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Yuuki didnt immediately join the battle but opened the reward of his quest first . He could see how powerful it was, especially when he saw its regeneration power that was able to regenerate its body quickly after being bombarded by a lot of powerful magic .
Even Sirzech, Serafall, Cao Cao . . . .
Yuuki twitched his lips looking at 666 . He knew that he needed a decisive attack and could end 666 in one swift .
666! Rosswesse was shocked when she saw this monster .
Rossweisse, can you seal it, nyaa? Kuroka asked .
I - Im not sure . . . . It was her first time seeing 666, but she didnt expect that it would be this huge and powerful .
Yuuki .
Akeno looked at Yuuki and wondered whether he had some idea at how to either defeat or seal it .
Yuuki was calm and said, Wait a moment, I need to prepare something .
They were surprised, but they were calmer after they heard it . They could only believe in Yuuki at this moment .
Yuuki didnt hesitate and opened his reward from his quest earlier . He opened the lottery and got three abilities from it .
[Reward: Robust Health (Rank Ex), Beast-Slayer (Rank B++), and Kiss Demon (Rank B++)]
Yuuki raised his eyebrow looking at his three rewards .
Robust Health is a Skill that is made up of anecdotes of not receiving a wound on the battlefield and never becoming sick even once since birth . It is also a composite Skill and includes Poison Resistance .
Yuuki felt that his body was slightly stronger and his endurance and stamina also increased after received this skill .
Beast-Slayer . . . .
Beast-Slayer is the ability to unleash a special attack towards magic beasts and wild animals .
Yuuki looked at 666 and felt that it was very suitable Skill at this moment, along with the Skill that he had received in his previous quest, he could feel that his attack would cause a lot of damage to this beast .
Lastly . . .
Yuuki didnt know what to say after he received his last reward .
Kiss Demon is a skill that is able to resupply energy via mucous membrane contact as a quick and easy method that requires no contract .
Yuuki twitched his lips, but he thought that this skill was also quite useful . He had prepared and would go, but then he received another quest .
[Main Quest: Stop 666 from rampaging in this world]
[Quest Goal: Defeat, destroy, or seal 666]
[Reward: System lottery 3x]
[System tips - 666 which known as a Beast Apocalypse can destroy the whole world and also cause a lot of chaos . If it is left behind then the world will be destroyed, and you must stop it no matter what . Please be careful . ]
. . . .
Yuuki took a deep breath and said, Lets go .
The three of them nodded and joined the battle .
666 regenerated its body quickly and before long it had returned back to normal .
Everyone was in shock when they saw that 666 could regenerate very quickly .
In the eyes of the powerhouse here, even though 666 could regenerate quickly, there must be a limit .
But then again, they knew that this beast was very strong and if possible they wanted more people to fight this beast .
They didnt know whether their energy would be emptied first or 666 would be defeated first .
Once again it had turned into a battle of attrition .
Azazel was thinking about how to defeat it, then he saw him come . Yuuki . He didnt know why, but he felt relief when he saw him .
Tell the soldiers to get away, Ill use my use of my ultimate magic here, Yuuki said .
Then Azazel noticed someone on Yuukis shoulder . Is that?
Champion, Yuuki said and placed Diehauser on the ground . He looked at the 666 and grinned thinking about what he would do with this beast . Issei, Ophis, I need your help .
Issei and Ophis looked at Yuuki curiously .
Azazels order was very quick and he ordered everyone besides the powerhouse in this place to get off the battlefield .
Sirzech, Serafall, along with several leaders from various factions, were still attacking the 666 stoppings it from running away .
They also heard that Yuuki would do something about this beast, even though they didnt fully believe, but they really wanted to believe that he really had a way to stop this beast .
Yuuki and Ophis stood up together facing this beast .
Issei raised his Boosted Gear and gave him support .
[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! . . . . ]
Yuuki felt that his strength become stronger and stronger feeling a bit envious of Boosted Gear, but then again even though he could create it, he didnt want to waste his magic power to create Boosted Gear . He wanted to fully focus on using all of his magic power to defeat this 666 .
Demon King of the Sixth Heaven!
Then the world suddenly wrapped, turning into a hell-like scene .
Everyone in the surrounding area caught fire and everyone was surprised by this scene . They could feel the heat in this place, but it didnt damage them .
However, it was different for 666 .
Yuuki had decided to use this Skill since it was an absolute Skill to be used to attack a Divinity and Mystery beings . He used this skill to the fullest difference when he fought Azi Dahaka in the past .
The burning temperature was higher and it was several times stronger .
Being burned by this fire, 666 regenerated its body as soon as possible, but the speed of its regeneration and burnt matched to each other .
666 looked at Yuuki angrily and felt a dangerous feeling from this human .
The powerhouse of each faction who saw this scene turned their expression into serious .
Go and attack it!
Yuuki needed time to prepare something .
They nodded and shot out their magic from the long-range .
The ability of regeneration from 666 was being tested but in front of magic bombardment from various powerhouses from a lot of factions, its body kept regenerated . It looked at Yuuki and knew that it needed to defeat this human to escape from this place since it felt that his energy was being drained .
Ryuujin Jakka!
Then a katana appeared in his hand .
Flames of Hell!
Yuuki stabbed the blade of the katana into the ground then, a spark of liquid fire branched off in intricate circle pattern formations and created several immense pillars of flame, which surrounded the area .
666 which was charging toward Yuuki was burnt once again, but this time its heat was higher than before .
