Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1514

Chapter 1514 - It's Better to Gain Some Weight

However, what surprised the people on stage the most was Gu Zhiqian’s behaviours and his words. They had been in the studio the whole time and didn’t know what happened when Gu Zhiqian took Guan meiyi here, so they naturally didn’t aware that Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi were already together.

Hearing Gu Zhiqian’s words, the people on stage were stunned. Fortunately, Gu Zhiqian’s voice wasn’t loud, and he didn’t have a microphone on him. Moreover, the live broadcast on TV had been replaced by background music, therefore, his words could only be heard by the people on stage, and the audience could not hear it.

The show finally ended, and the male artiste quickly left the scene as if he was escaping from somewhere.

On the way back, in order to make Guan Meiyi comfortable, Gu Zhiqian specifically asked his drive to drive the comfortable limo over.

From the moment Guan Meiyi left the studio, and to the dressing room to remove her makeup, and change her clothes, she ignored Gu Zhiqian the entire time. Until now, when she sat in the car and on the way back, she still pulled a long face and ignored him.

Gu Zhiqian also knew that Guan Meiyi was unhappy. He smiled evilly and took out a new box of macaroons from the refrigerator, "Do you want to eat it?"

Seeing the macaroons, Guan Meiyi immediately smiled and subconsciously wanted to take it. However, before her hand touched the macaroons, she took it back and continued to pull a long face, "I don’t want to eat it!"

The man raised his eyebrows, "Oh? Do you want to eat the strawberry chocolate?"

As he said that, he took out another box of exquisite strawberry chocolate.

This was a blatant temptation. Looking at the two boxes of exquisite and tempting desserts, Guan Meiyi’s stomach and mouth were screaming.


"I’m not eating it!" This was a matter of principle. Gu Zhiqian had gone too far today!

At that moment, Guan Meiyi had not thought that in the future, Gu Zhiqian would go even further. He would be the king of jealousy alongside Ruan Zeyan, but that was all for the future.

"Aren’t you going to eat?" The man deliberately dragged out his tone and casually picking up a macaron, putting it into his mouth to chew.

Mn... This thing was too sweet... although Gu Zhiqian usually liked to eat some supplements and desserts, he still couldn’t stand such a sweet macaron.

However, in order to entice the angry little woman beside him, Gu Zhiqian even put on an expression of enjoyment.

Just imagine, a super prince charming sitting next to him and eating a macaron full of temptation, what kind of scene would that be.

Guan Meiyi was no exception. Gu Zhiqian was right in front of her, making her little heart beat again.

Gu Zhiqian ate a macaron and looked at it with a wicked loo,. "Are you sure you don’t want to eat it? Aren’t these two your favorites?"

Guan Meiyi was slightly surprised. The last time she saw macaron and strawberry chocolate in Gu Zhiqian’s car, she thought it was a coincidence that the things in this man’s car all happened to her favorites. However, it didn’t seem to be a coincidence now. This man deliberately put them in the car.

However, she had never told Gu Zhiqian that she liked to eat these two things. There were only a few people who knew about her preferences, so how did Gu Zhiqian know about it?

As she thought about it, Guan Meiyi felt a warmth in her heart, and her anger toward the man suddenly lessened a lot. However, her little face was still deliberately twisted. "I don’t want to eat. Ada Won’t let me eat more. I’ll get fat!"

Unexpectedly, the man had half a macaron in his mouth, and then he directly fed the food into Guan Meiyi’s little mouth, "So what if you’re fat? It’s even better if you gain some weight!"

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