The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak - Chapter 385

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Chapter 385 - Relaxing

Souta, Isabella, and Lydia were inside the room that the city lord prepared. Souta asked Isabella if she wanted something but she said that she was fine. She doesn't need anything.

She was just like that so Souta asked the city lord if they had some books about potioneering. He also said to bring some food to them.

Asking a city lord like that? Other people wouldn't get around it but Souta was different. He was like a hero for them the defeated the army of the invaders.

If he asked for some money to the city lord, the city lord wouldn't hesitate to give him a huge amount of money just to get his favor. A favor of the strongest Master-class Knight was worth it.

"Hu~" Souta took a sip from a cup of coffee with a satisfied expression. It's been a long time since he tasted some good coffee.

"You're enjoying yourself..." Lydia said from the side.

"Why not? They're letting us stay here for free so why not enjoy it before we departed to our next destination." Souta replied to her and he glanced at Isabella. "You too Isabella. Just be truthful to your d.e.s.i.r.e and you will find yourself feel refresh."

"O-Okay. In that case, I want to tour around the city." Isabella said while glancing at Souta.

"That's all. You can just ask Lydia there to accompany you. Also, you can tour around if you want. You learn the basics in the past months and you're extremely talented." Souta said to her as he raised his eyebrows.

He taught her some fighting skills in the past months and she was talented. She easily grasped the essence of the skills that he was teaching her. Also from the constant training, her power level right now already reached the peak of E-rank.

Just a little bit more training and she will reach the D-rank. After that, the C-rank or Knight Level of this world and then the B-rank, the Master-class Knight of this world.

More or less, she was stronger than the ordinary people in this world. Even normal soldiers would have a hard time defeating her.

"Yeah, you're so talented. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. I think that you will reach my level someday." Lydia said with a hint of shock.

What she didn't know was that in the game Isabella became a god-level powerhouse who was called Faceless Woman. The reason was her appearance was greatly different when she was in her battle form.

Isabella in the game had some sort of flesh armor that could easily change her appearance. In that form, she looked like a monster with rows of razor teeth.

Souta didn't even know if that was a result of combat arts, spell, or some sort of equipment. The only thing that he knew was that she's the only one who had that flesh thing.

He wanted to know it too. Just what did she experience in this war for her to become what she was in the game.

But one thing is for sure, she will not become what she is in the game.

"Do you want someone to accompany you?" Souta asked Isabella.

"Y-Yes." Isabella nodded her head.

"You'll be bored if you're going alone so..." Souta said as he glanced at Lydia.

Lydia sighed and said, "I'll go with Isabella. I know that she's strong but it's better that I go with her."

"Good. Also, bring Yuko with you." Souta said he stood up.

The group left the room and they went to Yuko's room. Yuko had her own room and inside it, she was resting on a carpet with her mouth opened. Beside her, there were two women who were placing fruits in Yuko's mouth.

What a lifestyle? It seems that Yuko was enjoying herself in this place.

Yuko opened her eyes when she felt that her master entered the room.

"Yuko, I have something to ask you. Can you please accompany Isabella and protect her?" Souta said to Yuko.

She immediately stood on her four legs when she heard Souta's words. She stuck her tongue and licked his cheeks.

"Okay, I'll reward you later," Souta said as he patted her head.

After they settled things here, Isabella along with Yuko and Lydia left to tour around the city. It seems that she wanted to see different places as all she'd gone in her life was the Buckshawn State.

Souta was glad that Isabella was slowly opening up to him. If it was before, she will simply close her mouth and wouldn't say anything. She wouldn't even eat her meal until he tells her to eat it.

She was used to the life of a slave and it was hard to change it. Her mannerisms and attitude have to change. Her acting like she was still a slave was something that he didn't like.

Well, he was sure that she will gain her confidence in the future.

Souta went back to the room to rest for a while. He wasn't physically exhausted anymore as he already rested before arriving in this city but he was mentally tired.

In the past two months, aside from training all he did was kill. He killed tens of thousands of people already. He needed to calm his mind even for just a day.

For today, he forgot everything and just enjoy what this city could offer to him. He already told to city lord that he wanted to relax himself that's why the city lord didn't even bother him.

While Isabella, Lydia, and Yuko were gone, Souta talked with Lumilia and the rest using the transmission talisman. He listened to their stories about what's happening there.

They said that the Ladros City was slowly rising from the disaster it just suffered. It was great but the institution wouldn't start right away so the principal decided to divide the students from now and let them joined the other schools.

"Oh? Then, what school did you choose?" Souta asked with interest.

"Alea invited us to the Eternal Empire. We're going to be exchange students there." Lumilia replied to him.

He then heard Brando's voice over the transmission.

"That girl is a princess! I didn't expect it at all!"

"Oh? Alea is a princess...?" Souta smiled as he said. He already knew it but he had to act like he didn't know about it.

"Yeah, she's a princess..." Lumilia said. Then, Bryan's voice sounded as he was talking to Brando.

"What? You didn't know that she's a princess, Brando? She's always like- I, Alea, Princess of the Twilight Blood Moon, descend upon this land from the castle of Blood Moon."

Souta laughed lightly as he could imagine Bryan mimicking Alea's posture while saying those words.

No one among them believed those words except for Bryan but it seems that Alea was really a princess. A princess of a large country, the Eternal Empire.

"In truth, it's only me, Lynn, and Bryan are heading to the Eternal Empire. Yujin and Brando are going to the military academy in the royal capital of the Hebrei Kingdom." Lumilia said to him.

"Oh? So you're going to separate." Souta said.

"Yes, we're going to separate for a while. It will take a while before the Ladro Institute goes back to normal." Lumilia replied to him.

He talked with them for an hour before he hung up. They talked about a lot of things regarding what's happening in that place. He didn't need to worry about them. Bryan, Lumilia, Lynn, Brando, and Yujin were quite strong.

It was late at night when Isabella, Lydia, and Yuko came back. They brought a lot of things with them. The weird thing about it was that they don't have any money so how could they bring any souvenirs with them?

Well, it's easy to guess it. When they arrived at this place a lot of people watched them so they probably recognize the three.

Looking at their face, it seems that they enjoy themselves touring around the city. The city was huge and one day wasn't enough to tour it but it was already night so they had to return.

Souta gathered them in his room and he created a barrier so that no one could eavesdrop on their conversation.

"What did you do?" Lydia asked while looking around. She naturally felt the air tightened in the room.

"I just place a barrier around the room to prevent someone spying on us," Souta replied to her.

"You have something to tell us." Lydia guessed.

"Yeah," Souta nodded as he sat down on the sofa. He then looked at Isabella, "Isabella, to tell you the truth. I'm not from this world. I mean that Yuko, Alice, and I didn't come from this world."

Isabella and Lydia were stunned when he suddenly said those words.

"You aren't from here..." Isabella was shocked.

Lydia couldn't believe it too. "You're the same as me... But where? And how?" She muttered.

"Well, this is my true appearance..." Souta said as he removed the bracelet on his hand and his skin slowly turned into dark green color.

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