Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 727

Chapter 727: A Strong Cultivator Appeared!

Seeing the two of them react so quickly, the masked, black-robed man looked surprised. He hadn’t expected the both of them to realize the danger so quickly, but they had kept their guard up so they had noticed him the second he appeared.

The golden whip was longer than the Luo Chen Sword, but Ling Chuxi’s speed was faster than Lan Xinyu’s. The silver sword and the golden whip seemed to appear at the same time, launching a combined attack at the masked man.

The man flicked his wrist, and an ominous ray of qi erupted from the slender sword. A flood of immense strength surged towards them, actually managing to shake the Luo Chen Sword and bend the golden whip, redirecting their attacks.

Such exquisite sword play! Ling Chuxi and Lan Xinyu were both stunned, but recovered quickly and attacked once again.

The masked man suddenly twisted his body, passing through the two people’s weapons. His movements weren’t particularly elegant, but they were smooth and natural. There weren’t any unnecessary actions, and every part of his body moved precisely, like a machine.

“An assassin!” Ling Chuxi guessed the other party’s identity.

The masked man’s cultivation was weaker than Ye Qianhe’s, but every movement of his had the sole purpose of killing.

If it were a fair fight, this person would definitely not be Ye Qianhe’s match. However, if it was an assassination attempt in the dark, even 10 Ye Qianhe’s would not necessarily be able to escape his assassination.

“Be careful!” Ling Chuxi immediately shouted and quickly moved to Lan Xinyu’s side.

At that moment, the assassin’s figure twisted in a peculiar manner, and suddenly his sword was hurtling towards the little boy, his movements even fiercer than before. The boy was clearly his real target.

Ling Chuxi and Lan Xinyu were shocked, their faces pale.

From the moment they had noticed the oddity, the both of them instinctively thought that the assassin was aiming for Ling Chuxi. Who would have thought that his actual target was the little boy before them?

With his cultivation, why put in so much effort to kill a defenseless little boy?

Ling Chuxi and Lan Xinyu had no time to think and just quickly swung their weapons to stop the assassin. The assassin had moved too quickly though, and since nobody expected that the little boy was actually his target, even Ling Yichen and the others who were rushing over were also caught off guard.

Suddenly, the little boy’s eyes turned pitch black, like endless black holes. The black pendant on his chest emitted a water-like ripple, creating a vortex outside his body that spiraled continuously.

The assassin’s movements slowed down, as if he was being bound by invisible shackles, and his fierce sword stance also stagnated.

It was as if time and space had stopped, but it happened so quickly that it felt like a dream.

When Ling Chuxi recovered, the assassin’s sword had already been freed and was once again heading towards the little boy.

“Scoundrel!” There was an enraged roar, and a figure swiftly came over.

The person was still ten feet away, but when his voice sounded, there was already a fierce aura surging towards toward the assassin.

The strong aura was extremely suppressed and it enveloped the assassin like flowing water. Ling Chuxi and the rest could not feel the immense suppression of the True Qi emitted, but seeing the form it had taken, they could only imagine the mighty force of it.

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