Super Card System - Chapter 269

S.C.S Chapter 269: Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon

No matter how stupid they were, Varua realized that at this point in time, the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group appeared all of a sudden in the palace by coincidence, which was absolutely abnormal.

Seeing that Habs was kicked out by Ian, Varua just looked at him, then said to Ian with a gloomy face: “It seems that you want to have complete control of the production of Thunderstone!?”

Ian nodded and said, “Yes, I don’t intend to wait any longer.”

Varua’s eyes twinkled with inexplicable light. He lowered his head and said, “The refinement of thunderstone is actually not that complicated. It doesn’t require any special treatment or ingredients. I can hand over the whole smelter to you, just please let me go!?”

Ian was very satisfied with his answer. It seems that he did not guess wrong. The refinement of Thunderstone does not seem to have any hidden ingredient. However, even if Varua didn’t tell him about this, he can work things out by collaborating with the miners and the workers at the factory…

He smiled and said, “Under such circumstances, do you still want to be the king?”

“…No!” Varua said simply, “I just want to leave this island, please allow me to depart with my things!”

“Of course you can take your things and leave!” Ian nodded and said, “However, that is after we check your bedroom!”

Varua was surprised. He thought that Ian had come for the thunderstone, but he didn’t think that his secret had been exposed. Although it sounds like Ian doesn’t know what’s hidden in his bedroom, it’s only a matter of time before his secret will be revealed.

“Damn it!” Varua gritted his teeth, lowered his head, and signaled to Habs who was lying on the ground.

Habs has always been his confidant, so when he saw his gesture, he immediately understood Varua’s plan, so he nodded slowly.

When Varua raised his head again, he looked at Ian fiercely and said: “Boy, when I went out to the sea and became a pirate, you were still sucking your thumb! So don’t think that your bounty can intimidate me, not even your Shichibukai’s title can do so! “

“Oh, really!?” As soon as Ian heard this, he suddenly became interested. Did Varua just ask for a face-to-face duel?

Varua stretched out his five claw-shaped fingers, sneered, and said to Ian: “You may already know that my nickname used to be the Ripper, but you definitely don’t know how strong the ability of my tear-tear fruit!”

After saying this, Varua made a violent clawing motion with two hands, intersecting together!

As soon as Ian saw his movements, he instantly felt that something bad is about to happen, so he immediately yelled to his crew to back off and stay away, while he jumped up.

And when he just leaped away, he found that everything on a horizontally straight line where he was standing turned into pieces of debris.

The long red carpet was cut into pieces, so was the marble on the ground, and a long sword in the hand of a member of Ian’s crew, who couldn’t escape, was also sliced!

Looking at this scene, Ian couldn’t help shivering. What kind of power is this?

“Look carefully, little brat!?” Varua saw the shocked faces of the Dragon Hunters, then he smiled proudly, and said: “This is the ability of the tear-tear fruit, with it, I can tear all the solid matter within this world, it’s a pure destructive power!”

Ian looked at Varua in astonishment, and then at the ground where he was standing. He knew very well that this tearing ability seemed a bit like multiple slashes, but its effect was fundamentally different!

Although slashing can also reach the level of destroying the solid structure of an object, if he wants to achieve such a state of turning an object into countless fragments, that can only be done by launching dozen of flying slashes in an instant.

However, with his ability of the tear-tear fruit, Varua was able to achieve this effect only with one move!

“Ian, be careful. His fruit power seems to be awakened!” Fujitora suddenly said at this moment.

“That’s right. Let me show you more powerful abilities!” Varua laughed, then crossed his hands, and swung them around, launching a wider range attack.

Boom! All the walls and objects inside the palace, which were affected by his tearing blow, suddenly turned into countless powders. The middle section of the pillars in the palace collapsed.

Tables, candlesticks, and all the furniture that came into contact with his ability suddenly turned into dust! After losing support, all of these objects fell down.

Varua’s attack was aimed at the pillars in the palace. After a section of several pillars was destroyed, the whole palace began to crumble.

“$hit, get out NOW!” Ian said quickly.

All the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group ran out quickly. Fortunately, they were at the door, so it was easy for them to exit. Just after they got out, the main hall of the palace started rumbling, and then the whole place collapsed with a loud bang!

