Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 1039

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“She did not say anything at all?” He Yibin’s heart felt like a cat was clawing at it. He believed that Lu Yi was the same and even a thousand times stronger than his feelings.

Lu Yi shook his head and said, “She was unwilling to talk about it.”

Moreover, Lu Yi walked back again. He bowed his head and his fingers again gently caressed half of Yan Huan’s face. He could easily feel the scar on her face. It not only ripped her face, but also tore his heart apart.

“Yibin, I hope you can keep this matter a secret for me. Before her face heals, I don’t want people to know that she is still alive.”

“Don’t worry. I understand.” He Yibin promised. He was not one to shoot his mouth off. Although he still had many questions in his mind, he would not ask any further questions if the other party did not mention it. He certainly would not make it public at will.

“Thank you.” Lu Yi said. The exhaustion could also be heard in his voice.

He Yibin gently sighed, and then reached out his hand to pat Lu Yi’s shoulder as he said, “Take your time, there’s no hurry. At least, you have her back alive.”

“I know.” Lu Yi took out Yan Huan’s hand from inside the quilt, and then carefully placed it in his palm. Yes, it was good as long as she was still alive. Even if she had become witless, insane, disabled, even if she were to be in a vegetative state, as long as she was still alive, as long as she was still breathing, he really would not ask for anything more for the rest of his life.

He still had his wife, his three children, and his mother.

He could still have meaning and color for the rest of his life. He could finally walk firmly and continue in his life journey.

Yan Huan rubbed her eyes. She was used to touching the mask on her face. It was like her protective umbrella. Even if sometimes she could not breathe from being stifled, she still did not take it off.

Underneath the mask was everything she could not stand, and it was also all of her ugliness.

She sat up and was somewhat confused for a moment from sleeping. She didn’t even know how long she had slept, whether it was now day or night.

She pulled the quilt aside and walked to the window. Then she pulled open the curtains to let the light in from outside, which pricked her eyes and caused her a slight pain. She quickly twisted her face and also put her hands over her own eyes.

It was still bright outside. So, in fact, she had only slept for a few hours.

But why did she feel like she had slept for a few days and nights? Besides, she had not slept for this long for a long time. She had forgotten for how long. She had lost track of time.

The door was gently pushed open from outside. Yan Huan quickly hid behind the window curtains, which was almost her instinctive reaction. She did not know whether she was afraid of other people or afraid of herself.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s me.”

Lu Yi came over and put down the curtains she had held tightly in her hands.

“Don’t be afraid, just relaxed.” Lu Yi put his hand on Yan Huan’s shoulders. He could obviously feel that the rigidity in her body as well as fear and panic had now almost become her instincts.

She was afraid to see people. She was especially afraid of seeing acquaintances. At first, she was even afraid of him. Until a long time had passed, he was able to let her get used to him bit by bit. She was getting accustomed to his body warmth, his breath, his voice, his presence.

Yan Huan lightly let out a breath. She wanted to smile at him, but that smile was frozen in the corner of her lips. She could not help but touch the face mask on her face. No matter what kind of expression she had, no one could see it.

I will bring you to a place.

Lu Yi held Yan Huan’s hand right as he said, “Don’t be afraid and don’t be nervous.”

Yan Huan opened her mouth, and then gently nodded her head.

“Good girl, you’re very brave.” He coaxed her as if he was soothing a child. He was taking everything slow and not in a hurry.

Yan Huan sat on a chair. She slightly dropped her eyelashes. This was the place where Lu Yi had brought her. In fact, she did not know where this was. Anywhere was fine. After all, the person most unlikely to bully her in this world was him.

The door outside was opened. A young and handsome fair-haired and blue-eyed man came over.

He reached his hand out and spoke in fluent English, “Hello, I’m Joe.”

“Lu Yi.” Lu Yi also extended his hand to shake hands with the blonde man. The person had an elegant way of speaking and a fitting smile. He was the very picture of a gentleman and was also, of course, a Caucasian handsome man.

The two men shook hands in the air for a while.

Yan Huan lifted her face and a pair of deep black gazes also fell between the two men shaking hands together.

“Hello, beautiful lady, it’s nice to meet you, I’m going to officially introduce myself again. My name is Joe Nunes. You call me Joe.” Joe put his hand on his chest again and did a very traditional gentleman’s salute.

It was just that Yan Huan did not have too much reaction.

Joe thought for a bit and realized to himself, Oh, the lady does not understand the English language.

He used his extremely lousy Mandarin to speak again. But it was a pity that he could only say a few words. After speaking for a while, he himself became anxious and even broke out in a sweat.

Yan Huan’s red lips slightly parted and closed before she extended her hand.

“Hello.” She spoke in fluent English, with the unique English aristocratic accent. Her English was good. It was already good in her previous life, so it was naturally the same in this life.

“So, it turns out you can speak English?”

Joe wiped the sweat from his head with great effort.

“Yes.” Yan Huan softly replied and then lightly blinked her eyes. After which, she did not speak anymore and was like a wooden statue that was also badly damaged.

Lu Yi came over and put his hand on her shoulders.

“Huanhuan, can you show him your face? He is an excellent doctor.”

He did not say that Joe was a plastic surgeon. But Yan Huan was aware of it. Her shoulders slightly trembled. Even the muscles on her body also tightened. Lu Yi’s palm also felt some cold sweat from holding her.

He was afraid that she would misunderstand and thought that he came to the doctor to humiliate her and abandon her.

Yan Huan thought for a long while. She just slowly breathed, but it made the air in front of the two men become thin as well. Because she did not say a word, or they were afraid of her objection.

When Yan Huan looked up again, she put her hand beside her ear to take off the face mask. But her fingers were still trembling.

“That’s right.” Lu Yi’s voice rang out from behind her. “You always have to go through this step, you need to face it, you are not a coward. I believe that before you have finished your things, when you have not yet finished walking your path, you can never give up any hope of living.”

Yan Huan painfully drew her lips back in sadness and then she turned her face to one side. Tears also welled at the bottom of her eyes, but never fell once in the end.

Joe bent down and examined half of Yan Huan’s face carefully.

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