The Door to Rebirth in Apocalypse - Chapter 47

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Gu Ning stared at the wretched and dusty Lu JiaZi, Jiang Yu, Lin MeiFeng, and Jiang YueZhou who were all inside the carriage. At this moment, she didn’t know what kind of expression was shown on her face.

Should she groan at the playfulness of fate or their haunting of her?

Her resentment towards them had not been erased by her success in finding her parents, and it was the deepest thorn buried in her heart. She hadn’t thought about it for a long time and the thorn had been painless, but now she glanced at those people in the carriage and the thorn began to dig into her flesh, causing wave and wave of sharp pain.

Gu Ning laughed in anger, she glanced at Lu JiaZi, then glanced at Jiang Yu, before snapping at Lin MeiFeng, and Jiang Yuezhou.

Other than Gu Ning, no one else laughed.

Looking at the laughter on Gu Ning’s face, Brother San suddenly felt that perhaps he had done something wrong.

Lu JiaZi stared at Gu Ning, he also didn’t expect that the meeting would take place in such a situation and he could see the cold and a hint of pain in Gu Ning’s eyes. The hint of joy that had involuntarily arisen in his heart vanished without a trace instantly, and he opened his mouth but found it difficult to even call out Gu Ning’s name.

Jiang YueZhou, however, had a pang in his heart, and he could help but cry out: “NingNing……”

The smile on Gu Ning’s face plummeted as she glanced over to Brother San and said: “Brother San, I don’t know any of these people.”

Gu Ning continued: “Yet I don’t know why I feel so uncomfortable when I see them. Thus, Brother San, I had to trouble you to get them off.”

Gu Ning spoke this statement in such a righteous manner, that no one would believe her that she didn’t know any of them.

Naturally, Brother San was not a fool and sensed Gu Ning’s hostility. Although he didn’t know what had happened to make Gu Ning harbored such strong hostility towards them, since they were now allies, Gu Ning’s enemies were naturally his enemies as well.

Therefore, he didn’t hesitate or even feel embarrassed, and very rightfully said to the few people in the carriage: “Excuse us, we’re a bit inconvenienced at the moment, so please get out of the truck.”

What inconvenience? Gu Ning’s displeasure was their inconvenience.

Lin MeiFeng, who had been keeping a “low profile” finally exploded when she heard these words. She stood up violently and rushed to the door, pointing at Gu Ning and cursed: “Gu Ning, you god*mned b*tch! If it wasn’t you who smashed up our bus! Would we even be in this mess as we are today? You’ll be d*mned if you don’t even acknowledge your uncle! Your parents taught you to be such a heartless b*tch!”

“Bang!” A loud sound rang!

Along with Lin MeiFeng’s miserable scream like a dying pig, a bullet had grazed her ear, and a few more centimetres, that bullet would have hit Lin MeiFeng in her head. Lin MeiFeng screamed and covered her ear, blood soiling out from her fingers in a horrifying way.

Gu Ning raised her gun coldly and said: “If you speak one more word, I’ll kill you.”

The shot was unpredictable, and even those who had been watching at the side were all taken aback. After observing the icy coldness that filled Gu Ning’s expression, they had guessed a few possible reasons in their heart.

Lin MeiFeng wanted to continue cursing, but the sharp pain from her ear and Gu Ning’s cold expression made her held back her curses. Although she couldn’t believe it, she was really afraid that Gu Ning would launch into a frenzy and kill her.

Jiang Yu rushed over to protect Lin MeiFeng, her pretty eyes widened and her expression was so incredulous: “Gu Ning, are you crazy!”

Jiang YueZhou held onto Lin MeiFeng, trembling all over, not knowing whether he was angry or afraid, but he dare not meet Gu Ning’s eyes.

“Hold your fire! Don’t shoot! We’re getting out of the truck!” The two young men and women who didn’t even know Gu Ning was frightened and jumped out of the truck in a hurry.

“Let’s get out of the truck.” Lu JiaZi said indifferently, then jumped out of the truck first.

He looked at Gu Ning, his eyes seemed to have deep pain in them: “Gu Ning, I regret it, in fact, I regretted the moment the bus was driven away.”

