Super Gene - Chapter 3193

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Qin Bai pulled Han Sen away from the doors of the Feng family castle and asked, “Han Sen, why have you come looking for me?”

Han Sen looked at Qin Bai as he asked, “Mister Crown Prince, have you been to the alpha temple?”

“Of course, I have been there. Every year, when we perform sacrifices, we have to kneel for half the day. We have to kowtow and bow. It is all so very annoying.” Qin Bai looked as if he did not have many fond memories of his trips to the alpha temple. He looked like he hated the place quite a bit. He strangely asked, “Why are you asking me about it?”

Han Sen laughed and said, “I have heard there is a very powerful treasure in the alpha temple. Do you know what it is, Crown Prince?”

“What are you talking about? How can a place like the alpha temple have great treasure? It is just a temple with an alpha statue inside it and a few tools for sacrifices, of course. There is nothing else there, so why would there be treasure?” Qin Bai joined the sacrifices every year. He knew what was inside the alpha temple.

“Aside from these things, are you sure there is nothing?” When Han Sen heard that, he felt disappointed. If Qin Xiu really had put Wan’er’s dead body inside the alpha temple, there should have been some kind of evidence. There couldn’t be nothing at all.

Qin Bai thought for a bit and said, “There are some weird things, but they are not treasures. For instance, there is a well there.”

“What kind of well?” Han Sen’s eyes suddenly brightened.

After thinking a moment, Qin Bai said, “The alpha temple has one main and two sub halls. There are three halls in total. The right hall features an old well. It is octagon-shaped. The well has the alpha’s writing on it. He wrote down the word ‘destiny.’ Therefore, the well is called Destiny Well. People frequently call it the country well.”

After pausing, Qin Bai looked around and saw that nobody was around. He quietly told Han Sen, “I have heard that the well can be quite creepy. There is a chain thicker than an arm on the platform. The chain leads all the way down the well. I heard that the chains have locked up a suppressed pulse god beast from the Qin Kingdom. I heard these stories when I was a young boy. The suppressed pulse god beast helped the Qin Kingdom suppress luck. It has kept the Qin Kingdom going for 1,000 autumns and 10,000 generations and made the kingdom rich forever.”

After Han Sen heard that, he was so happy, he thought, “If Wan’er’s body is in the alpha temple, it will probably be in the Destiny Well.”

After thinking about it, Han Sen told Qin Bai, “I have heard about the powerful treasure residing inside Destiny Well.”

Qin Bai’s head shook like a drum. “Impossible! I do not know if Destiny Well has a suppressed pulse god beast, but that is an odd place to put treasure. The legends claim that the alpha put the Qin Kingdom in a very good situation. In the second generation, it was said the alpha’s son was very naughty. During a sacrifice, he decided to answer the call of nature right inside Destiny Well. Afterward, the Qin Kingdom’s fortunes soured. It was bad for many years. It almost destroyed the kingdom. It was all because of that incident. As a result, all the kings use this story to educate their family members. They must not do anything bad to the Destiny Well. If it was not for having to attend ritual sacrifice, I’d never visit the alpha temple of my own volition.”

Although Qin Bai was a bit naughty and spoiled, there were limits to his own tenacity.

“Han Sen, you are not planning on doing anything in the Destiny Well, are you? I would advise you to put those thoughts to bed right now.” Qin Bai looked around and pulled Han Sen into a corner. He quickly said, “You must not go there. There are very scary elites guarding there. They are the greatest defenders of the Qin Kingdom. Even if Jade Wall City was broken, you could not infiltrate that one zone. Without the permission of my father, not even I can visit there freely. You are strong, but if you went there alone, not even you would make it back.”

Qin Bai was sincerely looking out for Han Sen’s best interest. He would not have told Han Sen the secrets of the temple if he did not want what was best for him.

“Oh, what kind of scary characters?” Han Sen asked.

Qin Bai shook his head. “I am not entirely sure. That is just what my father told me. When I have been by Destiny Well, I have never seen anyone guarding the place. I am fairly sure it is the truth. What father tells me is never incorrect, and he never lets me tell anyone else about this stuff. He says that if I ever encounter a crisis in which I cannot solve and my life is threatened, all I must do is escape to the alpha temple. Once there, I can find help and someone to save me.”

Hearing Qin Bai say that, Han Sen was sure there was something unusual about the alpha temple. Even if it was not Wan’er’s body, it likely had something important to do with the Qin Kingdom.

“The alpha temple has the Qin Kingdom’s strongest guardians. If I forced entry, it might end up bad for me.” Although Han Sen was strong, under the suppression of the world’s rules, he was not sure if he had what it took to fend off the Qin Kingdom if it entirely turned against him.

“This is giving me a headache.” In Han Sen’s heart, he was feeling a bit depressed.

“Han Sen, if you really want to look at Destiny Well, I can take you there during a time of sacrifice,” Qin Bai said. “Outside of those times, it is not wise to visit.”

Han Sen’s eyes looked bright as he asked Qin Bai, “When the next sacrifice rolls around, can you take me there?”

“Yes, I can.” Qin Bai smiled and said, “There will only be royals, officers, and chosen people that are allowed to go in. If you would like to enter, you can disguise yourself as my servant.”

“Are your servants expected to be eunuchs?” Han Sen asked with a weird look.

“They are eunuchs,” Qin Bai answered with a nod.

Han Sen did not want to become a eunuch. Aside from that, there did not seem to be another way to get close to Destiny Well. It was the only thing he could do.

He told Qin Bai that the next time there was a sacrifice, he wanted to be taken along. For now, Han Sen gave up on the plans of infiltrating the Qin Kingdom’s alpha temple.

“Han Sen, Thousand Mile Reach and Teacher Jia have not stopped being mean to me. My days have been poor. Do you think there is a way in which they might stop being so mean to me?” Qin Bai looked at Han Sen as if he was a beacon of hope.

“They are being harsh because they want you to be good,” Han Sen said with a smile. “You only need to do your homework. Do that, and you will be fine.”

“You say that like it is easy,” Qin Bai said while he cried. “There are six teachers and a dozen nannies. There are so many of them teaching me. I have to learn everything. If I don’t eat or sleep, it is likely I still wouldn’t learn it all before the day I die.”

Han Sen pitied Qin Bai. He loved to fool around, but he was born to a royal family. Furthermore, he was the only successor. He could tell how much the Qin Kingdom king wanted him to be good before he ascended.

Normal people would just control how to use gene races. Qin Bai was the Qin Kingdom’s future king. Controlling gene races was not enough. There was too much he had to learn.

After thinking a moment, Han Sen had an idea. “How about this? I have been planning a trip recently. Why don’t you go to the king and ask for permission to join me on this trip to learn?”

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