The Girl Who Cured the Crazy BOSS is Majestic and Mighty - Chapter 31

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“Why do you eat food such as this everyday? Foods like these are of no use to high ranking demons like us.” Ji Luo Lian asked while pointing at the drumstick Shu Yu was holding.

This was another one of Young Master Ji’s moments where he blabbered on and on with his hundred questions again. Shu Yu gave a soft sigh and swallowed the chicken drumstick before replying in a noteworthy tone: “Because I like it.”

Young Master Ji’s immortal form is a lotus flower so it made sense for him to be a vegetarian, so naturally he doesn’t touch meat, but Shu Yu is different! She is a fox and a human, and they are considered carnivores!

“Why do you like it?”

“Because it’s delicious.”

“Why do you think it’s delicious?”

“Because I like this taste.”

“You’re a peculiar demon.”

“Yes, I’m strange.” After interacting with Ji Luo Lian for the past few days, Shu Yu has made a set of mental rules to follow. Do not, under any circumstance, argue with him about anything. Regardless of being right or wrong, just play along with him, only then will he quiet down. He looks like a teenager but why does he act like a child who loves to ask a million ‘whys’? This got her thinking that he is a kid.

Her personality wasn’t suited for interacting with a “child”. Every time, Shu Yu felt annoyed by Young Master Ji to the point of wanting to run away, and she found herself thinking of Fu Wang. If BOSS were in her place right now, he would have a way to deal with it. Besides, it had been many days since she last saw Fu Wang and she kind of misses him……fine, she miss him very much.

She didn’t know how Fu Wang was doing right now, if he was doing fine in seclusion, if some bad guy broke into their house. If there were, will Fu Wang be able to protect himself, or is he secretly waiting for her to save him?

When Ji Luo Lian saw Shu Yu staring silently at the chicken drumstick in her hand, he knew that she was in a daze again. As noted from his persistent inquiries, whenever she was in a daze, nine out of ten times, she was probably thinking of that person named “Fu Wang”. It was probably the same this time around.

“Are you thinking of Fu Wang again?”

“Yes.” Shu Yu snapped out of her daze and answered him straight.

Ji Luo Lian would usually turn quiet at this response but that wasn’t the case this time around. Instead, he asked Shu Yu with confusion in his eyes,“Why do you think of him so often?”

“Because I like him.” Shu Yu was so drained by Young Master Ji’s questions that she answered him truthfully.

“Since you think about him so much, why don’t you just keep him close? From what you’ve said, I believe that you’ll be able to overpower him. If he isn’t willing, you can knock him unconscious and bring him around. That way, whenever you miss him, you can just take him out to look. If he attempts to escape, you can break his legs and if he resists, you can cut off his arms.” Ji Luo Lian’s eyes were clear and his ever serious tone showed that he was not joking.

Shu Yu, “……!” Are you kidding me? Young Master Ji, do you know how twisted your thoughts are? Wait a minute, she must have gotten it all wrong. Could this annoying guy be a natural airhead?!

Shu Yu shifted away from him, before forcing a laugh: “You must not have a person that you like. When you have someone that you like, you will understand that it’s wrong to do that, because this is not right and that needs to be changed.”

Ji Luo Lian’s next words were shocking, “I have someone I like, and she didn’t think that my thoughts was wrong, so you’re the peculiar one.”

WTF! Who has the guts to touch this child! Wait a minute, Young Master Ji wasn’t a child but was it really okay to instill such wrong ideas in him? Don’t tell me that his lover is a masochist?! Or perhaps all demons behaved this way and she was the strange one? No no no, she must be firm in her belief.

Then again, she started feeling gossipy.

“Ahem, Ji Luo Lian, can you tell me who you like? Look, I’ve told you mine so you should tell me too right?” Shu Yu put on a puppy grin face meant to placate children.

Upon hearing this, Ji Luo Lian seemed to have no intention of hiding anything and calmly replied: “My sister.”

Oh! My! Gosh! A sister and a brother……this is so messed up! Wait, Shu Yu composed herself. It seems like all of the demon race was this messy, with the fox clan’s relationships being even more messed up. Seniority in the Tian Feng Residence was a mess because of their relationships with one another. Every time she recalls this, Shu Yu felt that her morals were being tested.

It was surprising that Ji Sheng Lian, who appeared gentle and affectionate, would harbour such unrestrained enthusiasm in his heart. Shu Yu sighed internally and asked: “If that’s the case, why didn’t you bring your sister with you?”

Ji Luo Lian wore a rare disappointed expression, “She told me to come here. She had matters to attend to and couldn’t come with me.”

His forlorn expression was really painful to look at. Just as Shu Yu was about to comfort him, he took out a lotus petal from his clothes and sniffed it like a puppy, and continued, “Sister said that she had some matters to attend to. Initially, I was unwilling to but I was in my immortal state so I was unable to defeat her and bring her along with me. However, I had my sister turn into a lotus and I picked one of her petals to bring with me. The petal smells like sister, I’ll smell it whenever I miss her and it’ll seem as though she’s right by my side.”

TMI bro! You little pervert sis con brat, after you turned your sister into a lotus and plucked her petal to bring it with you, you didn’t get a beating? Besides, exactly which part of your sister is this petal……no, her thoughts were getting impure! But speaking of this, if Shu Yu were to do this, she would gladly choose to have Fu Wang’s tail and ears, although it wouldn’t be easy to preserve something like a tail.

Realising what just came across her mind, Shu Yu was horrified. Wait, was she being brainwashed by that sis con? She must remain calm, and since she was uncomfortable talking about this, she decided to change the topic.

“Well, it’s been a few days now, when will the Penglai Mansion open?” Shu Yu thought about it, when the Penglai Mansion opened, the two of them would part ways after they entered, they didn’t need a key to leave the mansion after all.

