Tempered Immortal - Chapter 242

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Impossible, the two fiends also went in with him. How could this kid defeat the Luo brothers?”

A slender cultivator carefully looked at Lin Xuan with his Spiritual Eye technique. He was truly at the Foundation Establishment Initial Stage, and the expression on his face was as if he had seen a ghost.

The others were also shocked and uncertain. Nearly all low-rank cultivators knew of their names, and their strength was obvious to all. Even Foundation Establishment Perfection Stage experts were slightly inferior to them.

How could they fall into the hands of an Initial Stage cultivator?

“Big Brother Lin, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful that you’d pick up all the fruits.” Tian Xiaojian’s face also showed a trace of surprise.

“You flatter me, I’m just lucky. I just happened to run into several other fellow cultivators teaming up against the Luo brothers, and finally perishing together.”

“Oh!” Only then did the other experts feel relieved. They all showed a look of jealousy and envy, but there was no denying that luck was also a part of one’s strength.

“Now that all of you have handed over your own wood spirit fruits. I’ll announce the results. Lin Xuan, Tian Xiaojian, and Xu Han have obtained the qualifications to attend the Trade Fair.” As Zhou Hai spoke, he took out three jade medallions from his sleeve. With a gentle wave, they flew into the hands of the three.

Lin Xuan gave it a quick scan with his Spiritual Sense, he saw that the jade medallion was crystal clear without any pictures or words on it, but there was a faint fluctuation of Spiritual Power as if it was engraved with a small array. Lin Xuan’s heart was moved, but his expression was as usual, and then he put it in his storage bag.

“Well, please come with me. The other Fellow Daoists can leave on their own.”

The other cultivators sighed with knitted brows. Although most of them were unwilling, they didn’t dare to cause any trouble. The strength of the Heavenly Vision Sect was not something they could afford to offend.

The other two alongside Lin Xuan followed Zhou Hai out of the stone chamber.

Soon after, they came to an open space. With a swipe of his hand, Zhou Hai released a Spirit Tool in the shape of a bamboo tube. He looked back apologetically and said, “Sorry, the core area of the sect is in front of us. Therefore, there is a ban on flying. Only some special Spirit Tools are not affected. How about you come along with me?”

“Well, okay.”

Of course, Lin Xuan and the others naturally had no objection. They followed him and climbed up, the bamboo tube turned into a green streak of light and flew towards the summit of Heavenly Vision Mountain.

At first glance, the mountain was not too high. However, the Immortal method was magical, and it took them half an hour to arrive at their destination.

There were pavilions, the twittering of birds, and numerous flowers, the surroundings were filled with abundant Spiritual Qi. It looked like an amazing fairyland.

Under Zhou Hai’s control, the bamboo tube flew forward for a while before stopping in front of a magnificent building.

Lin Xuan looked up and saw that the building was about nine or ten meters tall. He didn’t know whether it was built with a certain kind of wood, or a magical immortal method was applied to it. Not only was the entire pavilion shining with gold, but it also emitted a refreshing aroma

“Sandalwood, was this terrace built from sandalwood?” Xu Han, wearing a red robe, looked at the building in front of him and suddenly burst into excitement.

“Haha, Fellow Daoist has good eyes.” Zhou Hai gently stroked his beard and expressed kindly. But it was difficult to hide the pride in his eyes.

Lin Xuan raised his eyebrows and looked surprised.

Sandalwood, in the Cultivation World, was not only a special precious material, but it was also an ancient thing that has been extinct for a long time.

It seems that the rumor that Heavenly Vision Mountain is isolated from the world, but has many kinds of antiquity Spirit Herbs is not unfounded.

“Well, you can stay in the reception building for the time being. At the beginning of the Trade Fair tomorrow, the sect will inform everyone.”

“Thank you.”

After bidding farewell to Zhou Hai, Lin Xuan and the others were invited into the Yingbin Building.

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He looked at the furnishings in the room. Simple and elegant, the tables and chairs, as well as bedding, were all carved from sandalwood.

This object had a calming effect, and could also block the Spiritual Sense of cultivators below the Nascent Soul period. In other words, he didn’t need to worry about others invading his privacy by staying in a room built with sandalwood.

Lin Xuan was very satisfied, but he still casually laid a few small restrictions after closing the door. Being careful so that no mistakes happen was always his policy.

Lin Xuan meditated on the bed for a little while until all the Spiritual Power in the body recovered to its peak state before stopping.

Then he patted his storage bag, and a cold light shone brightly. A three-footed green blade appeared in the palm of his hand. It was the water cloud sword.

With a flick of his finger, the blade buzzed and looked very sharp.

After playing for a while, Lin Xuan let go of the sword, but it didn’t fall. Instead, its whole body emitted a layer of blue light and suspended in midair

Then Lin Xuan made a strange seal with his hands and spewed out a white flame.

As soon as the Innate True Fire came in contact with the sword, the flame immediately expanded and wrapped around the water cloud sword.


Although, unlike Magic Artifacts, Spirit Tools don’t need to recognize a master, and can be used easily after they’ve obtained.

However, Lin Xuan found that although this theory was reasonable, in fact, using the same method as Magic Artifacts on Spirit Tools by refining them a little will make them easier to handle and even more powerful.

Of course, ordinary Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators didn’t know how to use the Magic Artifact ownership recognition method, but Lin Xuan learned the “Nine Heavens Profound Art” and “Profound Demon Scripture” which had them recorded.

Although it could be regarded as a technique of the Core Formation Stage, it only required a higher level of Spiritual Sense. With Lin Xuan’s situation, it was not very easy to use, but also not too difficult.

It took him some time to learn and grasp it. At this moment, it was just the right time to use it in refining this water cloud sword.

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Edited by: UnderTheMoon

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