The Door to Rebirth in Apocalypse - Chapter 46

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“If apologies work, what’s the point of having a knife?” Bai Lang smiled as he said this.

The atmosphere in the entire room was tensed up once again.

Yan Yu seemed to be very scared of Bai Lang, even with so many guns pointed at her just now, she still dared to speak harshly to Gu Ning. Yet, right now she turned pale from fear when Bai Lang said such a simple sentence.

Probably because she thought Gu Ning was just intimidating whereas Bai Lang would actually do it.

Gu Ning sighed in her heart, thinking that no matter what, it was always the truly wicked people who took advantage, and she wasn’t evil enough or hadn’t shown much of her wickedness yet.

She glanced at Pei Jing, who was apologetic but at the same time carried a resoluteness that would not allow him to back down. This meant that he would stand up for Yan Yu if Gu Ning were to make a move against her, and Gu Ning knew clearly that she couldn’t take the risk as his special ability had not yet been revealed.

With a slight lift of her hand, the soldiers’ guns lowered, and she stared coldly at Pei Jing: “One day you will die because of her.” Her voice was flat, so flat that it didn’t sound like a threat but more of a prophecy.

Pei Jing’s expression changed slightly, yet he kept quiet.

Gu Ning chose a dry area as a resting place.

Then she said: “I will keep watch during the first half of the night, while Zhang XiaoBai and Zhang Yang will keep watch during the second half of the night. Tomorrow, we will set out at first light to find Brother San.”

“Let me take over the first half of the night.” Cheng Ming asked.

Gu Ning firmly rejected his suggestion.

The other knew that Gu Ning’s decision would not be easily changed, so each of them found a comfortable position and prepared to sleep. They had experienced a near-death situation just now, and they struggled to stay awake from the nightfall till now. The extreme physical fatigue overcame the residual fear in their hearts and with Gu Ning keeping watch, their mental fears slowly calmed down and they soon fell asleep.

Jia DaoZhang didn’t sleep, he was disgusted at the thought of putting dried human flesh in his mouth and chewed on it a few times. If Gu Ning hadn’t yanked it out so hard, the flesh jerky would have gone into his stomach by now.

On the other side, there were occasional sounds of dry vomiting. It was clear that eating human flesh was completely unacceptable to ordinary people and would only scar them for life. However, all that broth and human flesh had probably been half-digested by now, so even if they tried vomiting again, nothing would be coming out.

Gu Ning walked gently to the window and stared at the rain outside. Her mood was a little sullen as they hadn’t been able to go back tonight. Her parents who had stayed at the colony must be worried and scared. Yet they still had to continue their search for Brother San tomorrow, and she didn’t know if they were safe at this point. Gu Ning frowned as this was not a good sign.

The only reason she exists in this world was to keep her parents safe, but now she was becoming more concerned about the well-being of others.

Bai Lang walked up to Gu Ning’s side at some point, gazing out the window at the dark and dreary rain.

Gu Ning frowned slightly, but she didn’t make any sound or move away as if Bai Lang didn’t exist.

Bai Lang kept quiet too, treating each other as if they did not exist.

The two of them just stood quietly by the window and looking out. The dark and gloomy world was as clear as the daytime in their eyes.

It was slightly less than seven o’clock when everyone was awake.

The rain outside of the window had stopped.

Those who had guns began to check them.

Yesterday was treacherous, but they all insisted on not using their guns, so they still had plenty of ammo left.

After a night of rest, they were not in better shape, but rather a number of them caught a cold because of the sudden drop in temperature due to the heavy rain last night.

Meanwhile, Jia DaoZhang was fine because of his thick robes, the rest of the team showed signs of catching a chill.

Even the air was cool and the exposed skin was stirred up with goosebumps.

Gu Ning zipped up to the top, the tracksuit she wore was thick enough to withstand the chill.

Placing her gun behind her back, Gu Ning walked to the window and glanced down. The zombies that had gathered last night had disappeared.

Gu Ning took out the food from her backpack and shared a little bit with each person. After eating, she and her group went straight out without bidding any greeting to the other team.

The man in the white shirt glanced at Bai Lang, and when he saw that he had kept quiet, he too keep silent.

Walking back to the second floor, the ropes were still hanging out, so it seemed that those people had indeed escaped.