Gu Ning knew what he was talking about, but she didn’t care anymore. She didn’t even want to know if what he was saying was true or false, she didn’t even look at that face that she had liked so much previously and now she just replied indifferently: “It’s none of my business.”

Gu Ning knew clearly in her heart that the Gu Ning who had loved Lu JiaZi for ten years or more, the Gu Ning who had trusted him unconditionally, was already dead.

She brushed past Lu JiaZi with an uncaring expression and walked straight to the truck. The soldiers all regained their senses and gave an odd look before following her and getting into the truck. On the other hand, Cheng Ming’s gaze was much more deliberate as he had seen this man before. When Gu Ning graduated from school, he was the one who drove his car to pick up Gu Ning from school. Lu JiaZi kept staring into the carriage, while Gu Ning who was in the carriage didn’t even give him a single glance.

It wasn’t until the truck door was shut then he was cut off from the stares.

The tires spun sharply, splashing up a puddle of mud. The two trucks sped away and soon disappeared from their sight.

Lin MeiFeng covered her ears with blood on her hands and still had the strength to curse under her breath.

Jiang Yu, however, staring at Lu JiaZi with a slightly pale face, she had heard what Lu JiaZi said but she didn’t dare to question what he meant. She was no longer in a position to be arrogant in front of Lu JiaZi……

The atmosphere in the carriage was very dull.

Gu Ning sat in the corner with her eyes closed, looking a little tired.

Brother San was a bit embarrassed, he originally started with good intentions to give Gu Ning a surprise, but who knew it was more of a scare than a surprise.

The others conversed wordlessly and intensely by exchanging eyes contacts. The conversation was naturally about Gu Ning’s relationship with those few people. Although they were very curious, Gu Ning had no desire to confide in them, so of course, they would not *touch the tender spot.

(T/N: *哪壶不开提哪壶 Nǎ hú bù kāi tí nǎ hú which translated as lifting the pot which was not open. This proverb means to talk about something that should not be mentioned.)

Compared to the group of people who appeared to be very restrained because the person in question was in the carriage with them, the truck in front of them was completely carefree. Their eyes glowed as they gossiped about Gu Ning’s reaction.

“At first they said they were Gu Ning’s real aunt and uncle, and that Jiang Yu was Gu Ning’s cousin. What about that Lu JiaZi? The cousin’s husband?” One of the soldiers asked. They had exchanged names on the truck and had a rough idea of their relationship with Gu Ning.

“It looks a bit strange to me. You guys saw Gu Ning’s attitude towards that Lu JiaZi was not how it was supposed to treat the cousin’s husband. Lu JiaZi even said something to Gu Ning about regrets or not, he had the look of a guy who relies on a girl’s money and like some heartless man too. Could it be that Jiang Yu stole Gu Ning’s boyfriend shamelessly? That’s why Gu Ning is so……” replied the soldier who became outraged at the end.

One of the soldiers replied: “That doesn’t make sense. Gu Ning doesn’t look like someone who had their boyfriend robbed. I reckon it must not be that simple.”

Zhong Xu suddenly asked slowly: “The only thing I find strange is that someone dares to steal a boyfriend from Gu Ning?”

Luo Long, the only one who had seen what Gu Ning was capable of, nodded with empathy.

Who could have imagined that Gu Ning, who was now so “murderous”, was just a girl who didn’t even dare to watch chicken being slaughtered just three months ago?

The journey back to the colony was very smooth.

Back at the third company’s base camp, the few soldiers who had stayed behind were thrilled to see them, but when they noticed a few of their comrades were missing, they just kept silent and mourned.

Father Gu and Mother Gu, who had been worried, also put their hearts at ease when they saw Gu Ning was unharmed.

The children all cheered and jumped in joy.

Gu Ning didn’t mention the small occurrence when she returned, although everyone else had some question in mind, they all tacitly agreed not to mention it either.

After a bit of lively banter, it was time to close the door and share the spoils.

Before sharing the spoils of the battle, Brother San, Zhong Xu, and Luo Long inevitably show off their special abilities again, causing a few of the soldiers that were left behind to gasp in surprise.

Father Gu pushed his glasses and held the earth spike that Brother San had conjured up in his hand, feeling so shocked: “This…… is not in line with scientific principles. How did this conjure?”

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Naturally, Brother San and the others couldn’t come out with any reason: “It just conjured like this.”

