Reverend Insanity - Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Suspicion and probing

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On the stage, Fang Zheng fainted on the ground with no more movements from him.

Fang Yuan however, continued with his cold expression, standing in the middle of the stage.

After a momentary silence, the crowds erupted.

“How can this be?” Some people hugged their heads, revealing an expression of disbelief.

“Two punches breaking the Jade Skin Gu’s defense, this-this-this…” Some people were tongue-tied.

“Too savage, even the jade light got smashed by him, does he not feel pain?” Some female Gu Masters took in a chilly breath.

“Without any defensive Gu worm and using his bare hands to break the jade light, this is true blue self-harm!” Even male Gu Masters’ eyes twitched upon seeing Fang Yuan’s hands, and were shocked by his ruthlessness.

Being ruthless to others, that is easy, but being ruthless to yourself, that is hard.

Fang Yuan using his bare hands to break the Jade Skin Gu’s defense, it was not only savage to his younger brother, but even harsher on himself!

“I’ll go take a look.” The academy elder could no longer stand it, and after saying so, he jumped onto the stage.

He first squatted down and observed the fainted Fang Zheng, sighing in relief as he found that Fang Zheng was not in a critical condition. His head just had a huge impact, causing him to fall unconscious.

“Unbelievable, with the Jade Skin Gu’s defense, he still suffered such heavy injuries from someone using their bare hands.” The academy elder was shocked internally, raising his head and looking at Fang Yuan, his eyes shining with a fierce light.

“Fang Yuan, I’ll heal you.” The academy elder stood up, taking a few huge strides towards Fang Yuan and grabbing his forearm.

Fang Yuan’s arms were in terrible condition. Not only was the blood and skin vaguely mashed, even his bones were revealed. Because of the huge impact there were also cracks on the bones.

“How intense this pain is, yet he didn’t even frown a bit.” Even if it was the academy elder, his heart shuddered seeing such injuries.

His tone was complicated, saying to Fang Yuan, “Endure it, the healing is very itchy and also very painful.”

Saying so, his five fingers spread open and emitted a wave of blue moonlight. The moonlight got brighter and caused the academy elder’s right hand to be translucent from the shine.

At a glance, the academy elder’s entire right hand was like a piece of blue jade, the blood vessels and bones were all turned into jade.

The academy elder lightly raised his right hand and covered Fang Yuan’s injured fist.

It was just like a piece of cold jade touching on an injury that was mashed with blood and flesh. Fang Yuan felt a heart-piercing pain, but he gritted his teeth and did not make a sound.

The academy elder’s hand emitted gentle moonlight and the moonlight nourished Fang Yuan’s injured spot.

On the bones, the cracks started to mend, and the flesh and skin started to grow rapidly and heal.

Fang Yuan felt an intense itching, causing him to breathe heavily.

The academy elder’s expression was calm. While healing Fang Yuan, he diverted a part of his concentration towards Fang Yuan’s arm, and also inspected his aperture.

In the aperture, the black green-coloured copper primeval essence was raging like waves in the sea.

A white and fat liquor worm was swimming and playing in the primeval sea.

The four walls of the aperture were all made of white-coloured crystal walls. This showed Fang Yuan’s Rank one peak stage cultivation clearly.

The academy elder did not look away, but continued to scan Fang Yuan’s body.

Finally, he found that on Fang Yuan’s palm, there was the Moonlight Gu and Little Light Gu.

“No other Gu worms, did Fang Yuan really use his own strength to break the defense of the Jade Skin Gu? Such strength is far beyond a mortal adult. He is only fifteen years old, how can he have such strength?” The academy elder’s eyes shone with suspicion.

“Clan elder, thank you for your treatment.” Fang Yuan took back his arm from the academy elder and shook it around.

Although there was still some pain, the injury had already healed. If this was back on Earth, such an injury would have taken a year or two to heal and would even leave some serious side effects.

This was the magical aspect of this world. Now that Fang Yuan’s arms were healed, although he still felt like they were weak when he grabbed the air or waved them around, seven or eight days later, the strengthless side-effect would disappear.

But Fang Yuan was not grateful to the academy elder. His injury could also be healed by other healing Gu Masters, and he was well aware: the academy elder’s motive was to inspect his aperture.

Fang Yuan had expected this from the start, so he left the White Boar Gu and Jade Skin Gu in the second secret cave. As for the Spring Autumn Cicada, with its Rank six status, if it wanted to hide, even the Rank four Gu Yue Bo would not find it if he inspected personally.

The academy elder did not find anything, and that caused him to frown. Although he was still suspicious in his heart, but in front of so many people, he did not have the proper opportunity to ask.

