Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 224

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The question obviously made Old Edward rejoice, everyone was happy if others were curious about their thoughts, Old Edward was no exception.

He quickly replied, "Your majesty immortal, I believe you already know everything about our tribe?"

"I even know things that you guys don't know," Qin Tian replied.

"Mm, how can the knowledge of a mortal like ours compare to an Immortal like you," he coughed with an embarrassed face.

He then continued, "even though I am also an Olympian, but I am different from other Olympians, they are just a bunch of idiots who think they are everything."

"I, on the other hand, have my own ambitions and aspirations that are way beyond their imagination." His tone began to fiery as he said that.

His gaze then fell on an electric tower on the outskirts of the city.

It was no ordinary electric tower, it was a legendary electric tower that had changed much of the modern world. If it weren't for that, science wouldn't have progressed so quickly in the last decades.

With the electricity tower, electricity distribution no longer requires cables so that electricity costs become much cheaper and can reach all places on earth.

It can also capture electricity coming from lightning so that the electricity stock on earth is almost unlimited without having to dredge the earth's resources again. In most places, electricity has long been free.


The workings of the electric tower then led to many new discoveries so that there was more technology that used to only exist in films and novels. Like virtual reality technology for example.

The electric tower was actually discovered a long time ago, but for some unknown reason, it was never used or researched further.

Seeing that electric tower, Old Edward showed a proud expression. "I'm the one who has implemented this project, even research funding comes from my personal money," he said which surprised Qin Tian.

"The previous generation got in the way of this power tower project because they were afraid people wouldn't buy their electricity anymore. That's where their stupidity lies, whereas with this power tower, science can progress much faster."

"Now that we see a lot of impossible technologies, in fact, even extending human lifespan is no longer impossible, it just takes more time to research."

"Unfortunately this old man is too old, if the electric tower was used a few decades earlier, maybe humans could live up to 200 years now." He smiled wryly as he said that.

Even Benson was shocked, he obviously didn't know there was such a story behind the progress of the earth now.

"So when you were young, did you think about extending human life?" Qin Tian asked.

"The longer we live, we can see more hope, like me now, I can even see and serve an Immortal," he replied.

"Hahaha, I understand." Qin Tian nodded and laughed.

"But I think it's more because you're afraid to die."

"Ehmmm," Old Edward cleared his throat with an embarrassed expression. "Although this old man is afraid of death, but who is not afraid of death in this world. The elite Olympians who always think they are everything are also afraid of death, but they are too stupid to think." "Their greed for money also keeps them from thinking about something much more important."

"But, don't you have heaven, why are you still afraid of death? If you die, you will live again in your heaven."

Benson, "..."

Old Edward, "..."


What happened next was the reunification of Olympus which took place that very night. The news shocked Olympus and the whole world.

A new government was also formed, although Clara did not appear, but she was the one who decided everything.

Government officials, military officials, police officers, all officials are directly elected by her.

She also seemed to know a lot about the characters there, so all the officials she chose were people she could trust.

As for the President, she actually chose Catherine.

Obviously for the highest position she wanted people she really knew.

After the new officials were elected, the old officials who had been removed from their positions suddenly met with misfortune.

Each and every one of them died inexplicably.

Unfortunately no one reported their death. Currently all Olympus media is only reporting on the reunification of the country.

The only ones who were worried might just be the elite Olympians residing in Europe and America. The reunification of Olympus was their plan, but why did it suddenly happen that very night, when they only wanted to discuss it tonight.

Moreover, they were also confused as to why their minions were suddenly replaced. Even the presidents are people they don't know.


In the morning, all the citizens of Olympus went out of the house to celebrate the reunification of their country.

After all, no one likes war, even though they already hate each other, it's fine as long as they don't fight anymore, at most, they will only mock each other on social media.

In the city of Olympus, the townspeople gathered in the city's largest church.

The churchyard was filled with many people. Some people party to celebrate the reunification of their country, but the religious choose to pray in church. And Clara was one of those who went to church.

Accompanied by Qin Tian, ​​she wore a long white dress and a shawl veil which she used to partially cover her hair.

She was dressed very modestly, usually only priestesses would wear such clothes.

But today, almost all the women who come to church wear such clothes.


The church was very large and majestic, it stood right in front of mount Olympus and had a very wide courtyard.

Beside the church, stands a towering statue of Zeus.

The statue looked down as if it was giving blessings to the people.

Every Olympian who saw the statue immediately put their hands on their chests to pray. Even Clara was no exception. She looked solemn as she prayed.

Seeing her elegant figure in religious clothes, Qin Tian couldn't help but think strangely.

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