Super Gene - Chapter 3290

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Chapter 3290 Geno Hall

Feng Fei Fei and Feng Yin Yin were with Bao’er. They did not tell Bao’er about Han Sen being missing. They were worried about Bao’er getting upset.

Seeing Bao’er merrily eat, drink, and watch her favorite comedies, she looked very happy. Feng Fei Fei sighed and thought, “If something happened to Han Sen, I really don’t know how I will explain it to Bao’er.”

“Dad!” Bao’er was watching her comedy show when she suddenly threw away her snacks and jumped. She jumped into the air as if Han Sen was there.

Feng Fei Fei and Feng Yin Yin did not see anything. Bao’er latched onto nothing and fell to the ground. “Bao’er, are you OK?” Feng Fei Fei ran to pick Bao’er up. She looked hurt.

“I am fine.” Bao’er’s mouth was talking to Feng Fei Fei, but her eyes were looking to where she had jumped. She asked, “Dad, could you please tell me what you are doing right now?”

Han Sen was very happy. Although Bao’er was unable to touch his body, she could see him just fine. Someone was at least able to notice his presence. That feeling was better than winning the lottery.

“I am fine. I don’t know why my body has become like this. Aside from you, no one can see me. There is nothing that can touch me.” Han Sen explained his situation to Bao’er.

“That is very strange. Why would you even be in such a condition? Why are things like that for you?” Bao’er curiously reached out her little hand to grab Han Sen’s body. Just like Han Sen thought, her little hands went right through him.

“Bao’er, again, I feel compelled to repeat the same question and ask if you are OK.” Feng Fei Fei looked at Bao’er with profound worry. Bao’er looked as if she was possessed and was talking to some spirit or ghost. Bao’er turned to talk to Feng Fei Fei and Feng Yin Yin. “I am talking to Dad. Do you guys not see him?”

The sisters looked at each other. They then shook their heads. They looked at Bao’er strangely.

Bao’er was talking to Han Sen, and she kept jumping around trying to touch Han Sen. Nothing she tried seemed to work. She could only see him and not touch him.

In Feng Fei Fei’s and her sister’s eyes, Bao’er’s movements made them hurt more. They thought Bao’er must have missed Han Sen so much that she had started to hallucinate his presence.

Han Sen was feeling better. Although Bao’er could not touch him, at least there was someone who knew he still existed. He was not like a real ghost.

“Bao’er, I will be leaving for a while,” Han Sen said to Bao’er. “You stay in the Feng family castle for now. By the way, around this time, Zhao Ning’er and Zhao Qiu Yi will be coming here. Please help take care of the stuff they bring you. As for the Inch Grey Sword, you must not draw it. That is a Break World gene. You must keep it safe and secured.”

“Dad, where are you going?” Bao’er asked as she blinked her eyes.

“I need to find a way to fix my body.” Han Sen looked at the geno hall. If someone was able to help him, it had to be God Hall leader in the geno hall or Night God No Moon. God Spirits were spirits, and God Hall Leader was the leader of all the God Spirits. As for spirit bodies, he likely knew a lot about them. Perhaps he would be able to explain what was happening to Han Sen. Night God No Moon had used the Mirror Moon once before. She had to know more about Mirror Moon. That would help Han Sen understand his situation. What happened to Han Sen’s body had to be related to Mirror Moon in some capacity.

Han Sen had no idea where Night God No Moon was, so he decided to go to the geno hall first and try his luck. He hoped he could find something and learn more about what was going on.

He told Bao’er to stay in the Feng family castle. His heart fluttered as he went to the geno hall in space.

The geno hall was in space, but it was not in any defined point in space. No matter where or how one traveled through space, one would never be able to touch the geno hall.

After a brief second of thought, Han Sen had already arrived before the doors to the geno hall.

Han Sen was no stranger to the elusive geno hall. In the geno universe, he had seen the hall many times.

Now, he had another opinion of it.

In the past, Han Sen thought the geno hall was just a hall built atop a pyramid of god temples.

Things were now different. The temple had not shown up, and there was a vortex that was similar to a black hole below the temple.

His spirit body flew around the universe. It entered the vortex and disappeared. The entire geno hall was like a giant beast. It kept consuming souls as if it was a sea.

As he stood in front of the geno hall and saw that the souls beneath his feet look rather like seawater, he thought it was like a vortex. That feeling could not be described.

Han Sen had a weird thought. “The humans of the sanctuaries can accept beast souls. That might be a way to accept souls. That was the direction Qin Xiu’ and World King God’s research went in. I am now a pure spirit body. Does that mean I am like a beast soul or a God Spirit now?”

After thinking about it a bit more, he felt a little bit confused. “The spirits that enter geno halls… How can they be between two universes? Is the geno hall really like a middle ground between both? Are there some more secrets about the geno hall that I have yet to learn?”

As Han Sen pondered all of that, he heard a “katcha” sound. The geno hall’s doors opened. A bright god light seeped out of the widening gap.

Han Sen had seen this god light many times, but he had always been too weak to see through the light.

As Han Sen stood before the door, he was no longer affected by the light. The door was slowly opening, enabling him to peer through the light that was coming out. He saw what was beyond the door.

When the door opened, the spirits that wandered around looked as if they had just been summoned. They stopped being confused. They madly tried to escape the vortex. They scrambled in a bid to reach the door of the geno hall.

The weak spirits were unable to escape the attraction of the vortex. After they struggled a little, they were sucked into it.

The powerful spirits were able to escape the suction of the vortex. They managed to come before the geno hall, wanting to reach the door.

When their spirit body entered the light, it was like ice meeting charcoal. The bodies of the spirits vaporized. Even so, the powerful spirits were still going toward the geno hall’s doors. No spirit was able to enter. The god light vaporized each one into nothing. In just a moment, tens of thousands of spirits were vaporized. Their appearance made Han Sen frown.

“The geno hall’s job is to keep the universe in balance. Isn’t that to let spirits reincarnate? Why would they kill spirits?” Han Sen seemed to doubt what he used to think.

“You finally came.” A woman’s voice emerged from the god light shining out from beyond the doors.

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