Stigma Effect - Chapter 40

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Raphlet, who had sucked so much on her chest that it was swollen, raised his leaning body and lowered his hand.

Raphlet patted Yuriel’s cheek and then put his finger into her lower slit. He was surprised that Yuriel was already wet enough to be inserted immediately.

“Did you get this wet while being attacked?”

It wasn’t a mockery, it was a pure question. Raphlet was asking if Yuriel had this inclination.

Even if Yuriel had rejected him, he had planned to push himself in, but if she likes it….

Raphlet, who had been waiting for a while, looked at Yuriel crying, and sneered.

That can’t be true.

It would just be a natural reaction of the body. Didn’t she react like this when she took sleeping pills?

Raphlet did not listen to Yuriel’s answer, and found her sensitive nub by fumbling through her folds. When he rubbed the small protruding nub, Yuriel bounced back.

Seeing Yuriel twisting her waist, Raphlet calmly pressed Yuriel’s waist.

The already wet entrance was ready to receive Raphlet. Raphlet shoved his long fingers into Yuriel’s entrance.

When two fingers were pushed in at once, Yuriel’s lower lips chewed his fingers tightly. Thick and long fingers filled Yuriel’s private place and moved deeply.

A high moan came from the gap in the gag. Raphlet violently moved his hands. He was excited by the sensation of liquid dripping and wetting his hands. Raphlet looked down, staring at the bouncing cheeks every time he moved his hand.

Through the open/split legs, he can see the hole that swallowed his fingers. When he pressed the nub protruding above it with his thumb once, Yuriel trembled and climaxed.


The liquid oozed out through the filled hole. Feeling the inner walls twitch, Raphlet rubbed the inner walls with his fingers more.


He heard Yuriel moan pleasantly. Raphlet, who had been putting his fingers in her inner walls until the trembling stopped, pulled out his fingers after Yuriel’s body slid back onto the bed.

Yuriel, who had lost her strength, did not respond even though he was looking at her fluttering lower lips.

Raphlet looked at Yuriel who was panting and loosened his buckle. The manhood, which had been trapped the whole time, popped out in a haste.

The place the manhood wanted was right in front. Raphlet spread Yuriel’s legs wide.

“Uh, uhpp… !”

Yuriel opened her eyes wide at Raphlet’s action coming through her gaping legs and shouted out. Raphlet looked at Yuriel’s tearful eyes and pushed his manhood in at once.

There was no more waiting. Raphlet has waited long enough.


Yuriel, who was making eye contact, tilted her head back and grabbed the chain. Perhaps it was because he entered suddenly, the inner walls were shaking and catching him.

Raphlet moved his back, not waiting for Yuriel to calm down. The member that came out was still standing at an angle. Raphlet raised his waist and pushed himself back in. The closed inner walls were stretched by his member, making a wide path. But it was still a narrow path for Raphlet.

Raphlet bit his lip, preoccupied with digging inside Yuriel. After moving back and forth more times, Yuriel’s inner walls trembled hotly.

The friction between the two made their private places hot. Raphlet moved his waist along with Yuriel’s body, which was gradually rising upward.

“Uhk, hngg…!”


Yuriel was leaning against the head of the bed before she knew it. Raphlet met her eyes and moved his waist. Their foreheads touched.

The breaths were mixed violently.


Yuriel muttered to Raphlet. Raphlet looked at Yuriel breathing heavily and let out a sigh and pulled the gag that was covering her mouth.

Her breathing was so rough that she would faint if he continued to cover her mouth.

“Haa, uh….”

Yuriel exhaled loudly through the mouth that had been freed from the gag. After barely breathing, her chest rose and fell rapidly. After breathing several times, Yuriel turned her gaze to Raphlet.

Raphlet awaited the accusations to follow.

He was afraid of how painfully Yuriel’s accusations would stab him, but he had no intention of stopping.

“Ra, Raph….”

The nickname that she used to call him when they were young came out of Yuriel’s lips. Raphlet stared blankly at Yuriel’s lips. The red lips were trembling with excitement.

It was hard to wait for the next words, so when he turned his back lightly, Yuriel whispered with a moan.

