Terror Infinity - Chapter 25

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The final battle . . .

This was indeed the true final battle whether be it for Zheng or clone Zheng . Whether it was for revenge or the conviction to live on, the enmity between the two would be resolved in this final battle!

“ . . . Do you know? I used to hate you a lot! That’s why I killed you in Resident Evil Apocalypse, and exterminated all of your comrades…” Clone Zheng’s expression was calm the entire time, but Zheng was able to see turbulent emotions within that calmness . It wasn’t any positive emotion like the so-called love, friendship or familial affection . It was instead a difficult to describe malice, ruthlessness and rage . If it was an ordinary person standing in front of him, these negatives emotions would be sufficient to drive that person insane . Clone Zheng was bearing this sort of emotions as he fought Zheng .

“Yes, it left the a deep impression on me . The blow that time nearly broke me completely . Fortunately, I have many trustworthy comrades . Relying on them, I finally reached this step! My clone, this day is the day we resolve it all!”


Zheng’s Tiger Soul and that broadsword wreathed in black flames collided, and the enormous force transformed into shockwaves that surged outwards . The ground was rend apart, and even the black flames around clone Zheng trembled violently .

At this moment, Zheng had already fully entered Dragon Transformation, and his physical attributes had skyrocketed . He was also using the true Destruction now, and his speed and power were far beyond an ordinary person’s imagination . Every casual strike carried enormous power with it . Something like cleaving off a hill’s peak off was now incredibly effortless . When their weapons collided, not only did Zheng not retreat, but he even raised his sword and slammed it onto clone Zheng’s broad sword again . The two strikes weren’t even 0 . 1 seconds apart, and the two enormous forces merged into one, generating an even greater force that pushed clone Zheng a hundred meters away .

“You can’t escape!” Zheng roared, as he stomped on the ground, causing the ground to crack . He rushed towards above clone Zheng’s head in an instant, sending Tiger’s Soul slashing downwards . With such speed and power, clone Zheng wouldn’t be able to effortlessly block it like before regardless of how fast his reaction time was . This thought ran through Zheng’s mind, and he exerted more force into his hand .

But just as Tiger’s Soul was about to hit clone Zheng, there was another loud collision as the broadsword once again protected clone Zheng’s head . The force transmitted over from the broadsword wasn’t one whit inferior to Zheng’s Destruction . Zheng could only helplessly be forced backwards, as he lacked the spare strength to attack clone Zheng .

Clone Zheng’s expression didn’t change, as if what had just occurred was something insignificant . He sneered coldly as he held his broadsword, “You actually think the title of the apex can be obtained so easily by you? If you don’t have the resolve to die, don’t even think of seizing it…”

“The resolve to die?” Zheng roared loudly, “I’ve long since had it! Even if I die after this fight, I won’t lose to you! My comrades and I had a promise . We’ll make team China stand at the peak of this realm and become the strongest! They’ve already paid such a huge price, so I have to win!”

“ . . . The ropes on your wrist? How dumb . ” Clone Zheng didn’t stop sneering coldly as he pointed at the ropes . Based on the number, more or less every member of team China was there already . Only two or three were left on their living owner’s wrist .

“Some insignificant ants can’t fight back against humans even if they stake their life on it . As a team leader, did you drag along your team in this madness of yours? You’re… still rather childish . ”

“Shut up!” Zheng flashed past again, as Tiger’s Soul frenziedly assaulted clone Zheng . Every strike produced great noise, even the first causing the earth to crack . The two had reached an inhuman level of power .

“Dont you dare mock my comrades! Theyre my best war buddies, my best comrades! Theyve fought by my side, not complaining even in death… They may not be the strongest . They may have their own past . They may be incomplete in spirit . But theyve been trying their best . Theyre strong people whove been trying to uphold their conviction step by step! Theyre nothing like you, a weakling with only power, but whose heart is so fragile it’s in a mess! Outside of hate… what else do you have?” Zheng madly attacked continuously with Tiger’s Soul, every strike forcing clone Zheng a large step back . However, Zheng found it strange that no matter how fast he attacked and what direction he attacked from, that broadsword would always block him even though clone Zheng never turned his head back . This situation was incomprehensible to Zheng . Could it be that clone Zheng’s reflexes could keep up with Dragon Transformation with Destruction?

(What sort of monster is he? He not only possesses the Sinflames with unlimited power, but his body also rivals my Destruction . Someone almost perfect like this… actually exists?)

As Zheng spoke, clone Zheng, as well as the endless black flames, abruptly came to a stop . With clone Zheng as the centre, an indescribably tyrannical pressure burst out, while his eyes abruptly turned bloodshot . “You, my original, really deserve to die . You actually dont know what pain is!”

“Sinflames, tornado!” Clone Zheng said coldly . The endless black flames in his surroundings gathered with a wave of his hand, forming a thirty tall meter, ten meter wide tornado of black flames . It seemed material, its pitch-black body not letting light through as it moved towards Zheng .

Zheng wasnt afraid, and said as he watched the Sinflame tornado approach, “Were you so embarrassed you got angry? What pain is? Is the pain you gave me in Resident Evil Apocalypse any less so?” Zheng used Soru, quickly dodging to the side at a speed difficult to follow with the eyes . Seeing how slow the Sinflame tornado was, it didnt matter how powerful it was if it couldnt touch him .

But just as he ran a few meters, a broadsword wreathed in black flames was suddenly in his path . Its appearance was so sudden and Zheng had no idea when it had appeared . Zheng was currently in Destruction, and be it his speed, power or reaction speed, they all far surpassed a human’s . He himself had experienced a hundred battles, so he didnt panic even when intercepted while at Soru’s speed . He simply stomped down, and when the ground cracked apart, he borrowed the force to move backwards .

However, just as Zheng moved another few meters again, there was suddenly an intense heat rushing over from behind his hand . He didnt need to turn around to sense that it was a broadsword wreathed in black flames . Two broadswords had simultaneously appeared in front and behind him! He subconsciously looked at clone Zheng, and yet there was a broadsword in his hand as well .

And to Zheng, the strangest thing was… clone Zheng wasnt looking at him, but rather position he had been standing at before he used Soru . . .

(I understand . So that’s what’s going on… Sinflames, they really are terrifying…)

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