The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 232

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Lucas, Cheyenne, Charlotte, and the others each got busy with their own matters in the meantime.

As the general manager of the Brilliance Corporation, Cheyenne naturally had many new plans to carry out and arrangements to make.

As the acting general manager of the Stardust Corporation, Charlotte also had a lot on her plate every day. She had to handle the daily affairs of the Stardust Corporation and suppress those who refused to obey her and were throwing their weight around just because they were old. She also had to handle the follow-up matters of the Oliver Harvey case and try her best to minimize the impact of this matter on the Stardust Corporation.

Fortunately, Charlotte was quite competent and managed to handle everything without Lucas’s help.

As for Flynn, the rightful general manager of the Stardust Corporation, he was originally supposed to return to work at the Stardust Corporation after taking the initiative to cooperate with the police in the investigation of the Oliver Harvey incident.

But Lucas assigned him to take over and organize the businesses left behind by the Brookes in LA, and he would report his daily progress to Lucas over the phone every day.

With Stanley providing help and presiding over the matters in LA, the families that were coveting the businesses of the Brookes suddenly gave up and didn’t dare to openly snatch them away anymore. Thus, Flynn’s takeover was extremely smooth and successful.

Lucas didn’t idle about either. Apart from assigning tasks remotely and responding to the reports he received, he also made arrangements for people to take over the Hales’ businesses in Orange County that they had voluntarily handed to him. There were also many other miscellaneous things that he had to do.

His tense and busy days passed by just like that, and soon, more than half a month passed. It was officially summertime.

Orange County was near the coast, where rainfall was abundant. Since it was near the ocean, it was usually humid and warm during summer, which was rather uncomfortable.

What surprised Lucas and Cheyenne was that during those two weeks, William didn’t appear at all, nor did he go to Cheyenne’s and Charlotte’s workplaces to look for them.

Of course, Lucas had sent someone to tail William and guard his safety secretly. This person would also report William’s whereabouts to Lucas every day.

In the Civic Plaza of Orange County…

It was only five in the morning, but the summer sun was already up and shining brightly.

William, who had curled up and slept on a park bench for yet another night, frowned when he felt the bright rays of sunlight shining on his eyelids. It took him a long time to open his eyes with great difficulty before sitting up.

He sat on the bench and froze for a long while before he finally remembered the state that he was currently in. He stood up from the bench and dragged his feet to the nearby public restroom in the park.

He collected some tap water in his palm from the faucet of the public restroom and rinsed his face to wake himself up.

William muttered to himself, “It’s time to go find a job.”

He then combed his fingers through his unkempt and greasy hair a few times before turning around to leave.

But as he walked, tears began to well up in his eyes before finally flowing down the contours of his face and dripping onto the concrete floor.

His heart was now full of regret and misery that made him feel immense heartache.

He really regretted it!

He originally had a harmonious and complete family, with a wife, two smart and beautiful daughters, and an adorable granddaughter.

It was his fault for developing a gambling addiction and staying out late every night. He had even ended up losing several million dollars.

His daughters had been worried sick about him and searched high and low for him everywhere. In the end, Cheyenne even went to a sordid place like Little Atlantis City to look for him. She begged him to go home with her and quit gambling.

But what did he do? He hurled such malicious and hurtful words at his daughter, pushed her away, and even used her as a stake for his gamble by putting her up as collateral to a complete stranger!

He ended up losing his daughter to that stranger, who took her away.

The stranger was wearing a mask, so William didn’t know who he was.

But every time William thought of what the stranger had said to him, he felt a chill in his heart and wanted to give himself a few more loud slaps on the face!

The man said that if he lost his daughter to him, his daughter’s future life and wellbeing would have nothing to do with him anymore!

These days, he often got jolted awake from his nightmares of Cheyenne being abused and tortured to her very last breath by a man whose face he couldn’t see clearly. In his nightmares, she would often be bawling and begging him to go to her rescue and take her home. But whenever he tried to reach his hand toward her, his efforts would be futile. He would never be able to touch her no matter how hard he tried, and he could only watch her get bullied again and again.

William really regretted everything that he had done!

He wanted to go back to his daughter, but he just didn’t know where he could go to look for her.

He had once returned to the residence that they had lived in for decades. But he found that something happened during his absence, and the house was now a wreck.

All of Karen’s, Cheyenne’s, Charlotte’s, and Amelia’s belongings were no longer in the house.

He reckoned that they should have moved, but he didn’t know where they moved.

He couldn’t blame them for moving to another place without informing him because he only had himself to blame for spending all his time at the casino and completely neglecting his family.

He deserved to be in the plight that he was in now!

But no matter what, he had to get his daughter back!

Now that he was homeless and penniless, he had been living on the streets and wandering around aimlessly the past few days. He was searching for Cheyenne while also trying to find a job so that he could make some money to support himself and continue to look for his daughter.

But he was old and lacked work experience. Besides, due to the fact that he had been living on the streets for a long time, he now looked scruffy, filthy, and unkempt. No one wanted to employ him.

He had spent all the money he had with him, and he couldn’t even afford breakfast now. There was also no news of Cheyenne, and he had no idea where she was suffering now.

Overwhelmed with regret, William finally couldn’t stand it any longer as he squatted on the ground and sobbed loudly.

“Cheyenne… where are you? I really know I was wrong. I wish I could bring you home right now, but I can’t find you!”

William squatted on the ground while tugging his hair and weeping miserably with mucus and snot falling from his nose. Looking even more disheveled than before, he attracted the attention of the crowd. Many came to surround him, but he could no longer be bothered!


At this moment, a car abruptly braked and stopped beside William.

William wiped a handful of tears and snot, looked up, and saw Lucas getting out of the car and standing in front of him.

At this moment, William felt an unprecedented sense of guilt and remorse within him. Choking between sobs, he said, “Lucas, I’ve let you down. I lost Cheyenne to someone else. I can’t find her…”


At this moment, a familiar voice that was also sobbing rang in his ears.

William immediately raised his head as if he had been struck by a thunderbolt and stared at the other person who got out of the car in immense disbelief.

Cheyenne had long burst into tears and was now standing right before him!

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