“Uh, ca, can you ki, kiss me….?”

Raphlet rushed to Yuriel’s lips at the words that leaked out. Compared to that, the extremely small lips caught Raphlet’s mouth.

Raphlet’s tongue rubbed the roof of Yuriel’s mouth and intertwined his tongue.

Yuriel let out a moan filled with joy as the bite continued.

She wanted a kiss. She wanted to bond with him more completely.

Yuriel shook her back as she received Raphlet’s movement. Raphlet grabbed Yuriel’s chin and pressed it to the bed. He swallowed Yuriel’s lips and pulled his waist up.

An intense sense of pleasure came over her. Yuriel clenched the chains and groaned in a sense of pleasure so strong that she wanted to burst out crying, then wrapped her shackled wrists around Raphlet’s neck.

Raphlet lifted his eyes slightly and confirmed that Yuriel was hugging him.

Raphlet sat Yuriel on his thigh and moved his waist.

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“Ah, heuk!”

A sharp moan erupted between her lips for a moment, and Raphlet pressed his lips onto Yuriel’s mouth again and sucked her tongue.

Yuriel’s body bounced upward on Raphlet’s waist, and her lips kept moving away from him. Raphlet bit his lip and grabbed Yuriel’s waist, moving her quickly.

“Ah, go, good, Raph… !”

Yuriel moaned while holding Raphlet’s hair. He liked his name mingled with the wailing.

Raphlet hit his waist without mercy. The thick manhood was swallowed by Yuriel’s lower lips and disappeared, but reappeared whenever he raised her waist. Thick veins stood on the member wet with liquid.

Every time Raphlet moved his waist, Yuriel shook her body at the feeling of the rough cloth being swept over the upright buds of her chest. Raphlet’s clothes were rubbing her chest and turning it red.

It was good, but it was hard. Yuriel gave strength to her waist to move even a little slower, but she was dragged by Raphlet’s hand and was stabbed to the end at once.

The member, heated by friction and excitement, quickly moved in and out. Raphlet bit her exposed neck as she groaned.

“Ah… !”

Raphlet licked the area where the red marks were left after biting hard on the neck like a beast marking its territory.

“Damn, Yuriel…. haa… .”

Raphlet couldn’t contain his excitement and swore. A gesture that seemed to have gone out of reason continued. Even when Yuriel was trembling in the climax, he repeatedly grabbed Yuriel’s waist and pushed himself in.

Panting, Yuriel finally felt Raphlet stop moving.

Her twitching inner walls completely swallowed Raphlet. Raphlet hugged Yuriel’s waist as he dug deeper into Yuriel until he had reached his root. Their private places closely clashed together.

Yuriel gave strength to her weak arms and hugged his neck.

As she hung over his body and leaned her forehead against his neck, something hot poured into her inner walls.



Moans escaped from Raphlet and Yuriel’s mouths at the same time. While still inside, Raphlet, climaxed, grabbed Yuriel, who was resting her face on his neck, and stood up.

Raphlet, who looked at her as if possessed by the hazy, loose green eyes, placed his mouth on the corner of the shriveled eyes and swallowed the chapped lips again.

Yuriel barely opened her closed eyes and looked into Raphlet’s eyes. Raphlet’s golden eyes, visible from a distance, were ecstatic.

She felt like she was being swallowed by the sun.

Yuriel’s sun and Yuriel’s god was always Raphlet. Yuriel looked at him with eyes filled with joy and opened her mouth. Raphlet dug inside and swallowed Yuriel completely.

Yuriel’s eyelashes touched Raphlet’s eyes as she turned her head and kissed him, tickling him.

The corners of his lips rose with satisfaction.

Raphlet sucked Yuriel’s tongue, pulled her lips apart, and rubbed the disheveled lips with his rough fingers.


Yuriel asked, wheezing with a weeping face.

“Raph, you…, lo, love me?”




There was no hesitation in the answer to the question. Tears welled up in Yuriel’s eyes again.

Raphlet said, putting his hand around Yuriel’s eyes.

“I love you.”

After uttering those words, Raphlet finally felt a sense of fullness.

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