Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 1042

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“Huanhuan, I’ve taught you so much regarding the legal field, in fact I’ve told you all the laws I know. Did you forget about them all? If someone commits a crime, it’s natural for them to be punished by the law.”

“But, they were not.” Yan Huan opened her eyes and stared straight at Lu Yi, “They weren’t punished by the law, were they? They’re still living their lives, enjoying it to the fullest in a luxurious environment they built from the misery they caused others.”

“You only saw the surface,” Lu Yi caressed her hair lightly.

“Lu Qin has lost the protection from the Lu Family, whereas uncle is secretly carrying out his plans. Grandfather’s blatant favoritism has led to uncle being unhappy, all that grandfather had initially planned for Su Yuhan might be useless at the end of the day.”

“Aside from their deaths, the one thing they can’t accept will be losing things they’ve always believed belong to them. They think they have a tight grasp on things, but little do they know, these things have already escaped their control due to certain events, and all they have to show for it at the end of the day is a big fat load of nothing.”

Yan Huan squeezed her eyes tight again. Her face was impassive because it still hurt to move.

She could not help acknowledging the logic in Lu Yi’s words. This course of action, however stupid it might sound, would cause Lu Qin to suffer more than his death, she would use her own life to redeem others’. In fact, she must have been out of her mind! She would rather commit suicide than murder, but inevitably, Lu Yi and her three kids would suffer the most in the end because they were the ones who truly love and care for her.

“That person, is he dead?”

At this point, she did not even want to mention Lu Qin’s name.

“He had a small accident.”

Lu Yi gently brought her hands closer and covered them with a blanket. Her hands were still cold because the frostbites had never fully healed. However, after the recent treatment, she felt the energy and vitality in her body improved. Hence, she no longer felt like she was going to turn into an ice block.

“I didn’t brutalize him, did I?” Yan Huan recalled what she did back then. She would admit her actions, unlike others who constantly lived in a state of denial.

“It wasn’t you.” Lu Yi understood it was not Yan Huan’s fault. She knew her strength and would only cause superficial wounds. The injuries might seem severe, but they were not as serious as they looked.

“He accidentally fell down one day,” even as Lu Yi said all these, he felt an inexplicable feeling coarse through him.

“Did he fall to his death?”

Yan Huan was talking with irony now. People like him should not have lived a long life. Of course she was aware that Lu Qin was still alive, or else Lu Yi would not carry such an expression.

“No, he didn’t.” Lu Yi’s response had confirmed Yan Huan’s suspicions. That man was still alive, and in fact, was none the worse for wear.

“Where was he injured?” Yan Huan asked curiously.

Lu Yi pulled the covers over her and tucked her in once more, “Alright, time to get some sleep. You must be tired.”

However, Yan Huan’s eyes were still wide open and sparkled with alertness.

How can I sleep after hearing that?

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Lu Yi raised his eyebrow, “If you won’t sleep, let’s listen to some music then.” Lu Yi took out his phone and began to play some instrumental lullabies for Yan Huan. Qiao said Yan Huan was easily irritable now, hence he chose to play her some calming music so she would settle down.

Lu Yi was a simple man, Qiao said to play calming music so he decided that lullabies were appropriate.

“I want to know what happened after that.” Yan Huan’s eyes were wide open. It was that music genre again, it grated on her nerves and only made her feel sleepy every time. At least once she was asleep, she would not have to hear it anymore.

However, she did not want to fall asleep just yet. She wanted to know what happened after that, how could he only tell half the story and leave me hanging right at the climax, did he do this on purpose?

“After that…” Lu Yi pursed his beautiful thin lips, “…nothing happened.”

He would not say it. This was his punishment for her, she would find out herself soon enough anyway.

Yan Huan opened her mouth to protest, but her face hurt again.

Alright, she felt guilty, she knew it was her fault to choose such a stupid path. Thankfully, she had failed, or else those she loved would suffer the consequences of what she had done.

Nevertheless, she still wanted to know what happened after that.

Albeit, no matter how fervently she questioned, threatened or pleaded, Lu Yi’s answer remained the same, nothing had happened after that.

Today was the day she could finally remove the gauze bandages on her face. She already had three operations and Qiao had continuously assured them that every single one of them was successful. Although Yan Huan was skinny, she had a healthy immune system and would recover and recuperate quickly. Her body also did not form keloids or scars easily, hence the operation was smoother than expected and the results were much more satisfactory. In fact, the only reason she had a scar on her face before was because of the inadequate treatment she had received. If she had gotten the necessary treatment, things would not have turned out like that.

She was a frantic bundle of nerves as they removed the bandages. When her face was finally exposed to the air, she could finally feel the cool breath on her skin as she exhaled. Her pores trembled, she could feel the heat and the cold of the surrounding atmosphere. For the longest time, she had only felt pain on the left side of her face.

“Oh my gosh, this is perfect!” Yan Huan still had no idea how her face looked, but she could hear Qiao’s exclamations of delight. She would be satisfied even if she did not regain her previous beauty and features, as long as she did not look too hideous or had that scorpion-like scar on her face anymore.

She did not care about being perfect at all.

She broke into a smile, the despair in her eyes had finally dispersed. It was like the radiant sun had finally emerged to chase away the gloomy clouds to reveal a clear blue sky.

The essence of the bright blue skies was reflected in her eyes, both vast and pristine, cleansed of the gloom that previously shrouded them.

Lu Yi held a mirror in front of Yan Huan’s face. His face was impassive and devoid of any emotion. He had the same expression when he first saw Yan Huan’s disfigured face.

He would accept Yan Huan in any form, even if she was disfigured with no hope of recovery. She would always be the woman he loved the most.

Yan Huan took hold of the mirror and held it in a tight grip, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen my own reflection. I couldn’t accept how I looked back then.”

Lu Yi smiled as he gently caressed her hair and thought, but I already did.

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