“Fang Yuan, you performed well, continue working hard.” Finally, the academy elder patted Fang Yuan’s shoulder and declared loudly, “This year’s final exam, the first place goes to Fang Yuan!”

Ever since the academy elder’s ascension to the stage, the audience watched quietly. After hearing his announcement, they started discussing fervently.

“To think that at the end, Fang Yuan had the last laugh!”

“He’s merely a C grade, but he beat the Rank two Fang Zheng who has a Jade Skin Gu, did he cheat?”

“Probably not, from the academy elder’s personal treatment and probing. If he did not find any problems, Fang Yuan probably did not cheat.”

“Fang Yuan’s fists were greatly injured, that’s normal. But as a fifteen year old, having such strength that surpasses an adult by far, isn’t it suspicious?”

“What is there to be suspicious about? There are always people who are born with strange talents. Either super strength, or super smart, actually Fang Yuan’s strength isn’t that scary, think about that guy.” The speaking Gu Master indicated at the standing Chi Shan.

People were immediately enlightened, “Oh yes. When Chi Shan was still a kid, his strength was already greater than an adult, is Fang Yuan also such a monster?”

“That has to be it. When Fang Yuan was young, he could make poems. Those poems were famous around the village back then. We thought he was an A grade, but he turned out to be C grade, but it seems heaven has other plans and compensated him with strength.”

“He is still a C grade anyway, if he was B grade he would be another Chi Shan. Hmph, nothing to be envious about, a Gu Master’s cultivation relies on their talent. If I can get a Black Boar Gu in the future, I would have even greater strength than him. That is nothing much, he can only be arrogant for a while.” Some people shrugged, speaking unconcernedly.

Fang Yuan walked down the stage, his eyes picking up the people’s discussions as he smirked coldly inside his heart.

The Liquor worm’s origin was already perfectly explained by Fang Yuan, but once the Jade Skin Gu was exposed, Fang Yuan would not be able to explain it. Thus, he had to keep this secret and could not use it in public.

As for these people’s thoughts and explanations, it was the direction Fang Yuan wanted them to go. Or rather, even if the higher-ups were suspicious, they would only be suspicious of his mysterious backer.

“Half a year ago, I risked the danger and used the wild boar tusks to create a second layer of protection at the camp. It is finally coming into play.” Fang Yuan eyes were dark like the abyss.

The Gu Yue clan leader did not sit down. He kept on standing and frowning deeply.

This matter had developed out of his control.

Fang Yuan getting first place, he did not really care much. It was just a year end exam’s first place, it was nothing significant.

He was worried about Gu Yue Fang Zheng.

Undeniably, today’s impact was too great on Fang Zheng.

If Fang Zheng was beaten completely from the start and lost the fight, so be it. But it just had to be at the point where he used his full strength and got a huge confidence boost, that he was sent sprawling by Fang Yuan’s two fists.

Such a psychological trauma might negatively impact his growth.

“Under my guidance and arrangement, Fang Zheng was the first to advance to upper stage, peak stage and Rank two initial stage, continuously gaining success and confidence. But this confidence is probably gone by now. Sigh, my hard work has all gone up like smoke.” Gu Yue Bo sighed deeply, naturally gaining a little sense of disgust and loathing towards Fang Yuan.

If Fang Yuan had lost to Fang Zheng, everything would have been perfect.

But he actually won, that is too… infuriating.

Not only the clan leader, but the other clan elders’ were also full of solemn and complex gazes.

“Fang Yuan’s strength is actually so huge, is he really a monster like Chi Shan?”

“Actually, he was strange from young, making poems when he was younger than ten, so his strength getting larger as he grew up is nothing strange.”

“But there is another possibility, and that is human action. Fang Yuan has a mysterious backer, maybe the backer assisted him.”

“But the person behind him, who could it be?”

The clan elders’ hearts were overturning, but their expressions said otherwise.

Clan leader Gu Yue Bo went silent before revealing a smile, saying, “Fang Yuan, getting first place with a C grade talent, this is an unprecedented grand feat! Becoming first place, you have a hundred primeval stones as reward and also Gu worm choosing priority. Now, I shall reward you further, you can choose any small group you want and join it. Regardless of the group, whichever one you want, just say it and you can join!”

Upon saying so, all the Rank two Gu Masters and students stared at Fang Yuan in envy.

Small groups had their differences too, and joining a good group meant a bright future. Gu Yue Bo’s reward was very generous.

“Although I made this decision on the spot, I believe the clan elders here would agree with me,” Gu Yue Bo smiled even more intensely, looking at the clan elders beside him.

With Gu Yue Chi Lian and Gu Yue Mo Chen as the head of the clan elders, all of their faces were grim and some even frowned, but no one stopped him.

Fang Yuan’s heart jumped.

Trouble had come.

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