Star Odyssey - Chapter 68

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Silver’s lips curved up as he watched Lu Yin with envy, “You’re so lucky, kid. You get the fruits of your ancestor’s labors, haha.”
Lu Yin stared at the man, who simply continued laughing for a while before saying, “The Zishan Family had two marriages arranged in the past; one was with the Aunas, decided upon by the last head of that family. The other was with the Yushans, a promise between the two Undyings that’s dragged on to this day. While the Zishan Family was extinguished all this while, you’re here now. That means those two marriages are yours too; I’m so jealous!”
Lu Yin frowned, “Marriage arrangements from centuries ago don’t count for much in the present day.”
Silver scoffed, “Oh? You think that’s very long, now? Explorers typically live for centuries, The Undying Yushan has been in power for eight. Those promises from a few centuries ago aren’t even half of one man’s life; outside of The Undying Zishan, those that made these promises are still alive and well.”
Lu Yin felt his heart drop at this revelation, feeling the incoming headache already. He’d thought he was a free soul, but now there were so many issues including an arranged marriage with the imperial family. If there was one thing he’d learnt about The Undying Yushan, it was that the Emperor took promises very seriously. There was a chance— no, it was almost certain that this marriage wouldn’t be cancelled!
“That’s not all you have to consider. The Zishan Family once controlled nearly half the Great Yu Empire’s troops. While the Zishan Family vanished, quite a few of their former subordinates are still alive. Take Sigmund Mathers, for example; his family was once subordinate to yours as well.”
“What else?” Lu Yin asked.
“A lot, but why would I tell you?”
“You’ve said so much already, what do you want? Just tell me.”
Silver smirked, “Did you find something somewhere?”
“Nope!” Lu Yin’s eyes flashed.
“You don’t need to deny it, I can sense it in your cosmic ring.”
“Oh? What can you sense?”
Silver laughed eerily and shook his head, pointing at his eyes, “Red.”
Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “That belongs to you?”
“Our first meeting was no coincidence. The things we were looking for weren’t the same, but they were located at the same place.”
“I can give it back.”
Silver turned and looked into the distance, “It’s fine, you can keep it. It might be useful in the future.”
“That thing is useless to me.”
“Only because you don’t know what it represents.”
“Does your assassination attempt on Zhang Dingtian have anything to do with it?”
“You really want to know?” Silver grinned like a fox.
“Two of the three times I saw you, there were zombie kings involved. You destroyed the ballistics and wanted to kill Zhang Dingtian because he ordered the extermination of the zombie horde. Are you connected to those things?”

