The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 231

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Lucas originally thought that Lena was a weak and spoiled daughter of a rich man, but he didn’t expect that she was not simple-minded.

“Lena, the situation you were in just now was too dangerous. Why don’t you come home with us for the time being?” Cheyenne suggested worriedly.

Lena smiled and shook her head to turn down Cheyenne’s kind offer. “Cheyenne, thank you, but there are security guards in the villa. I’ll be safe once I go inside. I’ll be alright.”

Cheyenne thought about it and felt that she was right. Since Lena was already at the doorstep of her own home, Cheyenne merely reminded, “Be careful then. Ask your dad to assign a few elite bodyguards to protect you in case those crooks get up to more malice and try to harm you.”

Lena nodded. “Alright, I will.”

Then she turned and said to Lucas, “Thank you so much for saving me. I owe you my life. I’ll definitely repay you for your kindness!”

Before Lucas said anything, she turned around and walked toward the villa.

When Cheyenne saw Lena walk into the villa, she finally turned around and said, “Let’s head home too.”

When Cheyenne got into the passenger seat of the Jaguar, Lucas restarted the engine and continued to drive toward the villa in the center of Pearl Lake.

But at this moment, Cheyenne was obviously in low spirits and seemed rather worried.

Lucas knew that she was worried about Lena’s safety, so he couldn’t help but ask, “Lena has been living abroad all along and rarely comes back to Orange County, right?”

Cheyenne nodded. “Yes, Lena’s dad sent her abroad when she was at a tender age, and she has been living there since. She rarely comes back to Orange County and only does so once in a while. I got to know her when I did her a favor by chance many years ago, and we eventually became best friends.

“Over the years, we seldom met, and we usually communicate over the phone or through the internet. I only learned that she’s the daughter of the richest man in Orange County some time ago. But very few people here are aware of her identity. I really wonder who the culprit behind today’s incident is.”

Lucas comforted, “Don’t worry. With Ethan Sawyer’s abilities and resources, I’m sure they’ll find out who the real culprit is soon. And he will definitely tighten the security measures to ensure her safety in the future. Today’s incident shouldn’t happen again.”

Cheyenne thought about it carefully, and only then did she start to relax.

But she soon recalled everything that happened in Little Atlantis City today and couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Speaking of which, you won three rounds in a row when you gambled with Tony Zander in Little Atlantis City today. Was it really because of luck, or did you resort to some other means? Have you learned how to gamble before?”

Lucas smiled and shook his head. “No, I’ve never played those games before. I should have just gotten lucky today.”

Refusing to believe him, Cheyenne asked, “Was it really just luck? I don’t believe it. If it was just luck, how did you dare to bet so much money each round? You even ended up with nearly thirty million dollars worth of chips.”

Lucas smiled mysteriously. “I just had a feeling that I’d win. That’s why I bet so much. I really got lucky this time. I think it should be because you were standing next to me.”

Cheyenne instantly blushed and tilted her head toward the side. She said softly, “You’ve got such a glib tongue. I wonder where you got that from.”

Lucas chuckled and was about to speak when he heard his phone beep twice.

He picked up his phone and swiped his finger across the screen to unlock it. There was a notification from the bank to inform him that 27 million dollars had been transferred to his bank account.

The other notification was for a text message from Joe, informing him that the money was the money he had won from gambling with Tony in Little Atlantis City. Three million of it was his principal amount, while the rest was transferred from Tony’s account.

There was nothing wrong with deducting the money from Tony’s account since he had lost the money to Lucas.

But rightfully speaking, Little Atlantis City was supposed to get a certain percentage of the chips won by the poker players there when they were finally converted into cash. The larger the amount won, the higher the percentage of commission. For example, Little Atlantis City should have gotten nearly a million dollars out of Lucas’s winnings of 27 million.

But the money that Lucas won tonight was all credited to his account without a single cent less. It was obviously a deliberate gift to Lucas from Joe.

Besides, at the end of the text message, Joe also implicitly told Lucas that Tony had died.

Cheyenne was about to turn her head to say something to Lucas when she accidentally caught a glimpse of the text message on his cell phone, leaving her in astonishment as she widened her eyes.

“Twenty-seven million dollars?! Why did so much money get transferred to your bank account?!” Cheyenne exclaimed in shock.

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes tonight, she wouldn’t have believed that Lucas had won more than 20 million dollars in less than 20 minutes! This was even faster than printing money!

“Haha, that’s why I said that Lady Luck was smiling at me today. Not only did I win all three rounds, but I even encountered such a wealthy fool like Tony Zander. Otherwise, how could we have such a windfall?” Lucas said with a deliberate smile.

Cheyenne quickly calmed down after being agitated. But when she thought of her father being addicted to gambling, her heart sank, and she was once again in low spirits.

Cheyenne was hurt and heartbroken when William used her as collateral during his gamble today. But when she saw how he knelt in front of Lucas and wept miserably while begging him not to take her away, she felt conflicted, and her heart was full of complicated emotions.

“Lucas, what do you intend to do to my dad?” Cheyenne asked with a conflicted expression.

Lucas glanced at Cheyenne and said calmly, “Actually, when he used you as collateral, I really felt that he was completely unworthy of being a father, and I even felt an urge to kill him.

“But when he knelt before me and begged me to let you go, I could tell that he truly regretted it at the time and wanted to take you back. He still cares about you, but when he’s obsessed with gambling, he can’t care about anything else.

“So, I want him to wake him up and make him realize that if he continues to be addicted to gambling, he will lose his daughter, his family, everything. Only after he loses everything and hits rock bottom will he come to his senses and quit his addiction, which is the cause of these consequences!

“So, Cheyenne, you have to cooperate with me. You can’t go easy on him. Even if he looks for you at the office, you must refuse to see him and make him truly realize what he has really lost. Otherwise, he will never be able to come to his senses and turn over a new leaf!”

Cheyenne thought about it for a long while, and the gaze in her eyes gradually became firmer. “You’re right. If I let myself be softhearted and give in, all our previous efforts would be in vain. I might even end up harming Dad! Don’t worry. I’ll tell Charlotte about this and get her to cooperate with us too. No matter who Dad goes to, we won’t see him!”

The Jaguar soon stopped at the entrance of the lake villa, and the two of them alighted to go home.


In the Sawyers’ villa, Lena was currently bent over her desk and drawing the outline and contours of a person’s face with a pencil on a piece of paper.

The person she was drawing was a handsome young man. His eyebrows were sharp, his nose bridge was high and taut, and his lips tightly pressed together.

It was Lucas!

Lena rubbed the man’s features she had drawn on the paper with her slender fingers and suddenly smiled radiantly.

“Cheyenne, your man is such a good catch!”

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