Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 21

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The little golden silkworm ended up being brewed into medicine nonetheless . Huan didn’t get to see how the story developed going forward since her job was done . She needed to go back to being Yu Chen’s double .

 It is not uncommon to use hanging wires for these immortal hero themed shows . Huan did every scene impressively with minimum retakes, which won her high appreciation from Director Tian . Tian had a reputation for high standards and harsh scolding . Seldom did actors working with him get away without some name calling, even Yu Chen, but Huan had impressed him with her assiduousness and seasoned skills .

 Tian hadn’t gained much celebrity status then, but he would become a domestically recognized director in the next few years . His films were box office hits with high ratings . Huan didn’t have a chance to work with him in her last life, though, for she had already retired by the time he rose .

 Over a month with the other cast members, Huan had finished all her stunts .

 “Good job,” applauded Director Tian, extending his hand . “I look forward to working together again . ”

 Huan grinned, shaking his hand and receiving the highest pay she had ever earned since doing stunts, well over 5000 RMB . Although it was nowhere close to what she would have made in her last life, it was lifesaving for her at the time .

 She used the money to pay rent and get some groceries, planning on having a little celebration with Ling .

 “You bought so much! Can you cook, though? How about we dine out?” Ling asked tentatively, scratching her head . As far as she was concerned, the two of them knew nothing about cooking .

 “Who says I can’t?” Huan brought the groceries to the kitchen and started chopping . She did lack essential cooking skills by this age in her last life, but that had changed since she started to live alone . Wait, no, Ling was still with her at that time . They were working around the clock – sometimes they had to hustle and do a couple of scenes in one day, which made their eating schedules hectic and resulted in a serious stomach bleeding that almost killed her . That was the time she started to learn how to cook . Of course, thanks to years of hard work, with her rising fame and status, their life was finally getting more comfortable . That was when she had time and energy to attend to her own health as it had been exhausted much .

 She didn’t quite get the hang of cooking until she married Lu and had more free time . It was a pity that Ling never got to try her cooking .

 Huan sniffed, trying to hold back the tears brewing in her eyes .

 She turned around to focus on cooking and soon turned the raw ingredients into a delicious meal .

 Ling was visibly shocked when she saw a whole table of well-cooked, edible-looking food .

 She abruptly bent over to the table, tasting a cabbage, “You made these?”

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