Star Odyssey - Chapter 91

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Bazeer glanced at the person, “You’re right, so what should we do?”
The subordinate suggested, “Stop the news from spreading, and find a way to remove that native.”
“Good idea, anything else?” he threw his towel away and approached.
“Councillor Wendy wouldn’t care about that native, so instead of just killing him, we have to make it look like an accident, too. It should tarnish his reputation and make her feel disgusted by her home.”
Bazeer walked over to the person and placed a hand on his shoulder, “You’re not wrong, but do you realize that nothing can escape Councillor Wendy’s eyes? If she thinks Councillor Puyu asked us to do this, wouldn’t it embarrass him?”
The youth turned pale and scrambled to explain himself, but it was too late. Bazeer pressed down with his palm, and a loud explosion turned him into a pile of flesh and blood that stained the ground. The stench of iron filled up the training room, terrifying everyone into silently staring at the ground.
Another pale and skinny youth walked over, “Don’t be angry, Representative. That native is a Sentinel like me, let me help you with this problem. It’s common for battles to end in death, I believe no one would blame me.”
Bazeer wiped his hands, “I’ll leave it to you, Ghostfire.”
A few days later, Lu Yin was observing star charts in the Zishan Residence when Bronsen contacted him, “Your Majesty, Captain Peach of the Sixth Squadron is here.”
Peach? Lu Yin lifted his head in shock, why was she here? He hadn’t interacted with the girl much, and she’d actually glared at him when he first entered the royal palace. Was she here to do something?
When he reached the living room, he saw a young girl walking around with a gorgeous lady, one that he recognized: Bai Xue.
“Lu Yin!” Peach said excitedly, flashing over to him in an instant and looking at him with her huge eyes.
Lu Yin stepped forward, “Hello, Captain Peach.”
Peach took a few steps backwards, “Don’t come near me.”
Lu Yin looked at himself, “What’s wrong?”
Bai Xue explained, “Captain doesn’t like to be near people taller than her.”
Lu Yin paused and looked at Peach, she was only 1.2 metres tall and it would be quite difficult to find someone shorter than her. No wonder Bai Xue stood a few metres away.
“The Zishan Residence is really high and spacious, I like it!” Peach said as she looked around.
Lu Yin smiled, “You can stay here if you like.”
“Really?” Peach was surprised. She liked looking down from high places.
Lu Yin nodded, “Yes. By the way, is there anything I could do for you?”
Peach finally turned to face him solemnly, “I wanted to apologize.”
“Apologize? Why?”
Peach touched her hair and bowed sincerely, “I shouldn’t have scared you in the palace, I’m sorry.”
Lu Yin was shocked and tried to move away. This was the captain of the sixth squadron, a Cruiser powerhouse who was in the top 20 of The Great Yu Empire. She didn’t even have to bow when she met The Undying Yushan, but she was bowing to him now. However, he couldn’t seem to dodge at all as he was soon surrounded by multiple bowing Peaches. His gaze narrowed; were they doppelgangers? No, this was speed; extreme speed.