Mother Gu used her finger to test the sharpness of the spike: “It’s quite sharp. You should be careful not to stab anyone accidentally.”

Next, it was time to share the spoils.

Xiang Xu took out all the crystal cores that Gu Ning had given her for safekeeping and placed them in the small basin with water which became cloudy simultaneously.

After washing it twice, the crystal cores burst into their original glory.

There were eight coloured crystal cores in total.

Sinking beneath the water, it blossomed with a dazzling brilliance as the water rippled.

“Is this the crystal core?” Wang Yang, who remained behind, asked after swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

Father Gu picked one and put it in front of his glasses to look at it carefully: “You will obtain special ability like them after eating this?”

Gu Ning added: “The odds are not hundred percent. Like Brother San and the others, they got three special abilities users out of a dozen tries, the odds are very high.”

Then it was a question of how to distribute it.

Everyone’s silently focused on Gu Ning. In fact, these crystal cores Gu Ning only accounted for three but there was no doubt that Gu Ning had killed the most zombies. Not to mention that if it wasn’t for Gu Ning’s vigilance last night, all of them might have been cut into pieces, cooked, and dried to become emergency ration.

Thus, they tacitly agreed to pass these crystal cores to Gu Ning to distribute them.

Gu Ning’s expression remained calm as usual and said: “We had a deal before we left, whoever killed the zombies, the crystal cores would go to them.”

After saying that, she fished out her three crystal cores from the basin and then made a gesture of invitation with her right hand.

Xiang Yu was the first that solemnly fished out two crystal cores from it.

One for Zhang XiaoBai.

One for Huang MengYao.

One for Shi Tou.

The rest were empty-handed.

Even though they were mentally prepared, those who didn’t have the crystal cores could hide their disappointment.

It’s not that they didn’t kill the zombies, but killing the zombies also requires a certain amount of luck. Coloured crystal cores, after all, were very rare and they might not even get a coloured crystal core after killing ten evolved zombies.

For example, Huang MengYao had only killed a zombie, but it happened that this zombie had a coloured crystal core in its head.

Also when the number of zombies killed reached a certain amount, the chances of getting coloured crystal core increased as well.

Just like Gu Ning who got the most crystal cores, it wasn’t because she was lucky, rather she was kind of unlucky. If there wasn’t any crystal core by killing ten zombies, she would kill twenty or thirty of them. By killing and increasing the number of zombies, she then gained the three coloured crystal cores.

Although Huang MengYao was a little ashamed, she held the crystal core tightly in her hand, knowing full well that this was the only chance to change her fate and she had to grasp on it firmly.

Gu Ning took three crystal cores and without the slightest surprise, she gave two of them directly to her parent.

She still had a crystal core in her backpack that she had dug out of the zombie dog’s brain in the supermarket, so she had an extra.

Gu Ning hesitated for a moment, glanced over to Cheng Ming, and called out: “Cheng Ming.”

Cheng Ming was in a disappointed mood when he suddenly heard Gu Ning call out for him and reflexively answered.

Then a fair-looking palm was casually stretched out amidst the astonished and fiery eyes of many, a golden crystal core lay silently on top of the palm.

Gu Ning didn’t have any extra expression, just glanced at him faintly and said: “Wish you all the best.”

It was as if it was just a trivial little thing.

On the contrary, Cheng Ming knew that it was certainly not an insignificant little thing. Cheng Ming stared at Gu Ning and opened his mouth, yet he didn’t know what to say. He had seen how dangerous it was when Gu Ning tried to kill these zombies, the crystal core wasn’t that easily gained. Although he had killed half a dozen of evolved zombies, yet he was unable to get even one, and most of the people here didn’t have it either. Whereas, Gu Ning had passed this crystal core to him so causally……

Gu Ning usually didn’t show any intimacy to him, and even words were rarely exchanged. Even if he killed lots of zombies, Gu Ning didn’t spare a glance at him, and he thought……. Yet all that thought doesn’t matter now, what matters the most was that Gu Ning gave the crystal core to no one but him. The meaning it represented made Cheng Ming’s heart pound slightly faster, and it was only after a long time then he reached out to take the crystal core. He looked at Gu Ning with incomparable solemnity, he didn’t speak any words yet he had made a promise deep in his heart.

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