Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 675

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Chapter 675: Step On Her To Get To The Top?

Still, what did it matter?

All that matters is looking good in the pictures.

When Chunxue appeared, the previously harmonious atmosphere in the dressing room instantly became tense.

Upon seeing this, Yan Jun greeted Chunxue, “I heard that Sister Chunxue was filming “Human Crisis” abroad. Did you finish filming so soon?”

Chunxue pursed the corners of her lips gracefully and said, “It’s not finished, but today is a celebration of “Red Cherry”. I also wanted to share some of the limelight, but I don’t know if Director Jin would mind.”

What utter nonsense.

Who wouldn’t mind?

She promised in advance that you will record the ending song at that time, but when the time to record arrived, she stood them up!

She didn’t even attend the premiere.

Now that “Red Cherry” exploded in popularity at the box office, she’s back again?

Her opportunism was too despicable.

“Well, you might have to ask Director Jin.”

Yan Jun wasn’t stupid. Why presumptuously say that Director Jin wouldn’t mind when he obviously would?!

Chunxue also knew that she was being a little abrupt by coming back, but she didn’t care about that much.

She was used to being an A-list celebrity in the empire, being treated like a star everywhere she went. Why would she want to go to Country M to play a small cameo role without many lines? How demeaning.

“Tianxin is dressed so beautifully today. You look like a floral fairy.”

Chunxue’s eyes sized up the fairy-like floral dress on Ye Tianxin’s body, but there was nothing besides jealousy within them.

She had watched the premiere of “Red Cherry” on the internet before, which was how she saw Ye Tianxin’s rainbow gown. When she was wearing that rainbow gown on stage, she seemed as if she was wearing a rainbow on her body. It was a very beautiful picture, and she couldn’t help being jealous.

At that time, she was thinking: if she hadn’t gone abroad, wouldn’t she have the limelight this time?

“Thank you.”

Ye Tianxin was very curt towards people like Chunxue.

Chunxu felt a little bit upset. She thought, ‘Tianxin only acted in one movie, but she was lucky that it was a box office hit. Did she sincerely regard herself as a celebrity?

“Tianxin, what are you planning to do next?”

Ye Tianxin turned around slowly and looked at Chunxue. She knew why Chunxue was openly and secretly trying to inquire about her.

The corners of her lips twitched slightly. Her eyes were full of bright mirth as she said, “If Sister Chunxue is worried that I will take your job after I become popular, that’s not necessary.”

Chunxue obviously didn’t expect Ye Tianxin to diss her like this. She was a senior in the industry, yet she doesn’t even show the slightest sense of respect to her?

Did being popular mean that she was allowed to be so domineering?

“Tianxin, you don’t seem to be that friendly to me. We were just chatting casually.”

Ye Tianxin snorted coldly and said, “Big celebrity Miss Chunxue, you and I aren’t familiar enough with each other to have such a deep conversation as if we’re best friends.”

Tianxin thought, ‘Does she not know who made those reports? Is she trying to step on her to get to the top again? How dare she! Just because she’s a celebrity, a senior, so she’s better than her?

“Tianxin, perhaps you have some sort of misunderstanding towards me.”

Ye Tianxin shook her head and bluntly said, “No, there’s no misunderstanding. I actually don’t like you, so please also ask your team not to associate me with you when doing promotions! Thank you for your cooperation.”

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