The Door to Rebirth in Apocalypse


Authors : 齐成琨

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Adventure , Josei , Romance , Supernatural

Chapters: 52

Last update: a month ago


Two parallel universes.On the day of the apocalypse, the trajectory of history driven into two different paths, completely altered the two universes.One is a heaven, and one is a hell.One is an era of peace while the red flag fluttered.One is the end of the world where zombies rampaged, and lives devastated.Gu Ning tried to survive in the apocalyptic world, trying all her best to protect her family and loved ones. Yet, she dies brutally on the streets after being betrayed.She woke up in a strange dimension.An empty dimension, and a door.Opened the door once, it is the peaceful era. Opened the door again, it is the end of the world.

The Door to Rebirth in Apocalypse