Gu Ning and the others climbed down the rope.

It had rained heavily all night and a layer of water had accumulated on the wet ground.

They all followed Gu Ning’s lead and proceeded forward.

As they proceeding forward for a while, Zhang XiaoBai stopped his steps and looked at Gu Ning’s back before gathered the courage and asked: “Aren’t we going to look for Brother San?” They were now heading in the direction that they had parked their trucks.

Gu Ning stopped but didn’t glance back as she replied: “Where are we supposed to find him?”

Zhang XiaoBai was speechless.

Gu Ning continued: “If Brother San is still alive, he will come back and find us. I’ll wait until half-past four, if he hasn’t returned…… by half-past four today, we’ll head back to the colony.”

She had thought about it all night, and this was her final decision. She didn’t have the confidence that she could break into the pedestrian street and still get out alive in one piece. Not to mention that she couldn’t be sure of Brother San’s location, and even if what Bai Lang said was true, Eleven Square was so big, who knew which corner were they hiding in? Also, there was a high chance that they would try desperately to break in and ended up unable to find Brother San and the others while they would get into trouble themselves.

Therefore, she would wait in the truck until 4:30 pm and when Brother San and the others didn’t show up, then she would assume that they were all dead.

There was no way around the fact that many people die every day in this world.

Gu Ning thought about this in her heart, then continued to walk in the direction where the truck was parked.

“Let’s go.” Zhang Yang said to Zhang XiaoBai.

Zhang XiaoBai’s shoulders slumped, even if Gu Ning didn’t say anything, he knew the even if they had Xiang Xu as their radar, it would still be a difficult task to find Brother San and the others. A few other soldiers all patted his shoulder as if to comfort each other. Then they all dragged their heavy steps and followed Gu Ning to proceed forward,

Although Gu Ning had convinced herself, her heart still felt heavy.

No one spoke along the way.

Taking care of a small wave of zombies in silence and managed to obtain two coloured crystal cores didn’t cheer up the team either.

Continuing, they soon saw the two military trucks still quietly parked at the same spot.

Xiang Xu suddenly stopped in her tracks, tugged Gu Ning’s shirt and stared at the military truck in front of her, and said: “There’s someone inside.”

The group tensed up all of a sudden.

Everyone subconsciously looked at Gu Ning.

“How many people are in there?” Gu Ning asked.

Xiang Xu paused for a while before replying: “More than ten.”

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Gu Ning and the soldiers exchanged a glance and a quick nod before they quickly changed their positions and approached with their guns. They found the best place to shoot and then gestured to Gu Ning that they were ready.

Gu Ning glanced at Jia DaoZhang, who was stunned for a moment and cleared his throat as he was about to shout.

The door of the truck’s carriage which had been closed tightly, suddenly creaked with the turning of the door handle—— and then was thrown open in one swift push.

A series of pulls on the gun handle sounded and all the soldiers were the first to raise their guns and aimed at the door, firing as soon as they noticed the slightest hint of something different.

However, when the door opened, the soldiers froze, and so did the people in the carriage.

Zhang XiaoBai rubbed his eyes incredulously, then exclaimed in surprise: “Company Commander?!”

Everyone, including Gu Ning, felt astonished at this moment that the person who had pushed the carriage door open and stood in it was none other than Brother San whom they had been looking for!

Brother San obviously didn’t expect to see Gu Ning and the rest as soon as he pushed open the door. After freezing for a moment, he said loudly: “Gu Ning! Where have you guys been for all night?!”Then he shouted in the carriage: “Get up, all of you, Gu Ning, and the others are still alive! They’re back!”

“Ah?!” The soldiers who were still asleep all woke up with a jolt and got up from the floor and ran to the door to take a look. What they saw was Gu Ning and the rest were staring at them with a shocked expressions.

All of them jumped out of the truck one by one and ran over excitedly while exclaiming: “Where have you all been! You scared the hell out of us! We thought you had been dragged back to the nest by the swarm of zombies to be used as food reserves!”

It was only at this moment that Gu Ning slowly regained her senses and stared at the cheerful soldiers in dismay, unable to understand what was going on now.

