Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 34

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She went into the bathroom, washed her face, and covered her dark circles with powder so that she wouldn’t scare Yi Ling, who might otherwise think she was possessed by a ghost .

 When she came out, Yi Ling was indeed awake . She was holding her mobile phone, looking for something . Her fingers were tapping on the screen . As for Yan Huan, she went to the kitchen, put on the apron, and started to prepare breakfast . They had nothing to do recently, Yi Ling picked up a few plays before, but they were all rejected by her recently .

 These days, she would rest and recharge her batteries, because she knew that a TV drama was about to start shooting and she was longing for the opportunity . Though it would not make her bound into fame, perhaps it might end her walk-on role career from earlier .

 She had to get strong for it first, though .

 Filming was very tiring, she wished she was better, not like she was now, feeling

 “Huanhuan, The Story of a Supernatural Chivalrous World is about to broadcast tomorrow, right?” Yi Ling’s voice sounded from outside .

 Yan Huan thought about it, “Yeah, I think so . ” She had been busy with filming, and hadn’t paid attention to it . She wasn’t nervous about the show, she was just a tiny

 The Little Golden Silkworm that she played was only shown twice, one when she was about to awaken, one when she was about to die, playing time not more than three minutes, and total speaking lines not more than five . She wasn’t a large part, even if the TV drama was on the air, no one would have specifically notified her .

 “Then we must watch the TV, as you show your face . ”

  “Yeah, just two minutes . ” Yan Huan didn’t want to break it to her that she was actually dispensable .

 Yan Huan wasn’t even given a role that she could impact people .

 In this era, The Story of a Supernatural Chivalrous World was a bold attempt, it used to be famous when the internet wasn’t popular, it was the most-watched TV drama during that time, and it made the hero and heroine immensely popular .

 The Little Golden Silkworm was just a minor role which only had two minutes of screen time and was liable to be forgotten by the audience .

 1This is the case with the entertainment industry; it is crueler than any other place, and could be forgotten .

 Yi ling didn’t go out for a few days, she wanted Yan Huan to have a good rest . As she was fainting at this time, she was afraid to make fun of her body .

 There were many ways to earn money, and it wasn’t necessary to fight with Yan Huan’s life .

 She had to think about what was right for Yan Huan to choose this career . They needed money to treat Yan Huan’s mother at the moment, but as their financial condition was stable, they were still looking for a new job . She never thought that they might be starving as they worked .

 She had already submitted her resume to several companies because Yan Huan had been working very hard, but they had no connections, and without any supporters, it was really hard to carve out a place in the entertainment industry .

 This was the cruelest place, people did not spit out the bones to eat .

 They had a good breakfast, and Yan Huan felt much better . She was no longer so uncomfortable . At least, her abdomen was not in pain anymore . It was so good that finally, she made it through .

 She got her purse and was ready to go out .

 “Are you leaving?” Yi Ling was still fighting with her mobile phone, her head down . It seemed that she had decided to stay at home today .


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