Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 1041

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Chapter 1041: Terrible Pain

Gradually, she stared at the surgical light above her head and her line of sight also became blurry. It looked like Joe was still talking to her about something, but she said she could not hear anymore.

Until she opened her eyes again, almost half of her face was numb. No, even her mouth was numb as well and did not have any feeling in them. Once again she thought that she already had no mouth.

“Are you awake?” Lu Yi was sitting beside her. It seemed he had not left at all. His hair was a little greasy and his beard was unshaven. His entire person did not look so clean.

And he had always been clean. He would also tidied himself till he was spotless. This time, he was sloppy like an old uncle. Yan Huan wanted to say something but she was even unable to open her mouth. In a daze, she fell asleep again. But she knew that he was still around, so she could rest her mind at ease and sleep. She could also face the darkness in front of her, for she knew that he was there, and because she also knew that she would wake up.

The next day, when she woke up, the anesthetic had worn off. It was very painful. It was indeed very painful, more than she had imagined. Joe had said that because her injury was exactly on a nerve in the human face, so it would be so painful.

Yan Huan had experienced a lot of pain. Even when she had a knife stabbed into the back and her blood ran dry, she had experienced that sort of pain, but it was nothing like this. The kind of pain was almost endless. As she became sober, it became more and more painful. She endured such pain every day until finally even an injection to relieve the pain was useless.

And now she knew that when Joe said it was very painful, he absolutely did not mean it to scare her. Of course, it was no exaggeration as well because it really hurt. It was that kind of pain that was almost unbearable.

The more she hurt, the more miserable looking Lu Yi was. Originally, he was a middle-aged handsome uncle and his whole body had an air of sophistication, which come to think of it, was the style that a lot of women liked because it had a lot of character.

But gradually he really had the character, but it was not one of sophistication. Instead, it was one of destitution, like where he was a refugee from somewhere and did not bathe for a few days. He had not washed his face. His hair also looked greasy and haphazardly stuck on his face. She had never seen Lu Yi so dirty. Even during the mudslide in the city, he had never looked so down and out.

Yan Huan was still in pain. She had been in pain for five days and could hardly sleep. When she fell asleep, she would be awoken by pain. As she felt the pain, she would wake up from the pain. Joe did not have any way to help with this because the wound was very close to the nerves. This kind of pain would appear as long as she took a breath. But she could not stop breathing, so such pain was inevitable. Then she was given another dose of painkillers, and yet she woke up in pain in the end.

It was not until the sixth day that the pain subsided.

On the seventh day, she could get a good night’s sleep.

Until the tenth day, she was finally able to eat something, and almost did not feel that kind of pain. She thought it was the end. In fact, it was the beginning. On the tenth day, she was being wheeled into the operating room again, and she had been gripping the bedsheets under her body. When she loosened her hands, the bedsheets were almost crumpled together from her tight grip. Her hands broke out in a cold sweat, and even her clothes were soaked.

No one would not be afraid of pain, especially after such an experience. No one would want to go through the pain for a second time.

People, in fact, were afraid of pain.

The second time was to graft the skin. Yan Huan fixed her gaze at a certain place, but Joe was not aware of what she was looking at.

Joe glanced at her from time to time. Yan Huan knew that he was probably smiling even though she could not see. However, she herself had worn a face mask for more than half a year. She could see from his eyes, and she really felt that Joe was smiling now. His smile was like a devil’s smile, and he was like an executioner, directly running the blade across her face.

An average person could not carry out such a thing, but Joe was not an average person. He was exceptional.

In a daze, she had the feeling again like the world was spinning, and then the devil showed a sneering smile.

Until she opened her eyes again, not only was her face in pain, even her back was painful. This time the anesthetic worn off very quickly. She was in so much pain that she did not want to move and did not want to breathe, because every breath she took would bring the kind of almost unbearable pain.

“Has the anesthetic worn off?” She asked the nurse on one side.

“It should have worn off.” The nurse calculated and replied, “It had worn off more than an hour ago.”

“It’s not as painful as the last time.” Yan Huan gently let out a breath. She still thought that the strength of the anesthetic had not worn off, so she just felt some tingling pain. As long as she did not move, she would not break out in a cold sweat from the pain.

“Don’t worry.” Joe came over again. He helped to adjust the speed of intravenous drip a little for Yan Huan and added, “The first operation was because of the proximity to the nerves. This time it was just to do cosmetic work, so naturally it is not painful.”

Yan Huan was relieved to hear these words. It was fine as long as it was not painful when she breathed.

She then closed her eyes and could clearly feel the pain from the surface of her body. But she was able to fall asleep. After falling asleep, she no longer woke up from the pain.

She could endure such pain.

She could also bear such pain.

But even with the kind of pain that came with breathing, she had managed to overcome it.

The body was her own and the pain was also her own. No one could bear it for her.

When she woke up again, it was already nighttime. While the pain on her face seemed to be less laborious than at the beginning. Sometimes she could even forget that her face was still in bandages if she did not think about it.

“Don’t you want to know about what happened to Lu Qin?”

Lu Yi helped Yan Huan pull up the quilt after she was no longer in pain.

The drifter, Lu was finally able to sort himself out properly. At long last, he had changed back to looking like Prosecutor Lu.

“He’s not dead, is he?” Yan Huan’s disgust for this name came from her heart.

“He can die a hundred kinds of different deaths but it’s not the same. This needs you to execute.” Lu Yi put his hand on Yan Huan’s hair which was cut short. His fingers ran through her hair. It was not silky like before. It was actually very dry. This past year for her was so tough that even the nutrition of her hair was gone.

“He almost killed Xiao Guang.” Yan Huan said calmly.

“So, we kill him, and then what?” Lu Yi knew Yan Huan too well. He said, “Then we kill Sun Yuhan and kill all the people you think are dangerous?”

Yan Huan did not speak because he was right. Yes, she would kill. She would kill and kill all of them. Kill them all and get rid of each and every one of them.

“After you kill them all, are you going to kill yourself again?”

Yan Huan turned her face and was silent.

Because, Lu Yi guessed right again. He really understood her.

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