Star Odyssey - Chapter 44

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Not far away, a bloody-mouthed and bewildered Raas stood up with a lot of difficulty. Having taken the full impact of the Spacerender Palm at close range, he had suffered heavy injuries. However, the impact of those bodily wounds was nothing compared to the mental blow that Lu Yin had given him; how did this person know the Skybeast Claw?
“Who the hell are you?” Raas yelled.
“Your captor,” Lu Yin landed and took a step forward, grabbing Raas by his shoulders and crunching down hard with a palm. The man screamed in pain as his shoulders were crushed, but Lu Yin threw him towards the capital, “I’m sorry, that’s the only way to make you comply.”
“YOU’RE DEAD!” the other person yelled out, “That’s the honorable Raas, son of Lord Sicar! Lord Sicar won’t let you go, the Twelfth Imperial Squadron won’t let you go! You’ll become a target of the Great Yu Empire!”
“You’re too noisy!” Lu Yin said with a frown, breaking the other one’s shoulders as well before throwing him to the capital. He then turned to look at Xia Luo, who returned the gaze.
“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in your group.” Xia Luo smiled gently, looking peacefully at Lu Yin.
Lu Yin nodded, “Thanks.”
Xia Luo smiled faintly, “My name is Xia Luo, pleased to meet you.”
“Lu Yin.”
“Lu Yin? Lu?” Xia Luo asked, astonished, “That’s an uncommon last name.”
Lu Yin squinted in response; Xia Luo was right. Lu was a very common last name on Earth, but it represented a distinct group of people across the universe. It was known as an ancient lone surname, and would be investigated strictly anywhere else. One of the reasons Lu Yin had arrived on Earth was to legitimize his name and identity; the Great Yu Empire had monitored this planet for a long while and knew that these sorts of names were common here.
“Your last name is quite the same,” Lu Yin commented as he leapt up and flew back to the capital. The smile remained on Xia Luo’s face.
A huge spacecraft was floating in space not far from Earth, like a brightly lit beast watching over the planet. The people within had gotten riled up the minute Raas was captured, a dozen people gathered in the surveillance room where the screen was replaying the moment of defeat. Someone raged as Lu Yin broke the youth’s shoulders, “Far too brazen! He actually hurt Lord Raas, he deserves a death sentence! That is the only way!”
“That native is a dead man. He is the same one who killed Vesta three months ago, the first student death. He also looted many students, including Gerlaine, and then kidnapped more than twenty trainees. Now he dares to hurt Lord Raas? He must be put to death, that is the only way to appease Lord Sicar!”
“Damn it, what did he say? I couldn’t hear.” Many in the crowd were riled up.
Despite the commotion, there were also some present who approved of Lu Yin’s behavior. After all, trials were not intended solely to test the students, they were an opportunity for the natives as well. There were many elites in the Empire that had come from primal planets, and the trials were a way to discover these hidden gems. This man was definitely talented, but his actions against Raas would also draw Sicar’s ire. The Vice Treasurer wielded great power and influence in the Great Yu Empire, so this was a dead man regardless of talent.

Gentle footsteps rang through the surveillance room, echoing in the ears of those present and bringing it to silence. Everyone quickly made way for a trio of men that approached, led by a middle-aged man in armor with a stern face and piercing gaze. This was Generald Sigmund Mathers of the Great Yu Empire, the official in charge of Earth’s trial.
To Sigmund’s right was a pale young man whose footsteps rang hollow, his entire body emitting a chilly aura. Although he looked weak, he was the vice captain of the Ninth Imperial Squadron; his name was Torry Auna. To his left was a gloomy man with an ice-cold gaze, face marred with strange vein-like patterns. He stood at least two meters tall, and his arms were even longer than one would expect for someone of that size. This was Shalosh, vice captain of the Twelfth Imperial Squadron and Raas’s guardian at this trial. These three men were the officiators of the trial, all powerful Explorers who drew respect simply from their presence. No one marred their way to a screen that was showing a replay of recent events.
“Stop!” Sigmund suddenly growled, prompting someone to pause the video at the moment Lu Yin used the Skybeast Claw. The General stared at that image in shock, “He managed to use the Skybeast Claw without ever studying the wall that holds that skill. This isn’t even an imitation but a perfect reproduction of the technique. This kid has talent.”
“Continue the playback,” Shalosh’s eyes narrowed into a cold glare. The video resumed and quickly finished with the scene of Lu Yin shattering Raas’s shoulders, prompting a disturbing grin as the man licked his lips, “Vicious and brave.”
“Has anyone investigated this man’s background?” Sigmund asked.
A soldier stepped forward and saluted, “General, this person is not among the list of students attending the trial.”
“Of course he isn’t!” Sigmund grunted, “He killed Vesta far too easily. Look ten years into the past, see if anyone snuck onto Earth through our blockade.”
“We already checked, General; no one entered in the past thirty years.”
He frowned, “The monitoring station needs to be investigated. This man used both the Shockwave and Spacerender Palms, he’s clearly not a native. He doesn’t seem very old, but there still aren’t any results.”
Sigmund’s words brought about a nervous silence in the room; many of the people standing there were from the monitoring station.
“Make a record of everything about this person. We will arrest him once the trial is finished,” Shalosh suddenly said in an overcast tone.
Torry raised his brows from the other side, “Arrest him? For what?”
Shalosh looked at him coldly, “Entering a trial planet without permission. Isn’t that an arrestable offence?”
Torry sneered, “Even though Earth was being monitored by the Empire, it is still a free planet and anyone can enter as they please. Not discovering his existence is the fault of the monitoring station. Do you blame the floor if you slip and fall?”
Shalosh turned towards the man, “What do you mean by that? Are you trying to stop the Twelfth Squadron from discharging our duties?”
“I didn’t know that the Twelfth Squadron was allowed to interfere with the trial,” Torry said without a hint of respect. Everyone else nervously watched the exchange between the two vice captains, their status and power leaving the onlookers scared to even breathe aloud.
Sigmund waved his hand, “Alright, enough. Shalosh, I know you have your orders to protect Raas, but the only thing that matters in a trial is the result.”
“Fine, you’re the Chief Examiner and have the authority to decide. I can only report what happens to my captain,” Shalosh said with a sneer, freezing Sigmund’s gaze.
It was at this point that footsteps rang out once more; they were much more gentle, but they seemed deafening to everyone present as they all turned towards the female figure that had appeared at the entrance. The first thing one noticed about her was the white hair that flowed all the way to her ankles, complementing her snowy feet. This was a girl with an appearance of purity, but her eyes glowed a faint red. Her revealing summer clothes showed off her exquisite skin, and a small bit of hair was tied adorably over her forehead.
However, none of these things were the most noticeable thing about her. That glory was reserved for a ring on her finger, its white and silver head engraved with a pair of flying wings and a sword. Around that engraving was a black border surrounded by ten silhouettes; this ring was the symbol of the Universe Youth Council. This was Mira, a representative of the Universe Youth Council’s evolutionary trial division.
Mira’s arrival left Sigmund and the rest solemn, especially Shalosh who was the focus of her crimson gaze. The rising pressure almost sent him to his knees, but she suddenly turned to Sigmund and smiled, “I heard rumors that some people wanted to interfere with the trial. Is this true, General Sigmund?”
Shalosh felt a shiver travel down his spine and he dropped his head. He was a vice captain of the Great Yu Empire, a powerful Explorer, but couldn’t help but bow his head before this young girl. This showed Mira’s strength, and the power of the Universe Youth Council.
“Thank you for your constant attention, Lady Mira,” General Sigmund replied, “There is no such interference planned.”

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