Star Odyssey - Chapter 27

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Just who was this guy? Jeraldine stared hard at the silver-haired youth, but had no impression of him at all. That hair and the butterfly swords were identifying characteristics that she was sure she couldn’t have forgotten, but she simply didn’t know who he was. He couldn’t be a native, right?
“Sigh, my knife is dull and I had no time to sharpen it, I only managed to use half of my strength,” the youth commented with a tut, glancing at Lu Yin.
Lu Yin stared at his own palm, “Tch, my hands were dirty. I could only show 40% of my strength.”
How was that a valid reason? This response left the youth speechless, but he smiled like a fox, “This is our second meeting, let’s introduce ourselves. My name is Silver.”
Lu Yin flashed a faint smile, “I’m Yatar from the Pagoda Planet, my grandfather is the headmaster.”
“Wow, a headmaster? Two, no three generations of scholars. Congratulations!”
Lu Yin smiled, “Youre too kind, I like your silver hair too.”
“Hahahaha, I like it too. Right, I still have something to do, see you again, Yatar,” Silver said graciously.
Lu Yin smiled as the youth disappeared into the horizon, “See you again, Silver.”
It was only then that Jeraldine flew over and asked, “What school is he from?”
He shook his head, “I don’t know, let’s go.”
“Hang on, don’t you want the energy crystal?” Jeraldine stretched her hand out, showing a dazzling white crystal the size of her finger, “These things might not be useful for us directly, but we can use them as an energy source or just sell them for a good price.”
“Let’s go,” he said again as he grabbed it from her, taking off and heading north. The energy crystals of mutants were inferior and couldn’t even be used on most soldiers; they had too many impurities and would affect training speed. His own die was picky as well, and refused to absorb inferior energy crystals. For now, he could only gather these kinds of things and hoard them until he could exchange them for star crystals.
After flying east for a while, Silver finally stopped and looked back with confusion in his gaze, “What battle technique was that? For a Sentinel to block my attack… It’s a foreign technique, but it’s pretty strong. I’ll have to check it out when I go back.”
Once the Apocalypse struck, many people even within the capital had turned into zombies, while the leaders of the country had all died in that one explosion. The capital had descended into chaos at first, only brought under control by the Head of the Seven Sages— Zhang Dingtian. Despite that, the new capital only occupied a third of its original size, the outer districts completely filled with zombies. There had just been too many people living here, giving rise to millions of zombies that far exceeded the numbers near Nanjing. Even after half a year of constant battle, Zhang Dingtian and the thousands of cultivators under him simply couldn’t destroy them all. The city was like a beast surrounded by countless ants; while it could crush any ants in sight, the sheer mass left it unable to move.

The vicinity of the capital was reinforced by a steel platform that was ten meters high, cultivators all over watching over the zombies roaming in the distance. The gates were mostly shut, only opening from time to time as cultivators in armored vehicles headed out to forage for resources.
As one armored vehicle wheeled back into the city, a captain on the walls mused, “Didn’t that truck just leave?”
“Must have bumped into a beast and suffered casualties, happens all the time. They’re back for supplies and men,” the one next to him answered.
There were many survivors gathered near the steel walls, all dressed in rags and most starving. They quickly gathered around as they saw the vehicle driving in, but it didn’t stop at all as it almost drove over a few of them. Within the vehicle, Borise’s eyes gleamed, “I’ve only seen these kinds of things in books, I never thought I’d have the chance to drive one. Interesting…”
Veron laughed, “Bring one back if you like it.”
However, Parlie did not share the same levity. He was staring grimly into the city, worried about a chilling energy that he felt within. He hadn’t been worried at first, but now his mind was changed, “Veron, who’s the strongest person in the capital?”
“Someone called Zhang Dingtian, people call him the Frenzied Blade. He’s the Head of the Seven Sages.” Veron noticed Parlie’s gaze frosting over, “Don’t worry, even the Seven Sages are just Sentinels. They’re a little better than some elite students, but still far below our level.”
Parlie ignored Veron; he was the only one here who vaguely felt that chilling strength.
The armored vehicle ignored warnings from the soldiers as it headed towards the southern section of the city where the explosion had occurred. The region had been cordoned off long ago, but Borise simply tried to drive over the captain who tried to stop them.
“How dare you,” the man jumped up and attacked, but Veron glanced up and summoned a powerful gale with a snap of his fingers. The sharp wind pierced through the captain, dropping him to the ground and frightening the other soldiers in the area. The vehicle quickly came to a halt anyway, with Parlie and group walking out to examine the lava-filled pit in front of them. The air all around was distorted by the heat.
“This is the place. The planet’s evolution was kickstarted by an explosion here, but the corpse went missing as well,” Veron explained.
Parlie fell deep into thought. The lava had certainly eradicated any traces nearby, making it impossible to obtain any information here. “Well, it seems like we have to find the person in charge of the city, this Head of the Seven Sages.”
Veron smiled, “I’ll go and bring him over.”
Parlie was just about to speak when he froze and looked upwards, shrinking back with a grim expression on his face. Veron and Borise followed right after; a swordsman was standing silently in the air, glaring at the trio.
“When did he appear?” Borise was shocked.
“Bladesage!” the soldiers all around bowed as the swordsman drew his blade and descended, shocking Parlie and his followers. This was the Frenzied Blade!
“Retreat,” Zhang Dingtian commanded, and the soldiers all around withdrew in perfect order. Strangely, the man himself looked rather ordinary. There wasn’t much visible muscle, nor were there any overbearing scars, but he still had an overbearing aura that might have been because of the blade in his right hand.
“You come from the greater universe?” he asked them calmly.
Veron walked forward, “You’re right. We come from the heavens, and have some things to ask you.”
Zhang Dingtian glanced past him and looked at Parlie, “Leave the capital, you’re not welcome here.”
Parlie’s eyes narrowed, while Veron was outraged at being ignored, “I said I have some things to ask you, are you deaf?”
“Before you leave, the punishment for causing turmoil in the capital is one attack each.” Zhang Dingtian finally glanced at the youth, slashing out before the three could even answer.
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Borise’s watch suddenly started screaming, and her expression warped as she saw the scanner reading, “CAREFUL, HE’S A REALMBREAKER!”
However, it was too late. Veron was shocked as everything around him seemed to disappear in the face of an ordinary slash, the blade approaching him quickly. He growled as he activated the Spacerender Palm, forming an energy wave to deflect the attack. An explosion of pressure crushed the earth in the vicinity, forcing Borise a few steps back as the residual energy blew the clouds apart and shook even the lava in the pit below. The soldiers watching this sight gasped in awe; every battle that the Bladesage participated in was inspiring.
Veron gritted his teeth and stared at Zhang Dingtian in disbelief. How could there be a freakish realmbreaker among the natives?
Parlie was the only one who could react quickly, rushing behind Zhang Dingtian and throwing out a punch. However, the back of the Bladesage’s sword smashed into his attack, sending out an energy wave that destroyed a distant building and left a gash in the ground. Veron was pushed back and spat out a mouthful of blood, while Parlie retreated as well.
Still in his original spot, even in the same stance, Zhang Dingtian looked towards Borise.

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