Star Odyssey - Chapter 92

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Peach generously waved her hands, No need to be formal. Remember that Ive only taught you how to use the Flash. The degree to which you master it depends on your understanding of it, just like any other battle technique.
Lu Yin nodded in understanding.
Peach licked her lips, Then Im going to enjoy the ice lobster, see you later!”
Lu Yin didn’t even notice how she disappeared, left wondering where she ranked amongst the Thirteen Squadrons. Practicing the technique himself a couple times, he looked at Bai Xue, “How’s life in the Sixth?”
“Not bad, the Captain is nice to me.”
“How about the rest?”
Bai Xue thought about it, “Zhang Dingtian is having a tough time in the fifth and climbing up from the bottom. Seruzen and the Eleventh Captain are still just looking at each other motionlessly. I don’t know about Xu San.”
He noticed that she looked a little haggard, “Your innate gift is very good, so try to pick a battle technique suitable to you.”
Bai Xue simply nodded without saying anything.
Whenever someone entered a new environment, they would need to adapt. Lu Yin viewed Bai Xue and the rest like buried gold; they would shine in the light one day. How brightly they shone depended on how much they could polish themselves.
Not long after, Peach left with Bai Xue in tow. Her face was one of pure pleasure, and she looked expectantly at Lu Yin before she left; her desires were evident in her gaze.
Lu Yin pursed his lips, there was only a one in six chance of rolling Pilfer on the die, and there was an infinitely minuscule chance for Pilfer to steal some snacks. He did not dare promise her anything.
However, it did remind him that it was time to roll again, and he opened his palm and crushed a star crystal. The die regained its hazy starlight and he breathed in deeply; every roll left him nervous. He still didn’t know anything about what three was, and six consumed a terrifying amount of star energy. He was now afraid of even rolling the latter, but at the same time, held massive expectations for what it would do. Dozens of cubes of star crystals had barely opened a small gap, but today, he carried around 200. That had to be enough!
Still in thought, he flicked the die with a finger and it started spinning quickly, stopping on Pilfer. A soft thump rang out as a black crystal card landed from the vortex. Lu Yin was delighted and picked it up thinking it was a battle technique, but disappointingly enough, it was a Mavis Bank card instead. These sorts of things were normally authenticated genetically, and the words Yao Gu were written into this one’s top right corner. Yao Gu… Was that a name? He was puzzled but didn’t bother. The card certainly wasn’t simple, and he’d never heard of black Mavis cards, but the highest rank ought to be golden. Real or fake, this card was pretty much useless to him.
Putting the card away, Lu Yin crushed another cube of star crystals and tapped on the die. He watched it spin and slowly come to a stop at four: Timestop. The next moment, he entered the ashen Timestop domain.

“Not bad, I can practice,” he muttered to himself, crouching down and gathering star energy in his calves. His body zoomed forth in the next moment; the Flash would make up for his one weakness in speed.
Two days later, he was panting heavily and massaging his legs. His current speed far surpassed the Roving Step, but there was still a rather large gap between himself and Lulu. Training in this place wasn’t that great; he needed a gravity room. Thinking of that, he pondered over the Timestop domain for a moment. If this place could stop time, could it also alter gravity? He retrieved a cube of star crystals and crushed it, focusing on the gravity. The next moment, the energy vanished and his body felt slightly heavier. Gravity had doubled.
Lu Yin grew excited. Of course it was possible, this room was imagined after all. He could create anything he wanted, but he needed to pay with star energy. This seemed great at first, but one cube of star crystals only increased the gravity 1x. Getting to 40x would need as many star crystals; if not for the bribes, he had no idea when he would be able to collect it all. Gritting his teeth, he crushed forty star crystals and an immense pressure descended upon the area. This was the familiar feeling of forty times gravity.
But now that he’d used forty cubes of star crystals to create this place, he couldn’t just leave it in a day. He steeled his heart and crushed another ninety cubes, increasing the time by five days to a total of six. This was enough time to practice the Flash to some degree.
Who could be as extravagant as him, spending over a hundred cubes of star crystals to develop a battle technique? Lu Yin was secretly distressed, but his actions were not slow as he began to dash about in the room under forty times gravity, recalling the speed Lulu had displayed and trying to integrate that as well. However, he immediately crashed into the ground with swollen calves; he had been too impatient, trying to integrate other techniques before he even understood the one he was trying to learn properly. Fortunately, the injury wasn’t too serious, and after applying some ointment, he got back up in no time.
A mere second had passed for others, but Lu Yin had been training endlessly for eight days, most of that time under 40x gravity. He fell asleep almost immediately when he exited the Timestop domain.
It was two days later that the representatives from the Outerverse Youth Council arrived, many courtiers of the Great Yu Empire awestruck at their silver spacecraft that was descending from the distance. The Outerverse Youth Council was a subsidiary of the Ten Arbiters’ Council; if the Ten Arbiters’ Council gathered the strongest young geniuses across the universe, the Outerverse did so for the Outerverse alone. Only geniuses with innate gifts or some of the absolute strongest could join, and even the strongest youth in the Great Yu Empire, Schutz, didn’t qualify to even maintain contact with them. That showed the terror of the beasts that this organization gathered; only a famous powerhouse like Wendy could join them.
Many from the Empire were curious as to who would be representing the Outerverse Youth Council. Crown Prince Dorren Yushan had even been waiting outside the space station for a long time, showing just how much respect the Great Yu Empire had for the Outerverse Youth Council.
A dozen people walked out of the spacecraft, led by a three-meter-tall, hulking man with a rather mature exterior; this was Bazeer. Beside Bazeer was the pale-looking Ghostfire, and on the other side were several Limiteers who were all quite young. Dorren’s expression grew heavier as the man approached; anyone who could join a Youth Council was generally under 40 years of age across most races, but this man looked to have Explorer-level strength. This was the grandeur of the Outerverse Youth Council, the level of a genius. He himself had been well over 40 when he became an Explorer.
“I am Representative Bazeer of the Outerverse Youth Council,” the large man announced as he walked over to Dorren.
The Crown Prince smiled, “Welcome to the Great Yu Empire, Representative Bazeer. His Imperial Majesty is awaiting you in the royal court.”
Bazeer nodded, “Please.”
Dorren Yushan gestured, “Please.”
Not long after, Bazeer and the rest arrived at the royal court. This was a special day, as all the courtiers were present, and even Lu Yin was summoned alongside some other idle members of the royal family. The only ones not present were the Thirteen Captains, showing how much The Undying Yushan valued the Outerverse Youth Council.
Bazeer brought Ghostfire and two Limiteers into the royal court, politely paying his respects to the Emperor instead of saluting. And yet, no one minded; the other side wasn’t a citizen of the Great Yu Empire or even the Frostwave Weave, and also had extremely high status. The formalities were only out of respect for Wendy.
Bazeer had received orders to replace Wendy Yushan to supervise the Great Yu Empire’s training and education of the younger generation, and naturally wanted to meet the empire’s most famous elites from Yu Academy. Not long after, everyone moved to the school grounds, where hundreds of Yu Academy students had already been waiting for a long time. Only the five Hall Masters were not present. The Undying Yushan appeared quite tired, and had Dorren entertain the Explorer youth while he left for rest. Without the Emperor keeping watch, many people relaxed.

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