Zhang XiaoBai said with his reddened eyes: “I was going to ask where you guys had run off to! Luo Long, you just shouted a sentence then you didn’t say another word. We heard the gunshots and went searching for you all, but we only found Wu Qiang’s body. After searching around for half a day, we still couldn’t find you guys. We almost got screwed last night, nearly ate human flesh, and almost became someone else emergency ration!”

“Alright, alright, stop arguing for now. Gu Ning, let me show you my psychic power!” Brother San interrupted Zhang XiaoBai impatiently and said excitedly, eager to show off his special ability to Gu Ning.

Afterward, three earth spikes appeared out of nowhere in front of him, suspended in a line in front of his chest.

Gu Ning couldn’t help but lit up her eyes and replied in surprise: “Brother San, you’ve succeeded?!” Zhang XiaoBai and the others flocked over, checking out the three earth spikes with envy and amazement.

Brother San laughed in triumph before he was roughly shoved aside.

“Me too! Me too!” Zhong Xu, who was always very mature and calm, couldn’t hide the excitement on his face after shoving Brother San aside and exclaimed excitedly to Gu Ning: “Gu Ning, let me show you my psychic power!” Then he flipped his palm and a football-sized ball of water appeared in his hand: “I’m a water ability user! I’ve tasted this water, it’s drinkable! From now on, we’ll never lack water again!”

“Okay, okay! My turn, it’s my turn!” Luo Long reached out and pushed Zhong Xu aside and stretched his hand out to Gu Ning and asked: “Gu Ning, try cutting my hand with your knife!”

Gu Ning froze for a moment, and the next second she heard Zhong Xu interjected: “Let me do it!” Then he raised the knife in his hand and slashed down towards Luo Long’s arm!

Everyone in the group that was led by Gu Ning was stunned, Huang MengYao even let out a cry of shock. Gu Ning however just watched quietly, only to see that the knife landing heavily on Luo Long’s arm. There was no bloody scene as they had imagined of the arm being chopped off. Instead, a clanging sounded, the knife slashed on the arm made a sound of slashing on metal plating.

Zhang XiaoBai exclaimed excitedly: “*Jin Zhong Zhao!”

(T/N: 金钟罩 jīn zhōng zhào means golden shield, the ability to sustain the thrusts of sharp weapons on one’s bare skin. Originated from Seventy-two techniques of Shaolin.)

Luo Long was instantly speechless .

“It’s the Gold element special ability.” Gu Ning smiled and explained: “Brother San is Earth, and Zhong Xu is water. I didn’t expect you guys to succeed with three abilities users.” According to the odds Xiang Xu had said previously, their chances of success rate was considered to be very high.

“Okay, you guys had enough of showing off, so shut up for now.” Brother San said.

He immediately made Zhang Xu and the others burst into a fit of sarcasm, the person who was showing off the most was obviously him.

“What about you guys, Gu Ning? How many of you have succeeded?” Brother San asked.

Zhong Xu, Luo Long, and the rest immediately glanced over, looking at Gu Ning nervously and anxiously.

Gu Ning shrugged her shoulders and replied: “We haven’t started yet. We’ve intended to return to the colony before we try it out.”

A new situation could arise at any time last night, and if they fainted for hours like what she did previously, it would be the end if anything happened. Thus, to be on the safe side, she decided to return to the colony before allowing the rest to swallow the crystal cores.

Brother San and the others were disappointed for a moment before calling out again: “Go, go, go, go back to the truck first! Let’s hurry back to the colony!” After saying this, they greeted each other before heading back.

Gu Ning was surrounded in the middle like a star while they strolled back to the truck, joking and laughing with the soldiers along the way. Suddenly, her gaze inadvertently swept over the carriage, then the smile on her face froze abruptly and her footsteps stopped.

“Gu Ning, what’s wrong?” They were all a little surprised to see Gu Ning suddenly stopped in her track.

Brother San glanced back, then followed Gu Ning’s gaze towards the carriage and explained: “Those people were the ones we met yesterday at Eleven Square, they said they knew you, so we bring them all out by the way…..” Brother San didn’t finish his sentence because he noticed Gu Ning’s changed in her expression.

The smile froze on Gu Ning’s face slowly faded away, her gaze was cold as she stared at the people inside the carriage, her expression was icy cold.

She pulled up a sneer, not only did they know each other……

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