Tempered Immortal - Chapter 243

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Unlike a true Magic Artifact, Spirit Tools only need to be refined slightly for them to recognize you as their owner.

After smelting the sword with his Innate True Fire for about an hour, Lin Xuan released a wisp of Spiritual Sense and carefully integrated it into the sword blade.

This process couldn’t go wrong. Otherwise, although it wouldn’t cause him any harm, the power of the Spirit Tool would be a lot weaker.

So far so good.

A layer of blue light flashed across the blade, and Lin Xuan stopped spitting out the Innate True Fire. He waved his hand, and the main mother sword flew into his palms.

He looked at the sword with satisfaction and opened his mouth. The sword quickly shrank and was sucked into his belly.

Another benefit of refining a Spirit Tool was that it could integrate into one’s body like a Magic Artifact, making it more convenient to fight against enemies.

Later, Lin Xuan took out the six lesser swords out of the storage bag.

Then used the above method to refine them one by one.

Compared with the mother sword, the child swords were easier, taking only two hours.

He raised his head and looked up at the sky, it should be late at night now.

Although he was busy till midnight, as an Immortal cultivator, Lin Xuan was not tired at all. After a moment of pondering, Lin Xuan flipped his palm and took out a crystal clear jade bottle.

Looking at this thing, Lin Xuan’s face revealed a trace of seriousness.

Carefully unplugging the cork, a dark green smog floated out and gathered. He waved his left hand and displayed a Magic Art.

A layer of black light enveloped the green smoke.

It wrapped around it tightly, without revealing the slightest gaps.

On the other hand, Lin Xuan’s palm shone brightly. He circulated all the Spiritual Qi into his palms and summoned the light ball back. After observing it closely, he spat out a mouthful of Vital Qi into it…

The night passed quickly.

The sky gradually began to whiten. A red sun leaped out of the horizon, emitting a bright radiance that bares people from looking straight into it.

Lin Xuan spread out his hands.

The light mass wrapped in miasma has disappeared. Instead, it was replaced with a rosary-sized green bead with a tint of black in the middle.

Lin Xuan put it back into the jade bottle.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it looked unremarkable, it was refined from the essence of the green worm after it died, and it was also mixed with Lin Xuan’s demonic method. Let alone masters of the Foundation Establishment Stage, he even believed that Core Formation Stage cultivators would have a hard time dissolving it.

Of course, he wouldn’t use this thing easily, it might be a magic weapon that would save his life at a critical moment.

He had been busy all night. Although he was not tired, his hands and feet were somewhat numb, Lin Xuan jumped up from the bed and ran around the room. Doing some little activities to stretch his body.

Suddenly, the window opened by itself and a bright ray of light flew in.

With the same expression on his face, Lin Xuan reached out his hand and caught the sound transmission talisman. Then he injected his Spiritual Sense into it…

Moments later, Lin Xuan looked up and showed a smile on the corner of his mouth. He didn’t expect that the trade fair would open just after dawn. It seemed that there were many cultivators who were more anxious than him.

Lin Xuan walked out of the room.

He traveled according to the location described by the messaging talisman, and also encountered several checks along the way. But after he showed his jade medallion, he moved on unobstructed and came to the front of a building.

Like the Reception Building, it is also built with sandalwood.

However, the style of the building in front was quite different. Although it was slightly smaller, it gave people a more spectacular feeling.

There are only a few rooms, the most important of which was the main hall in the center.

At the entrance of the main hall stood two cultivators wearing yellow robes and a statue of a monster. The statue was several feet long and looked very similar to the lions in the mortal world. But it was quite a lot bigger.

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This beast was called the Golden Furred Lion!

It’s the Guarding Mountain Spirit Beast of the Heavenly Vision Sect.

However, unlike the Spirit Beasts housed in other sects, the Golden Furred Lion’s status was respected. And It only listened to the Sect Master.

As for the reason, it was said that thousands of years ago, the Golden Furred Lion was raised by the founders of the Heavenly Vision Sect, a pair of cultivators in the Nascent Soul Stage.

Although the life of a Nascent Soul cultivator could last as long as a thousand years, they would still eventually pass away one day. But Spirit Beasts were different. On the basis of lifespan, theirs were much longer than those of humans.

It was not strange from a third-level Spirit Beast to live for seven or eight thousand years.

Of course, it being their ancestor’s pet was only one of the reasons for its extraordinary status in the sect.

That other reason was that it had saved the Heavenly Vision Mountain from a crisis several times and made great contributions to the sect.

After a long period of time, it had reached the status of a level-3 Top-grade Spirit Beast, which is comparable to that of an expert in the False Nascent Soul Stage.

Even the Sect Master, Daoist Master Ku Mu, who mastered a profound and mysterious Taoist Method only has a fifty to fifty chance of winning against it.

A thousand years later, it wouldn’t be impossible for the beast to advance to the fourth level and compete against cultivators in the Nascent Soul initial stage.

At that time, the status of the Heavenly Vision Sect in You Prefecture would naturally be very different.

Therefore, its status was very respected.

After all, not all Spirit Beast could grow like it does.

Most of the Spirit Beasts, since birth, their grades are fixed. Although their strength can be slightly enhanced as the years go by, it’s still limited.

Only less than one percent of the number of Spirit Beast can advance to higher levels.

Moreover, even they can not grow Infinitely. For example, the Golden Furred Lion is only a first-level Top-grade Spirit Beast when it’s young, but as long as it cultivates constantly, it could theoretically advance to Level-4 Low grade, equivalent to a cultivator of the Nascent Soul Initial Stage.

Don’t be dissatisfied, this is already very amazing, most advanced Spirit Beasts are capped at Level-3.

The Golden Furred Lion is already considered a very rare species, even in the wild. They’re very hard to find in the 100,000 mountains and the poisonous wastelands, let alone being raised by cultivators.

The more so such a Spirit Beast is, the harder it is to tame. Even the founders of the Heavenly Vision Sect, the Nascent Soul Stage couple, had to spend a lot of effort.

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