Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1614

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Chapter 1614 - Eating An Apple

Because of this, Old Master Gu was completely disappointed in Gu Zhilin. Just like in ancient times, the brilliance and ability of an emperor would never be displayed in a peaceful and prosperous times. Only in times of turmoil and unrest could one really see the true strength of an emperor.

In the past, Gu Zhilin had obviously been able to perform very well under Old Master Gu’s protection, and had grown ambitious. However, when he really took charge, he realized that his ability was far from enough to support his ambition.

Even though Gu Zhilin had tried his best to salvage the situation, it was still not effective. The shares of the Gu Corporation continued to decline for a long time, so much so that some shareholders began to sell their shares in private.

However, Gu Zhilin only knew how to show his loyalty and filial piety in front of Old Master Gu. He only thought about how to stabilize the internal situation of the company, but did not pay attention to the shareholders of the company. From what Gu Zhilin saw, these shareholders and the company were one entity. Everyone was united, so there should not be any problems.

However, by the time he truly discovered the problem, it was already too late. Glory World had already successfully approached the shareholders and bought a considerable amount of shares.

Gu Zhilin knew that he had failed in his duty, so he did not dare to tell Grandfather Gu about this. He was afraid that Grandfather Gu would continue to scold him and take away his position as the head of the family.

He had also tried to investigate who the real CEO of Glory World was. In the end, it was all in vain. He had no idea where to start, nor did he know who the real CEO of Glory World Was.

In the blink of an eye, five months had already passed. Guan Meiyi was now five months pregnant. On the set, Guan Meiyi was filming her last film before she gave birth to her child. After this month, the filming would be completed. After that, she would no longer work and would rest at home.

At this moment, the crew was fully focused on filming. Everyone was doing their own jobs. Other than Guan Meiyi and the actors who were acting alongside her, it was completely quiet.

"Cut!" At this moment, a sharp female voice suddenly came out.

The sound of the cut disrupted the order of the scene.

"Who is calling cut? ! Who is it?!" The director stood up angrily and looked for the source of the voice.

At this moment, Zhao Huimin rushed over and blocked the camera lens. "I did!"

The director was stunned. He knew this person very well. She was Guan Meiyi’s mother-in-law, and Gu Zhiqian’s mother. During this period of time, Guan Meiyi came to the set to shoot, so she followed her. She claimed that she was taking care of her daughter-in-law, but she was actually looking at Guan Meiyi’s stomach.

Because of Zhao Huimin’s presence, it really caused a lot of trouble for the set. However, everyone knew that Zhao Huimin was Mrs.Gu and Gu Zhiqian’s mother. Even though the director was already furious, he still spoke to her very politely, "Auntie, what are you doing this time! We’re already rushing to shoot, otherwise, we won’t be able to finish filming by the end of the month!"

"Mom, what’s wrong? Didn’t we agree not to randomly shout ’cut’?" Guan Meiyi also had a headache. This mother-in-law of hers was really weird.

"I can’t not shout. It’s time for our Meiyi to eat apples." Zhao Huimin frowned, looking like she was in trouble.

Guan Meiyi: "... Mom, there’s no hurry for the apples. I can finish shooting this one before eating it."

"How can that be! I’ve discussed with the nutritionist about what you should eat every day, and when you should eat them. Now It’s time for you to eat the apples. In a while, it’ll be time for you to eat the walnuts." Zhao Huimin pulled Guan Meiyi and placed a big red apple into Guan Meiyi’s hand. "Meiyi, listen to me. Eat it quickly. It’s good for you and the child."

The director was about to go crazy. He shouted through the loudspeaker, "Take a 15-minute break and let Guan Meiyi eat her apples!"

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