Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 676

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Chapter 676: Perfect Scapegoat

Ye Tianxin’s words made Chunxue’s facial expression change. She never expected Ye Tianxin to be different from the other girls in the industry.

She spoke so bluntly and without the slightest superficial pretense.

In the industry, the celebrities who hated each other to death still had to pretend to be on good terms on the surface.

Why didn’t Ye Tianxin play by the rules?

“Ye Tianxin, if you are talking about the previous news on the internet, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that my agent would post such things so presumptuously. I was in Country M at the time.”

When Chunxue saw that she was about to be exposed, she quickly pushed the blame on her agent.

Ye Tianxin sneered.

Her agent did it?

Her agent was the perfect scapegoat.

“Then, please tell your agent not to rub off on me, thank you.”

When Chunxue saw Ye Tianxin’s indifferent, arrogant, and defiant attitude, she clenched her fists tightly with a fake smile on her face.

“Tianxin, if you want to be in the industry in the future, you should try acting a bit friendlier.”

Ye Tianxin stood up abruptly. Even when wearing 20 cm high-eye shoes, nobody looked nearly as imposing as someone tall and slender like Ye Tianxin.

“Chunxue, treat others how you want to be treated. If you want to be respected by others, you must first learn to respect others. Aren’t I right?”

Chunxue wanted to reach out to grab Ye Tianxin yet had to hold back the urge to slap her.

Ever since she became famous overnight, she was used to everyone spoiling and buttering her up.

After such a bizarre person like Ye Tianxin suddenly appeared, Chunxue felt that her authority had been challenged.

Where there are people, there is competition.

The entertainment industry is naturally full of competition; everyone wants to be at the top.

Chunxue was at the top. Naturally, she wasn’t willing to give that spot to someone else.

Yet, there were so many rising stars, so who cares about these?

Those young and beautiful little girls, whenever they get the chance, will find ways to get the catbird seat.

Chunxue also had to do whatever it took to keep others from taking her spot.

“Ye Tianxin, as someone who has been in the industry longer than you, I still advise you to be kind to others…”

“Then you might have never heard of the saying ‘all lay loads on a willing horse’.”

After Ye Tianxin finished speaking, she glanced at Yan Jun and Fu Yuzhu. The three of them left the dressing room together.

All the things in the dressing room were brought by Fu Yuzhu himself. Once he left Fu Yuzhu left, the dressing room was empty.

Even though she was in high heels, Chunxue’s whole body trembled in anger at Tianxin’s unreasonable and brazen attitude.

‘Ye Tianxin, you wait, I will watch everything crumble right in front of your eyes…’

With a horrendous facial expression, Chunxue clenched the dressing table with both hands, and it took a long time for her to calm down.

Deep down, however, she knew that she couldn’t do anything to Ye Tianxin even if they hated each other.

Tonight was the celebration banquet of “Red Cherry”, and it was also a festive day for her. The cast and crew of “Red Cherry”, as well as several people in the industry, attended the banquet.

When Ye Tianxin and Yan Jun appeared in the media interview area, the reporters’ cameras were focused on them.

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