After apologizing, Peach grinned and was about to leave. Bronsen’s initial introduction of her had mentioned that she was quite innocent and earnest, but Lu Yin hadn’t believed him at the time. Now, it turned out to be true; there seemed to be no arrogance at all that arose from her status. Seeing her turn away, he said anxiously, “Captain Peach, why don’t you have some tea before you leave?”
Peach shook her head, “No thanks, I have something to do.”
Bai Xue nodded at Lu Yin and followed Peach out. However, he took out a packet of snacks from his cosmic ring and shook it, producing a crackling sound that stopped the short captain in her tracks. She turned around to look at what he was holding, and her gaze suddenly burnt, “The Gen 3 Fatty Snacks ice lobster chips! Only 50,000 packets were ever made, how did you get one from the Kaka Weave?”
Lu Yin was surprised at the rarity of this snack; it was the packet he’d gotten by using Pilfer. He’d just wanted to try and entice Peach to stay using it, but its effect was far greater than expected. He smiled and passed it on, “Take it if you like.”
Peach instantly blinked right in front of him, “You… You’re such a nice person. Are you really okay with giving it to me? This stuff is delicious!”
“Of course, but I only have one packet. That’s not really enough.”
“It’s enough, it’s enough, it’s more than enough! I couldn’t even get one packet when it went on sale! Thank you, Lu Yin, you’re really a nice person!” Peach seemed just as excited as if she’d learnt some amazing battle technique, leaving Lu Yin speechless. How did someone like this become a captain? She should still be quite young.
Standing nearby, Bai Xue looked at Lu Yin in surprise. Although Peach was innocent, not everyone could make friends with her. That innocence meant her principles were stronger as well, and it allowed her to be a better judge of character. She hadn’t seen Peach being so warm to someone ever since she’d started following her.
“We’re friends now, Lu Yin,” Peach looked at Lu Yin and blinked her large eyes at him, standing quite close as well.
Lu Yin didn’t know how to answer and just said, “I’ll give you any snacks that I find next time.”
Peach’s eyes gleamed, “Thank you, but I can’t just take this from you, do you have anything that you need help with? Let me tell you, I can’t beat, Wendy and I won’t kidnap people for you.”
She knew quite a bit, even the kidnapping of the students on Earth. Lu Yin raised an eyebrow. This young girl had clearly looked into him, which was obvious; anyone capable of becoming a captain wouldn’t be easy to fool, and he couldn’t just treat her as a little girl. He smiled, “Don’t worry about it. You’re my guest, of course I should treat you well. Besides, didn’t you say we’re friends now? Friends don’t always have to give something in return.”
“That won’t do, I don’t like owing people…” Peach helf the snack tightly and thought about it while biting her finger, eyes suddenly lighting up, “Oh right, do you have any battle techniques you want to learn? I can teach you.”
Lu Yin was about to reject her offer but suddenly thought of something, “Was that a movement technique that you used just now? It was really fast.”
Peach said proudly, “Of course, it’s the movement technique of the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons: Flash.”
“Of the Thirteen Squadrons?”
“Mm. The Thirteen Squadrons, Yu Academy, and the royal family all have their own battle techniques that His Imperial Majesty brought back from the Innerverse. Flash is a movement technique unique to us, and it can unleash such great speed that it constricts space itself. Do you want to learn it?”
“Huh? If it’s restricted to the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons, am I even allowed to learn it?” Lu Yin was astonished.
Peach nodded, “You can, you’re one of us as well.”
“Me?” Lu Yin pointed at himself. Since when did he join the Thirteen Squadrons? Wasn’t he part of Yu Academy?
She laughed, “The Yushan and Zishan Families are both parts of the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons by right. You should be a part of the First Squadron, but I’m unsure of the details. Regardless, you’re definitely qualified to learn Flash; do you want to?”
“If it won’t put you in a rough spot, of course.”
“It won’t. Come, I’ll teach you,” she grinned and grabbed his arm, the two blinking a few meters away in an instant, “Pay attention to the complex workings.”
Bronsen left the room once Lu Yin started learning the Flash. He already knew the technique, but everyone had a different understanding of it and he wouldn’t watch Lu Yin learn. Bai Xue looked at Lu Yin enviously, she still hadn’t managed to learn this herself yet.
Peach was very fast, and the Flash required a large amount of strength in the legs just like the Roving Step. Fortunately, Lu Yin already knew the Roving Step and could use that as a foundation; coupled with his experience of the movement technique of the Daynight Clan, it wasn’t too difficult for him to learn the Flash. Despite that, he still took almost two hours to barely use the skill.
“You really are a genius, most people need at least two months to learn the technique, and that’s considering that it’s for the elites of the Thirteen Squadrons, of the entire Great Yu Empire. You’re so much better.”
“Thank you, Peach.” Lu Yin exhaled and grinned excitedly. He had Cosmic Palm, Daynight Punch and Skybeast Claw as attack skills, the Cosmic Art for defense, and only lacked extreme speed so far. Flash would make up for this gap.

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