The smoke and dust filled the air and made everyone cough. After a few sneezes, Doroni asked: “What did this guy do just now?”

“The intermolecular gravitation of all the objects affected by his attack has been torn apart!” Nana’s face looked stunned, but she figured out what he has done and said: “This is the only explanation that I can think of… there won’t be a situation in which objects turn into dust instantly!”

That’s right. Varua, just as Nana conjectured, did tear up the molecular bond of all objects along the way. He was a scientist after all, and he was knowledgeable in this domain, he knew the reason for the solid form of an object! Therefore, he developed his abilities to reach the point of tear the intermolecular gravitation!

Even Ian couldn’t help being amazed by such achievement after listening to Nana’s words. It’s a terrifying thing that a scientist like Varua could think of developing his unique ability to this point!

In fact, the so-called Fruit Awakening is actually a higher development and application of the fruit’s abilities. However, each fruit seems to have a different awakening style.

Strictly speaking, the development of Kuma’s fruit, the Paw-Paw fruit, can also be considered as Awakening. Not only can it bounce off objects, but also pops up people’s fatigue and pain, which is abnormal!

Varua’s tear fruit is very destructive. Imagine if his tearing attack landed on someone, then the attacked part of the human body will instantly turn into shredded meat and be torn apart, and if it hits a vital point, it will basically lead to instant death!

With a bounty of 340 million Berries, Varua was an extremely terrifying Pirate.

“Isn’t that guy afraid of burying himself in the palace?” Walnut said at this time.

Fujitora frowned and reminded him at this moment: “Ian, I think Varua has done this on purpose, I noticed that the man named Habs is missing!”

Hearing what he said, Ian suddenly reacted. Varua launched such a blow not to attack the people around. It didn’t seem that he was trying to fight Ian, but to cover Habs’ escape!

Needless to say, Habs must have gone to Varua’s bedroom!

What are they hiding? When Habs comes out, he will understand!

Thinking of this, Ian immediately unwrapped the special bandage on his hand, and sent out the black dragon wave to the collapsed palace in front of him!

The raging black dragon of the demon world seemed so thrilling every time it appeared. The extremely high temperature instantly evaporated the stones and the debris along the way, clearing a path for everyone, and revealing the interior of the palace.

Under the guidance of Nana and Walnut, Ian ran towards the direction of the king’s bedroom. The palace has collapsed, and his room was no exception. The entire collapsed roof has disappeared by Ian’s blow, and the bedroom has been exposed. But when they look around, they couldn’t find Varua.

At this moment, a sudden violent vibration started shaking the floor of the palace!

“They are underground!” Ian reacted abruptly and said: “The bedroom is just a cover, there is a basement here!”

Sure enough, with these words, the vibration became more and more intense. Then with a loud bang, a huge object broke through the cement ground and came out from below.

It was a slender chimney-like thing, after breaking through the ground, it was quickly laid flat, and behind this tube, a huge vehicle emerged after drilling out immediately!

“Tan…tank!?” At first sight, Ian couldn’t help yelling.

This huge vehicle was like a tank. The bottom was a boxy carrier, just like the chassis of a tank, but it was so large. On the upper side, there was the command room, which looks like a turret. The chimney that first appeared just now was actually the muzzle.

It’s just… how to put it? If Varua built a tank, Ian would not be so surprised. What surprised him was the shape of the turret above!

A long barrel was built in the middle, but on the sides at the bottom, there are two round components. The cannon part looked like a sausage with two man-berries…

Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon! This is definitely a Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon!

As soon as this strangely made tank appeared, Ian’s long-lost tsukkomi soul flared up.

However, at this time, Varua, who just opened the lid from the top of the tank chassis, panted and laughed arrogantly at Ian: “Hey kid, didn’t you ask to see my secret? Let me show you now, this is my masterpiece, Raikōhō Cannon!” (Thunder Roar Sear)

“Hell no!” Ian was very serious and said, “This is not a Raikōhō Cannon!”

“It’s a Raikōhō Cannon!!!” Varua said.

“Absolutely not!” Ian said: “It’s a Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon!”