The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak - Chapter 425

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"They've been doing well. They've found several research labs and freed a lot of test subjects. After we gathered the data from the research lab, we destroyed it." Torkez said to Souta.

"Good." Souta nodded with a satisfied expression. This was what he wanted. To bother the power of the army to complete his special quest. If he was alone, who knows how long it would take before he could find those research labs.

"Also..." Torkez said as he glanced at everyone in the room.

"What is it? Just tell me everything..." Souta said while raising his eyebrows.

"We've found one parasitic essence eater in one of the research labs. The other parasitic essence eaters are implanted in the research subjects so we couldn't take it. Luckily, we've found one parasite without a host." Torkez said with a serious expression.

"Oh? A parasitic essence eater without a host." Souta was interested in this topic. He didn't expect that they would find a parasite that didn't have a host. It was pretty rare as most of the parasites have a host at this age.

After a parasite took a host, then it wouldn't leave the host body anymore. It will bound its life with its host so when the parasite was extracted from the host body then the parasite will die. It couldn't change its host once it found its host. That's why finding a parasite without a host was hard.

"Yes, it's in our research room. Isabella is currently observing the parasite." Torkez said to Souta.

"I see... I want you to bring me there after our meeting." Souta said as a faint smile formed on his face. Just who will become the test subject this time.

"Yes, sir." Torkez nodded. He was a host so he didn't care about the parasitic essence eater anymore. If there were two parasites in his body then the parasites will fight until one of them was dead.

In short, the parasitic essence eater couldn't share the same host.

Souta rubbed his chin as he had something in his mind. He then heard Franklin's voice at his side.

Franklin licked his lips and said, "The final battle is coming. I can't wait for it."

Souta fixed his posture and said, "I'll leave the commanding position to Jamine. All of us will enter the battle so it's better if she's the one that will command the army in our place."

"I have no problem with it. I will do my best to meet up your expectations." Jamine said.

"It's nothing," Souta said as he closed his eyes. Jamine was better at him than commanding. He admitted it to himself. Also, it was better if he was on the battlefield than become a person that was sitting in the back while watching the battle unfold in front of his eyes.

He wasn't smart. He just knew a lot of things that put him in an advantageous position. It's nothing worth mentioning.

After a while, he opened his eyes and asked several questions at the same time, "How's our army? How long would it take for us to travel towards the Astley Planet?"

Torkez, Jamine, and Lydia looked at each other. Lydia then turned to Souta and slowly explained to him.

"Our army grew several times. It increased by a few million, also dozens of large forces that are hiding in the dark appeared. They've joined us and let us command them. The ships that are following us already surpassed a hundred thousand. And they are all mother ships.

"Then, about your second question. It will take us one and a half months before we arrived in the vicinity of Planet Astley."

The Planet Astley was covered by an anti-space gate field. It was a type of barrier that prevented any teleportation spell or skill inside the Planet Astley. It means that they couldn't directly jump into the homeworld of the empire. Well, that's expected as the empire would build a counter for their own technology.

So they had to flew manually to go to Planet Astley. They've arrived on the nearest planet and there... they flew, no, in fact, they used the short-dimensional jump machine. This machine used a huge amount of energy but when they got close to the empire they stop using it and began charging their power.

"One and a half months...?" Souta muttered as he rubbed his chin. "We still haven't taken any Mana Convergent Bomb."

What can he do about it? every time he tried to approach them, the empire would detonate the bomb like a suicide bomber. He even sneaks inside one of the ships yet when he touches the bomb, the bomb quickly exploded. That one caught him off guard and he suffered heavy wounds that up until now haven't completely healed.

In the past few weeks, he tried various ways yet he didn't even manage to take a single bomb with him.

He then dismissed everyone and said that they shouldn't bother him this time as he will train inside his room.

Everyone understood his words and Souta reminded them to train so that their power level would increase in this one and a half months of traveling in the space.

He brought Yenxa, Yuko, and Isabella into his room. He planned to bring them into Saya's inner consciousness and train them there. Yuko has already trained inside the inner consciousness before and Isabella knew Saya's existence so Souta didn't have a problem bringing her inside the inner consciousness.

But Yenxa... She was ignorant and she had a lot of things to learn. She's just a first evolution stage monster and Souta will thoroughly train her to become a powerful monster.

Before that happened, Souta had to establish a fact...

The four were inside Souta's room. Souta was standing and Yenxa was kneeling in front of him. She was slightly anxious as she didn't even know why she was brought here.

Yuko and Isabella were on the side watching this scene unfold before their eyes. Souta said that it was important so they didn't dare to disturb him.

"Do you truly see me as your lord?" Souta asked in a deep tone.

"Yes, my lord," Yenxa replied to him without hesitation. Ever since she followed Souta, she already treated him as her leader. She's treating him like how she treated the chief of her tribe.

For her, the leader of her tribe wasn't Jarkal. Souta was her new leader. It was like she was changing her tribe and the chief of her new tribe was the man standing in front of her.

"Then, leave your body to me. Don't resist and submit yourself to me." Souta said as he placed his palm on Yenxa's bald head.

Yenxa was startled as she felt something inside her body. "This..." She didn't what it is but she had an idea because of the information that popped in her head.

"A contract. This will bind you to me and you will become my property." Souta said in goblin language.


Yenxa closed her eyes. After a few moments, Souta heard a notification in his head. It was the same notification when Yuko submits herself to him.

From now on, Yenxa will truly become his. A new bracket appeared in the system and it was about her details. Her traits, trait skills, etc. Everything was present before Souta's eyes.


Souta didn't have any skill points so he couldn't pass any skill to her at this moment. He just bought the [Doppelganger] and upgraded it so the amount that he had was for him.

Even though he earned something in the past weeks, it was still not enough for him. He was preparing to promote his class before he passed down his skills to his companions.

He glanced at the system and saw the system prompts.


[The Toxinum Goblin conceded!]

[Congratulations on acquiring your second pet!]


=Scorching Red Bear (Yuko) []= A powerful bear at third evolution stage who wields the power of flames. This bear possessed powerful destructive flames.

=Toxinum Goblin (Yenxa) []= A goblin that lived in a poisonous environment that could potentially kill any creature. This type of goblin had very potent toxins in its body.

'It finally increases...'

Souta looked at the interface with a faint smile on his face. His pet has increased so maybe this was the time for him to seriously find those items and skills for tamers.

Right now, his taming skill was [Pet Bestowing], [Pet Resonance], and [Transfer Boost]. He was entirely focused on training his fighting skill before so he neglected his taming ability. It doesn't matter to him before but now... His pet has increased and it would continue to increase in the future. He already planned to get the Nine-headed Hydra that he had in the game.

That hydra was sealed somewhere in the God's Continent.

Now that Yenxa was registered to his system, he could start training her. Souta called the two who were watching from the side and asked Saya to take them into her inner consciousness.

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