Silver made a shushing gesture, “Don’t say that; how could I be connected to any zombies? They’re only a failed product of evolution, they have nothing to do with me. I just help move things around.”
Lu Yin didn’t understand; there were still far too many things in the universe that he didn’t know.
“We’re actually the same kind of person, my friend. I can sense it, which is why I came to look for you. Don’t worry, I’ll help you,” Silver smiled.
“And when I reach a certain status, you’ll make me help you?” Lu Yin asked.
Silver beamed, “I knew you were smart. We’ll help each other out, it’s a win-win situation.”
“Heh, why would I work with someone I don’t even know?”
“Eh, you can reject me, but I’m certain we’ll be best friends in the future.” The youth turned around and left, but not before tossing a piece of paper into Lu Yin’s hands. It had some numbers, and the names of people in the Great Yu Empire and information about their duties. His voice trailed off into the distance, “The universe is brutal. If it weren’t for you, Earth would have a dismal future. Just think about Qingyu, you couldn’t even kill him in the end. And why? Because the world only considers itself first,”
Lu Yin sighed, took a look at the piece of paper, and stowed it away. He knew that one never had the advantage in a deal with the devil, but who was the devil here? Was it Silver, or was it himself? Only time would tell.
What Lu Yin wanted to do now was cause a commotion, the bigger the better. He wanted to know how much he could do as King Zishan in the Great Yu Empire before they reached the Capital Star, or it would be difficult to do anything once on it. If some people weren’t afraid to make their moves, they had to be prepared for the repercussions.
Crash! The entrance to Perseverance’s bar was smashed once more, which attracted everyone’s attention. Ever since the students had returned from their trials, the door had not been able to stay undamaged. Lu Yin ambled into the bar and looked towards Veron in the corner, who paled and got up to flee at the mere sight. Star energy pushed all nearby students away, turning the chairs and tables to dust as a Spacerender Palm shot towards the escaping youth. A surprised Veron tried to block it with an arm, but was flung into the wall and started coughing up blood while glaring at Lu Yin with gritted teeth.
Everyone in the bar immediately left. Nobody had the courage to do anything about this, including the soldiers who had coincidentally been patrolling the area. In the meanwhile, the doors to the private rooms on the second floor opened and Huo Xiaoling and Yan Gang walked out, looking down in confusion. What was this guy up to now?
Lu Yin meandered over to Veron, looking annoyed. A look of horror filled Veron’s face as he drew closer, and the student shouted, “What do you want?! This is a spaceship, not the trial. You can’t attack me!”
However, Lu Yin simply grabbed the man by the throat and lifted him over his head, asking icily, “Who ordered you to bother me? Speak!”
Veron went red. He was the strongest in his academy, but could not fight back at all. It wasn’t like he wanted to do that either, “I... don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Lu Yin snorted, “I know you’ve got someone backing you. You must think I won’t have the nerve to kill you, but the truth is your backer hopes I do just that. You’d better think this through.”
Veron’s expression changed. He had been ordered to challenge and provoke Lu Yin so that everyone on the Capital Star could see what kind of person the so-called Zishan King was like. If Lu Yin killed him now, the effects would be much better than not killing him. This would make it a fact that the Zishan King was stupid and cruel, making other families look down him. This was perfect for many people, and the person who’d made him do this definitely wouldn’t save him. Considering all this, he replied immediately, “I’ll tell you, it’s Raas! Raas made me provoke you!”
Lu Yin flung Veron aside and left the bar.
As he watched Lu Yin’s disappearing figure, Yan Gang snickered, “What a fool. There’s obviously someone targeting him and he’s still causing a commotion? He thinks way too highly of himself.”
Huo Xiaoling’s eyes twinkled and she switched her gadget on to contact someone.
Meanwhile, Sigmund, Torry, and Shalosh got the news as well.
“What? He’s gone looking for Raas? Quick, stop him!” Sigmund yelled, feeling vexed, “He’s so, so stupid! How can he do this now?”
Shalosh sneered, “He’s worse than I thought. Did being bestowed the title of King boost his ego? What a pitiful bumpkin.”
Torry shook his head in disappointment, “Sis definitely can’t get married to this kind of person.”
Regardless of what these people were thinking, Lu Yin had already arrived outside Raas’s room. He shattered the surveillance camera in the corner with a light tap and kicked the door in. Raas seemed to be waiting for him, and smiled disdainfully while saying politely, “Would you need anything from me, Your Majesty?”
Lu Yin simply kicked him without speaking a word. Not having expected the crazed violence, Raas subconsciously dodged only to be met with the Skybeast Claw. This was the seventh form of the attack, far more powerful than his own fifth form. Unable to avoid it, his body was flung outside the room and smashed into the metal frame. He coughed out blood and yelled, “How dare you hurt me, you barbarian!”
When approached again, Raas shouted and retrieved an energy gun from his cosmic ring. Lu Yin dodged the bolt easily; while such things could hurt Sentinels, that didn’t apply to a realmbreaker like him who compared to Melders.
As he watched Lu Yin draw closer, Raas’ expression quickly changed, “Save me!” Munoor quickly appeared nowhere, a loud explosion resounding and sending out shockwaves that sent Lu Yin a dozen steps backwards. Munoor himself retreated quite a few steps, fixing his eyes on Lu Yin’s earnest gaze.

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