The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak - Chapter 384

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Chapter 384 - Two months

Two months had passed quickly...

All the countries in the world joined forces. The Gyunar Republic and Linca Empire at the center of the group. They established a force consisting army of every nation in the world. They built it to fight the invaders that destroyed the Condifan Empire.

In the past month, the Great Astley Empire sent out another batch of forces to this world when they've received that this world houses creatures like dragons. The Great Astley Empire advances its forces in the Great Tunbra Forces and eventually clashed with the dragon that was living there.

It was shocking as they managed to slay the dragon. In fact, they eliminate two dragons that were living there. Of course, the Great Astley Empire loses more than a hundred thousand of its men in the battle.

It put everyone on edge. After the death of two dragons, twelve dragons made an appearance in the world. They wreaked havoc in every corner of the world. Everything turned chaotic ever since.

At this moment, the army of the Great Astley empire surpassed five hundred thousand in total. Their army was shockingly enormous as if they had endless numbers.

The joined army was eliminating and ambushing the enemies.

It was a war.

The Great Astley Empire was sending out ten thousand men in each direction but their main focus was to get through the Great Tunbra Forest where they send two hundred thousand men.

The three dominant countries were around the great forest so if the enemies breakthrough it then an all-out war would occur. With the vanguard of the two powerful countries, the other countries sent their forces to help. They knew that if the Gyunar Republic and Linca Empire got defeated they were next.

So the alliance made a move by eliminating those ten thousand men in every direction while they were preparing a trap in the Great Tunbra Forest. They were focused on the side of the Linca Empire as someone was handling the enemies on the other side.

The famous Crimson Demon was everyone's talk. With a few people, they defeated the armies of the Great Astley Empire. The nickname "Crimson Demon" spread out in the entire world and every people knew about it. The man who had the power of an army and was called the strongest Master-class Knight.

The enemies that died in his hand already surpassed thirty thousand.

At this moment, Souta was standing on the field of thousands of corpses. His body was covered in blood and he had a cold look on his eyes. A thick stench of blood filled the whole area but it didn't bother him. He was already used to this smell.

He glanced at his system and checked the souls that he gathered today. He was satisfied with all the souls that he got in the past months. His stats were growing stronger and stronger.

[Harvester of the soul] Soul Collected(Right Piece): 1,321/3,000

He already reached 1,000 points in strength attribute and he used the souls to increase his dexterity to 795 points.

He gained ten percent plus in his physical damage after he reached 1,000 points. Even without weapons, his damage was already high.

"You're really strong. I think you should work with me. Your strength will be a great help in taking down the Great Astley Empire." Lydia said as she approached him.

Souta yawned as he covered his mouth with his hand. He was quite tired fighting that many opponents at the same time.

"I'm tired..."

He said as he walked towards Isabella and Yuko while ignoring Lydia. He wouldn't accept it until Lydia decided to tell him everything that she knew. She didn't even show him her full strength.

Lydia had a power of a B-rank but something was off about her. Every time he was examining her, he felt something within her. It was looking at him and had a dangerous vibe. He didn't know what it was and she didn't want to tell him about it.

In the past months, Souta set out to destroy the army of the Great Astley Empire that was scattered around with the intention to devour their souls. He didn't quickly head to the Condifan Empire as the army strengthened their forces there.

Even though he had Yuko with him, against that many opponents he was sure that they would meet their ends once they tried it.

That's why Souta was chipping down their army slowly. Once he was sure that he could handle it, he would go there.

"What are we going to do next, Souta?" Isabella asked him.

Souta looked at her and said, "According to the map that we've found in the last city, there's a city close to us. It will take two days of walk if we go there."

"Okay." Isabella simply nodded her head without asking any more questions.

Isabella followed him and Souta even forgot to bring the things that she wanted. He will provide her some ingredients and recipes that's what he said to her but until now he hasn't given anything to her.

"Just endure it for a while. Once we find the city, you can tell me anything that you wanted and I will do it for you." Souta said to her as he patted her head.

"O-Okay, actually, I don't need anything..." Isabella said as she lowered her head.

"It's fine." Souta smiled and he saw Yuko lowered her head beside Isabella.

"Me too... I did great, right?"

Yuko's voice sounded in his ears. He couldn't help but smile and patted her head too.

The group traveled towards the north where the nearest city. Isabella was having a hard time traveling like this as she wasn't used to it. Before coming with Souta, she was just staying in the guild selling potions that she brewed. So she wasn't experienced in traveling.

But well, she'll get used to it soon.

Souta just simply went with the flow. They were like a celebrity right now. The guards around the city halted as they looked at Souta's group who was walking with the city lord.

There were lots of soldiers that were stationed in the city because of war.

Every citizen stopped what they were doing and came out of their house just to catch a glimpse of the famous Crimson Demon who was called the strongest Master-class Knight, a one-man army.

"Is that him?!"

"Yes, that's the famed Crimson Demon!!"

"Just like the rumors said, he only had one hand!"

"But who could fight a powerful person like him that costs him a hand!"

"Yeah, I want to know the reason how he loses his hand!"

"Three people and one bear! Yes, it's them! For real!"

"They came from the south and we just received a piece of news that they've annihilated an army of invaders a day ago!"

Voices of the citizens sounded as they talked about the group while looking at them with their eyes. Some of the people even went to the roof of their houses just to see Souta's group.

'You're a celebrity,' Saya's voice sounded in his head.

'Nothing much.' Souta replied to her. He was used to this. When he was a commander of the Mechanic Country in the game, he always joined the parade after they won a battle.

His path today was different from his path in the game. The only thing that didn't change was his class and his fighting style. Well, his fighting style was slowly changing due to being a monster. He was changing it to suit his race more so that he could do well in a combat by utilizing his monster traits.

Also, one of the factors that his style was changing was Saya. She was teaching him a great fighting style. A technique that up until now he hasn't learn. There's no book of it so he couldn't use his skill point to learn it. He had to manually learn it with Saya's help.

But he'd slowly getting the hang of it. In the past two months, he tried his best but he still couldn't learn it. He was still lacking but Saya said that he was close to learning.

The technique that she was teaching him was called [Archetype: Vajra Extremity]. It was a technique that he hadn't heard in the ten years he was playing the Battle Worlds Online. Within this technique, it has a skill set that could use for defending and attacking.

It was good and he can't wait to learn it. It was really great that Saya was on his side.

He asked her before if she had some skills that she could teach him. She said that she had taught the founder of the Zomus Nation a different skill and added that skill wasn't suitable for him. That's why she decided to teach him one of the greatest techniques that she had.

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