If Demon King of the Sixth Heaven was a fire with magic properties that were able to seal off the power of creatures that had either Divinity or Mystery such as 666 in front of them . Then Ryuujin Jakas fire was very hot .
The powerhouse of various clans was moving away from these pillars of flames along with creating a barrier since they knew it would be dangerous to stay in this place .
Ddraig who saw this scene felt moved since it remembered the day when it was still alive . Besides its strength, it was also known for its hot fire that was able to incarnate everything .
The scene in front of it reminded it of its past .
Yuuki felt a bit drained using all of that attack, but he could see that this 666 wouldnt lose that easily .
Then suddenly Ophis was standing beside him and turned into an a . d . u . l . t before she kissed him on the lips .
Everyone was startled when they saw Ophis suddenly kiss Yuuki in her a . d . u . l . t form .
Yuuki then received more and more energy into his body then used all of that energy to produce more weapons to attack 666 .
EA, Excalibur, Balmung, Stella, Mjolnir, Rhongomyniad, Vasavi Shakti, Enuma Elish, and many more attacking 666 non-stop .
. . . . .
Everyone was already shocked when they saw Yuuki summon a lot of powerful weapons that are able to destroy the world easily .
Bankai .
The flames around the surrounding area were absorbed into the katana, but the various weapons hadnt stopped its attack against 666 .
They didnt know what Yuuki was planning and only saw the fire around the surrounding was absorbed into the katana .
But some people noticed it .
The temperature in the surrounding area had increased, they started to sweat, their throat was dry, their lips chipped, and then they searched for the source of this heat only to know that it was coming from that katana .
Yuuki kept kissing Ophis absorbing the energy inside her since his energy usage was too big, without support from Ophis then he might drop on the ground right now feeling too tired .
The Robus Health that he had received earlier also had become a big help since his endurance had become stronger . He also used Avalon to the limit to recover from the break down in his body . He was really glad that his body was powerful or else he might be destroyed creating a lot of weapons .
Yuuki stopped kissing Ophis and said, Thank you .
Is it done? Ophis asked and touched her lips since it felt very nice for some reason .
Well, Ill end it soon .
Yuuki charged and appeared right in front of 666 right away .
666 which was being suppressed by a fire earlier was very angry, but then when the fire disappeared, it couldnt stop the bombardment of various weapons . It couldnt contain the anger on its heart, but then it saw him appear right in front of it .
Its body was almost destroyed, but it wouldnt give up until the last moment .
Yuuki who had appeared in front of 666 slashed his katana .
Blade of Ember, North: The World Reduced To Ashes!
A slash from his sword, which incarnated the entire body of 666 turned it into ashes in an instant .
. . .
Everyone was shocked when they saw the thing that happened in front of them . They didnt see anything, only a single young man with a katana that was surrounded by fire .
The moment 666 disappeared, all of the weapons and techniques used by Yuuki disappeared .
Yuuki was half-n . a . k . e . d showing his chest and took a deep breath .
Everyone could see a large tiger tattoo on his back and thought that they would remember it for their lifetime .
Kuroka, Akeno, Rossweisse, Serafall, Sona, Griselda, Xenovia, Rias, and a lot more ran toward him and jumped hugging him tightly .
Yuuki was startled and almost fell down since he was very tired .
[Congratulations to complete the quest! You have received a 3x System Lottery!]
Yuuki ignored this notice and could see that some of them were crying .
W - We have won!!!!
We have won!!!!
Everyone was screaming in happiness when 666 had been defeated . Everyone was very happy then they wanted to go to the hero who had saved all of them .
They thought to create a party for him, but then they noticed that he had disappeared along with his girlfriends .
Where is he? Michael asked .
Azazel only laughed and said, Having his private party .
Yuuki didnt teleport directly inside his house but walked slowly along with the girls that he had brought back remembering the thing that had happened after he had been reincarnated .
Whats wrong? Is your body alright? Rias asked .
Its alright, I might need to rest for a while later, Yuuki said .
They nodded in response then walked toward his house .
Knock! Knock!
Knocking on the door, Yuuki had come back quite late since the fight was longer than he had thought before . He had planned to go back before dinner, but he had just come back at midnight .
But he could see that the light on his house was turned on and it was quite bright .
Step! Step! Step!
The door was suddenly opened and showed various expressions of girls and women, but then turned into happiness .
Yuuki smiled and said, Im back .
They jumped into him and made him almost stagger before they cried loudly telling him a bastard to leave them behind so suddenly .
Yuuki felt glad that he could come back and was really glad for him to be able to meet all of them here . He thought about entering the house, having dinner, and sleeping, but then he received another quest .
[Main Quest: Create a happy family]
[Quest Goal: Make your girls happy]
[Reward: System lottery 3x]
[System tips - You have a lot of girls and you have a lot of responsibility to take care of them . ]
Next quest, huh?
Yuuki smiled then closed the door of his house and decided to make his descendant .
Thank you for reading my story for the past few years .
For now, it is the end of the story, but well, if Im not lazy then I might write extra chapters about what has happened to everyone in the story .
How to say, I feel that there are a lot of things that have happened and I feel quite emotional about this story since it is the first novel that I have written until the end .
1200++ chapters and more, I cant believe that I have written more than one million words making it quite hard to believe . . .
Anyway, thank you once again for reading this story and supporting me until now .
From your lovely author, Akikan 40 .
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