Ji Luo Lian didn’t answer and kept staring at the petals in his hands. Holding it up to his nose to take a whiff, he whispered: “I’ve never been separated from my sister for such a long period of time. Sure enough, a petal alone isn’t enough, I’ll have to tie her to me. This immortal form is infuriating, not only does it make it impossible for me to beat my sister, I can’t even tie her to the bed.”

Young man, you were doing fine just now, why did you make it worse, can we not talk about this? Shu Yu stayed even further from him.

Ji Luo Lian suddenly turned his head towards Shu Yu, his cyan eyes blinking, “All demons seek to satisfy their desires but why do you seem different? I’ve never seen demons like you, one who is capable enough yet still shows self-restraint. You’re really a peculiar one.”

That’s because she wasn’t a demon, but a human. She also harbour feelings like ‘desire’ but there’s always something more important than this. Shu Yu thought ever so firmly in her heart, and instantly felt enlightened.

“This Fu Wang that you speak of, isn’t a peculiar demon like you so he’ll definitely tie you to himself one day.” Ji Luo Lian suddenly remarked.

“……Please don’t go around triggering red-flags for me, okay?” But thinking back to the BOSS’ questionable behaviour and that handcuff incident that happened not too long ago, Shu Yu couldn’t find the words to defend BOSS.

Shu Yu and Ji Luo Lian’s gazes were locked. It was at this moment that Ji Luo Lian’s sleeves glowed brightly.

“Oh, the Penglai Mansion is about to open.” Ji Luo Lian said offhandedly as he suddenly reached out to grab Shu Yu’s arm, then the two of them suddenly disappeared.

There was no spinning or zooming through hyperspace. In the blink of an eye, Shu Yu found herself at an unfamiliar place. It was so fast and efficient that Shu Yu really wanted this high-end technology, it’ll make travelling much more convenient.

Penglai Mansion, an immortal mansion left over from the ancient times, lofty and majestic as its name implies, crowned with the name of immortal Penglai. It was an immortal mansion after all, so there should be mountains, waters, clouds, cranes as such.

However, Shu Yu realised that she was really too naive. When she opened her eyes, there was no blue skies, white clouds, or overflowing spiritual energy, only a dark blue sky and ominous dark clouds; there were no green trees, red flowers, or white cranes, only a forest of barren trees with naked branches, with shadows that reflected on the ground just like those seen in horror films; there was no massive marbled jade doors or steps, only tattered gray walls and a faded red gate.

If it weren’t for a broken plaque on the dilapidated gate that read “Penglai Mansion” carved in three gleaming gold words, Shu Yu would have doubted whether sis con was pulling her leg.

Wait a minute, why were the other places so destroyed but the three words “Penglai Mansion” were giving off a golden light? Isn’t this unscientific? Shu Yu was still pondering this unusual sight when she saw Ji Luo Lian stepping through the gate, so she hastily followed.

Shu Yu was quite a coward, being afraid of many things, but the one she was most afraid of were ghosts. This seemingly abandoned Penglai Mansion with this gloomy and cold atmosphere totally seems like a ghost would jump out at any second! Shu Yu was scared to death and her former intentions of parting ways was dismissed. As long as there was an alive and breathing person, she would follow him closely. She didn’t want to be alone in such a place!

Although she was no longer human, it wasn’t that easy to dispel the fear that had been ingrained for twenty years. The horror movies she had seen when she was a child kept playing in her mind. Shu Yu’s face was pale as if she had a layer of flour all over her face.

Ji Luo Lian went ahead with every clear and defined step. Shu Yu followed him closely with no regard for where he was headed. There were countless times when she felt a chill on the back of her neck, as if someone was blowing on it, but when her hair stood on end and she looked back tremblingly, there was no one behind her, only dusty railings and broken windows with carved designs.

Ji Luo Lian and Shu Yu walked through the long corridor and went around a swarthy dead bamboo forest. It’s strange that this Penglai Mansion was so lifeless, as if everything was dead, with the colours limited to grey, black and white, yet certain things shone with a dazzling golden light that was piercingly bright.

For example, along the bamboo forest path that they were currently walking through, there were bamboo shoots that exuded golden light. This gold colour was too conspicuous in contrast with the grey and black surroundings, making her itch. So while Ji Luo Lian hadn’t walked too far, Shu Yu quickly dug out the golden bamboo shoot and held it up as she asked Ji Luo Lian.

“Look, this bamboo shoot is gold in colour!”

Ji Luo Lian glanced at the bamboo shoots, his expression indifferent as always, “Oh, that’s one of Penglai Mansion’s treasures. All the treasures in Penglai Mansion will emit a golden glow.”

Shu Yu was stunned as she held the golden bamboo shoot. Just what kind of immortal mansion from the ancient times was this? People usually hide their treasures but why did the treasures here even have a glowing effect? Was this really okay? The former owner of the mansion must be too willful.

“Well, Ji Luo Lian, you’re not looking for this kind of treasure?” Shu Yu observed that Ji Luo Lian seemed to have a clear destination in mind, not once looking around him during their whole journey here, so she couldn’t hold back her curiosity.

As soon as Shu Yu finished speaking, Young Master Ji looked at her with that look again. Sure enough, he said, “You’re a peculiar one, these treasures are of no use to me so why would I be looking for them?”

Shu Yu was speechless for a while before asking, “Then what are you looking for?”

“The pure golden lotus.” Ji Luo Lian answered.

The two figures disappeared into the grey and barren bamboo forest, but a black figure appeared at the gates.

Fu Wang had changed out of his usual green clothes into a black outfit. He scanned the surrounding scenery, then looked at the broken gate that was glowing with the three words. There was a trace of surprise in his eyes but he quickly concealed it and took a step inside.

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