The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 2080

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Chapter 2080: Suffocate Himself

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Ding Junhui sat down on the carpet next to Mo Fei and leaned against the sofa as if he was contemplating how to answer this question.

When Mo Fei was abducted, Ding Junhui was slightly over two years old. Therefore, Ding Junhui did not know much about this. He had only heard about it from his parents.

“I heard from Dad that when you were born, there were many conflicts at the company. Most of the time, Dad was at the company. On the day you were born, Mom was accompanying Dad at the company. After sending Mom to the hospital, Dad and Big Brother waited outside. At that time, I was in the nanny’s care. He said that they heard the sounds of a crying child, but when they went in, you were gone.”

Mo Fei remained on the sofa on her stomach, but when she heard Ding Junhui’s words, she lapsed into deep thought. So, what Ding Junhui meant was that their mother was only sent to the hospital from the company as she was about to give birth.

In the company, they would have to pass by the elevator.

Ding Junhui turned around and caressed Mo Fei’s head. “Don’t think too much. Your return is more important than anything else, understand?”

Mo Fei was not so sure about that.

“By the way, I heard from Le Tian that Big Brother sleeps in the elevator every time he visits the company, right?” Mo Fei suddenly thought of this and asked.

Ding Junhui nodded and shifted his sitting position. “I would’ve forgotten about it if you didn’t remind me of that. It’s strange. After that, every time Mom brings it up, she says that every time Big Brother goes to Dad’s company and enters the elevator, he’ll lie on Dad’s shoulder and sleep. He was probably too frightened on the day you were about to be born that he actually stayed awake. He held Mom’s hand all the way to the hospital.”

“Why does he fall asleep?”

“I don’t know. As Big Brother grew older, not long after you were born, Big Brother stopped visiting the company since he was seven or eight years old,” Ding Junhui said and sighed deeply.

“Say, do you think Meteorite X-D13 might be inside the company elevator?” Mo Fei muttered to herself.

All the signs indicated that there was something wrong with that elevator. Even while she was born, she passed through that elevator.

Ding Junhui did not say anything else and stood up to help her clean up the room.

Meteorite X-D13, elevator, Ding Jiaqi, Zhao Fangyu. What linked them to each other?

When Qian Yikun reached home, he threw himself on the sofa. A part of his body was still hurting. That woman really landed a blow below the belt.

There was a throw pillow at home because Mo Fei liked to laze on the sofa. The print was too childish to match Mo Fei’s usual image. Somewhere inside the heart of a cold woman, there was a little princess. That was what Qian Yikun laughed at her about previously.

Qian Yikun reached out and hugged the pillow. Her scent still lingered on it.

Qian Yikun grabbed the remote control and turned on the television.

On the third day of the upcoming month, Leonids will appear on a large scale again in 24 years. However, this meteor shower will not be apparent to the naked eye, probably just passing by Earth.

In the video, the image of Leonids taken twenty-four years ago appeared. It was really a grand meteor shower.

Twenty-four years, unfortunately, was coincidentally Mo Fei’s age.

Qian Yikun reached out and took the cup from the table. The cup belonged to Mo Fei too. There were so many things in this house that belonged to Mo Fei.

Qian Yikun fished out his phone and called Mo Fei’s number. However, he could not get through to her. Qian Yikun threw his phone on the sofa. What was this woman up to?

He threw the phone down but he could not help himself from glancing at it again. Eventually, he lifted the throw pillow and covered his face with it. He was so angry that he could suffocate himself with the pillow.

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