Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: Facing the Problem

After the three-day exhibition, Zhuang Ji grew popular quickly. With a brand new look, it seemed to have appeared overnight.

Embroidery and Chinese clothing were originally very niche, but after the three-day exhibition, their popularity rose sharply.

In fact, there were many people to thank for Zhuang Ji’s meteoric rise.

First, there were the old madams who were Jiang Jin’s friends. They were all from prominent families. Although they were not fashion leaders, their words held weight. After returning from the exhibition, they had spoken about the embroidery and showed off the small gifts they received, attracting the attention of the younger generation and their peers.

Second, there were the famous figures from the fashion and entertainment circles whom Mu Chen and Cheng Che invited. Needless to say, these people were at the forefront of the fashion industry. They wielded great influence, especially over the younger generation.

With this, Zhuang Ji received orders after orders.

Song Ning, who was unaware of Zhuang Ji’s booming business, informed Mu Chen about her decision to meet Ning Zhe.

When Mu Chen learned about Song Ning’s decision, he decided to tell her about Ning Zhe’s visit to Zhuang Ji previously. This was because after he listened to Song Ning recounting the past, he had a feeling that Ning Zhe might have ulterior motives. Zhuang Ji was likely more than just a studio to the Ning family.

After listening to Mu Chen, Song Ning admitted that she did not know much about her parent’s business. Before their divorce, she was too young and too carefree to understand those things. After the divorce, in order not to upset her, her mother did not disclose those things to her. Regardless, she was determined to face this problem directly. It did not matter if she was going to get hurt again; she did not want to avoid her problem any longer. After all, she had a family now.

On the other hand, Jiang Jin strongly opposed Song Ning’s decision to meet Ning Zhe. After she heard about Song Ning’s past experience, her dislike of the Ning family grew even stronger. She did not want Song Ning to meet anyone from the Ning family if it was possible; she did not want Song Ning to get hurt again.

Song Ning was incredibly moved. Jiang Jin’s love and protection were more than what she had received from her blood relatives.

In the end, Mu Chen had to speak to Jiang Jin and persuade Jiang Jin to let Song Ning meet Ning Zhe. He promised that nothing would happen to Song Ning.

It was not that Jiang Jin did not understand how important it was for Song Ning to resolve this psychological problem. If it were Mu Chen, she would have pushed him out and forced him to face the problem directly. However, Song Ning was a girl, and her heart ached whenever she thought about Song Ning being hurt again.

When Mu Chen and Song Ning left the house, Jiang Jin sighed repeatedly. “Is the Ning family possessed? Why can’t they differentiate good from bad? Is Ning Zhe really blind?”

Yu opened her mouth, about to speak, before she swallowed the words at the tip of her tongue.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Jin said, annoyed, “If you have something to say, just say it. Why are you hesitating? Am I someone who doesn’t allow others to speak?”

Yu brought Jiang Jin a cup of tea before she said with a smile, “Let’s not bother with other people. We only need to care about Young Master and Young Madam.”

Although the expression on Jiang Jin’s face was still dark, her tone softened considerably when she spoke. “Sometimes, people are so obsessed that they become blind to things. Ning Zhe… Is he any different from Mu Qing?”

Yu felt slightly regretful. It seemed like her words had somehow touched Jiang Jin’s sore spot. However, she knew it was not good to avoid the topic as well. Sometimes, it was better to air things out so they would not fester. Therefore, she said, “I wonder how they’re doing. I don’t think they’ll come back for the Spring Festival…”

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Jiang Jin said, “Ah Jiang said that Mu Qing bought a farm in Australia last month. Apparently, that place will help with Liang Zhou’s lung disease. Let him do whatever he wants. If money can buy peace in the family, it’s worth it.”

Yu said in an attempt to comfort Jiang Jin, “Ever since Young Madam came along, Young Master has grown very calm. Now that so many years have passed, perhaps, things will get better in the future.”

Jiang Jin nodded. “I hope so. I don’t ask for them to have an affectionate father-and-son relationship; all I hope is for them to get along peacefully. This Spring Festival we’ll have Song Ning with us. So be it if Mu Qing doesn’t come back. It’ll still be lively…”

Upon hearing these words, Yu smiled and said, “That’s right! Young Madam has said that she’ll be able to take time off as well! I’m really looking forward to the Spring Festival now!”

Jiang Jin who was infected by Yu’s enthusiasm began to look forward to the Spring Festival as well. Soon after, they began to happily plan the activities for the Spring Festival.

At this moment, Mu Chen held Song Ning’s hand. He could feel her hand growing colder and sweatier. He tried to distract Song Ning and gently said, “Ningning, let’s visit your grandparent’s house when we have time, okay?

Song Ning was slightly confused by the sudden change of topic. “Hmm?”

Mu Chen smiled and said, “I really want to see Jiangnan. I want to experience life in a small village.”

Song Ning nodded and smiled. “Alright. We’ll take time off and visit after the Spring Festival. You’ll love it there.”

“Alright, it’s decided then.” Mu Chen smiled. It seemed like he had successfully dispelled Song Ning’s nervousness.

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