The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 1079

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Chapter 1079: Start Again (4)

“Yes, I wasn’t gonna. I’m just concerned about you,” Long Feiting said with a smile. She would definitely say that she didn’t like him now. Once she forgot about all of this and there was no one she loved in her heart, she wouldn’t think that way anymore. When that time came, he would definitely make her fall in love with him!

In the past, he was the one who’d met her first. But he did not seize the opportunity, and she became Bo Junyan’s. Now, he would definitely not miss this opportunity that God had given him!

She glanced at him again but said nothing.

She knew what he was thinking.

Until now, he had been thinking that she had fallen in love with Bo Junyan first before she could fall in love with him. He had always felt regretful that he had found her too late. All sorts of obsessions made him sink deeper and deeper into her.

This was a chance for him to let go completely.

Long Feiting had saved Mu Huan before. She hoped that he could live well and have his own happiness.

She ignored Long Feiting, but he was still enjoying himself. “Let’s go eat hotpot! I found a super delicious hotpot restaurant!”

He knew that all these years overseas, what Mu Huan wanted to eat the most was authentic hotpot in the country.

After saying that, he instructed the chauffeur to go to the place he had mentioned.

The driver looked at Mu Huan.

Mu Huan nodded and made a call, asking Li Meng and Wu Xingye to go there as well.

She didn’t have any family, and she only had a few friends. If she gathered them together and talked about this, she could completely forget everything.

Just as Mu Huan had said…

When they heard that Mu Huan was planning to divorce Bo Junyan and hypnotize herself into forgetting everything about the Bo family, her friends all agreed.

Ever since her granny passed away, her mood had become so heavy that she was not like her former self anymore. After her father passed away, she became even more depressed. After three years, it would have been fine if she could have taken revenge, but she could not. This made her feel very pained and her heart feel heavy.

They didn’t want to see her like this. They hoped that she could be the same sunny, energetic, and cheerful person she used to be. They also wanted to see her arrogant, narcissistic self.

They wanted her to laugh so hard that she could put all the beautiful scenery in this world to shame.

“Xiao Huan, as long as you don’t forget us, you can forget everything else!” Wu Xingye raised his glass to Mu Huan.

“I won’t.” Mu Huan had chosen to forget because she had only spent half a year with Bo Junyan. He was not a part of her previous life, and he had not been with her these last three years.

Erasing half a year’s worth of memories would not make her think too much about it when the time came.

Long Feiting looked at Mu Huan for a long while before he made up his mind. “Forget about me!”

She treated him like a brother right now. If she remembered him, she would still treat him as a brother in the future. They might as well start anew!

Mu Huan looked up at him. After a moment of silence, she said, “Okay.”

“Cheers!” Long Feiting raised his cup excitedly.

They could start from scratch and start anew!

Li Meng looked at his excited expression.

She hoped that this landowner’s foolish son would seize this opportunity.

If her Xiao Huan could be together with Long Feiting, she would be happier in the future…

As if he could tell what she was thinking, Wu Xingye whispered into her ear, “If Long Feiting gets together with Xiao Huan but recovers her memories, what do you think she would do next? Will she choose to love Bo Junyan or Long Feiting? Wouldn’t that be very painful for her?”

Li Meng: “…”


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