s up with this confident look on his face!

“Listen, since we can’t fly more than three meters into the air, we can’t see our surroundings but generally speaking, there should be patterns for houses like this right? Then, don’t you think that we should first guess where the lotus is? Judging from its name, wouldn’t the pure golden lotus be in some sort of water? Maybe we can look for it in the garden, or at places where there is water. Isn’t your immortal body a lotus? Can you sense where the water is?” Shu Yu analysed seriously.

But Young Master Ji didn’t cooperate, only asking, “Why should the golden lotus grow somewhere with water?”

Ji Luo Lian’s puzzled expression was very serious and he didn’t look like he was trying to find faults with her. Shu Yu gave it some thought before realising that she really didn’t have any solid evidence to prove that the pure golden lotus grew in water. Afterall, there were many things in the Meng Ze Realm that were vastly different from her world. It’s possible that their pure golden lotus really didn’t grow in water.

Since partnering with Ji Luo Lian, many things that Shu Yu had previously taken for granted had been brought to her mind. It’s as if she was being brainwashed.

“Why don’t we first search for someplace with water? It’s better than walking around like this.” Shu Yu stuck to her opinion, not wanting to admit that she had been brainwashed by some sadistic sis con.

Ji Luo Lian asked her, “Why are you pulling me along?”

Shu Yu replied sheepishly: “Because I’m afraid of ghosts.” At this point, she could care less about her pride.

Ji Luo Lian said pensively, “Can’t you see it? From just now, a ghost had been floating behind you.”

“Ah —— !!!” A sharp scream bolted into the sky and travelled out of the walls of the Penglai Mansion. A black-clothed Fu Wang was just putting away a golden grass when he heard traces of the sound. A doubtful expression crossed his face. He seemed to have heard Shu Yu’s voice? But she shouldn’t be here, so was he hallucinating because he missed her? Fu Wang didn’t expect that he’d miss Shu Yu so much that he’d start hallucinating.

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“It seems that I have to find the pure golden lotus fast and return soon.” Fu Wang muttered to himself, putting away the emotions that had surfaced in his eyes as he headed towards the stone forest.

On the other hand, Shu Yu had curled up into a ball with her hands around her neck after she screamed. Ji Luo Lian stood in front of her, not reacting to her high-pitched screams and only saying, “Oh, so it seems that you are really afraid of ghosts. As a high ranked demon race, you’re actually afraid of some mere spirits that can only append themselves to places with yin, don’t you feel ashamed?”

Realising that he had just been messing around with her, Shu Yu released her hands around her neck and slowly turned around with traces of lingering fear. It was totally empty, there was nothing there. After breathing a sigh of relief, Shu Yu immediately became furious. She especially felt like beating up this little kid!

Because Shu Yu had an untrustworthy pair of parents, their biggest joy during her childhood was teasing her. Shu Yu still remembered that when she was a child, her parents had brought her to watch a horror movie, then they had deliberately scared her, so much so that she had nightmares for months and even fell ill. Her grandparents had pulled them aside for a harsh scolding.

Shu Yu had mixed feelings when she recalled her parents who wronged their daughter for their own amusement. The anger she felt disappeared and she sighed sorrowfully: “It’s a psychological trauma that was left behind years ago, you won’t understand.”

Before they knew it, they had arrived in front of a stone forest. They were surrounded by layers upon layers of rocks that were more than one or two meters tall. They towered in front of them like a maze of rocks.

Ji Luo Lian walked straight in. Shu Yu wanted to persuade him otherwise, but seeing that he had already turned the corner, Shu Yu quickly followed behind him. After she walked in, Shu Yu saw that the stone forest extended in all directions and she wanted to push it out but she caught sight of a little golden light glowing through one of the rocks.

Reaching her head into the hole, she discovered that there was a glowing grass inside. Shu Yu pulled out the treasure and placed it on her hand to take a look at it, her expression strange. If she wasn’t mistaken, this was an aquatic plant that usually grew in water!

Something that was supposed to grow in water was growing on rocks, this is absurd! As soon as Shu Yu finished fussing over this in her mind, she looked up only to realise that on her head was a piece of golden…duckweed. Duckweed didn’t grow in water but in the sky. Shu Yu lamented the mansion’s former owner’s hobby and aesthetics. She’d been proven so wrong, sob!

As they continued in, Shu Yu felt even more strongly that she had come to a strange world. There were many more luminous treasures in this stone forest than the one or two that were outside. Everywhere she looked there were glittering things. Just like the duckweed floating above her head, water plants grew on rocks and there was even a small golden fish that was swimming in the air and between the rock garden and caves.

A school of golden fishes swam towards her before suddenly splitting in front of her and merging after they’d swam past her. They swam through the cracks in the rocks, passed the rippling duckweeds on the rocks, before slowly swimming further away. Shu Yu was certain that she was walking on the ground but when she saw those things in front of her, she had the illusion of being under water.

Along the way, more and more items that shone with a golden hue were revealed. Ji Luo Lian continued forward as if he didn’t notice them. Shu Yu initially collected all those precious items diligently but afterwards, she stopped doing so and she only collected the ones she found interesting. For example, she caught a big golden fish for Fu Wang to cook them braised fish and a school of small finger length golden fishes that might be delicious as a fried snack.

Thinking of all the delicious foods, Shu Yu frowned when she suddenly heard the sounds of fighting. Thanks to the combat experience she had accumulated over the past six months, Shu Yu instantly entered into a state of preparation. All expressions on her face disappeared and she subconsciously merged her breathing with the rock next to her.

Ji Luo Lian glanced at her. He had finally sensed the familiar aura of the legendary Tian Feng Jin Yu. Only like this, would she be worthy of his dear sister’s attention. The way she acted previously wasn’t up to standard.

Ji Luo Lian hid himself too, and the both of them crept incognito towards a place close to the battlefield, as they looked at the two fierce demons battling not far from them.

A muscular man of the Tiger Clan and a demon man of the Winged Clan clashed head on. Because Tiger Clan’s Bai Che and Winged Clan’s Feng Xuan didn’t see eye to eye, this led the youths of both clans to be at odds with each other and they often fought. This time, it was probably due to the issue of who the rightful owner to the treasures were.

According to Ji Luo Lian, each clan had several keys so it was certain that it wouldn’t just be her and Ji Luo Lian here, but she didn’t expect to run into others so quickly.

Shu Yu fixed her gaze on the big rock next to the two demons, where the pure golden lotus was sitting atop. In this large stone forest, only the pure golden lotus was visible when you wandered deep into the forest, and to dramatise its special effects, the golden light that emitted from the lotus was blinding to the eye.

A treasure, an absolute treasure! If this wasn’t the pure golden lotus, she would live stream herself eating a chair! This, Shu Yu swore by all her morals.

The very thing that she was searching for had suddenly appeared in front of her. Shu Yu was quite excited but she would definitely not react rashly. The situation around the fight was unclear and she would decide what to do after they were done with their battle. She would have to gauge the situation then.

Besides, other than the two “praying mantis” that were fighting in front of her, she didn’t know if there were other “sparrows” lying in wait. Of all the lessons that Fu Wang had taught her, this particular lesson had taught her a useful example which she can never forget.

Fu Wang was one of the other “sparrows” hiding in the stone forest at the moment. Shu Yu and Fu Wang had both concealed their presence flawlessly and were unaware that they were only separated by a rock.

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