Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 221

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After that, they immediately went to the villa.

Even though the other country's officials didn't come out, they still greeted them at the door of the villa.

They didn't really care about the others, even Alex only got a nod from them, the only one they greeted politely was Clara's grandfather, Old Edward.

It was like they were welcoming an emperor.

The aged Old Edward, even though his body looked like he was on the verge of death, he still responded to them with a friendly smile.

Unfortunately, his old face made his smile look terrible to behold.

"Come on, come on, let's start the meeting," he said as the two men helping him pushed his wheelchair into the living room.

Previously the living room was full of dining tables, but now there were only chairs used for meetings.

The officials quickly took their seats.

Even though Old Edward was the most respected person there, he didn't actually sit in any of the main seats. He just sat in his wheelchair and his wheelchair was among the other guests.


He didn't seem to be part of the crowd presiding over the meeting.

Including Alex, there were seven people sitting in the main seat.

One of them then stood up.

He was a middle-aged man with a large build. Under his nose, there was a fairly thick golden mustache.

He looked at the people one by one. After looking at Old Edward, only then did he speak.

"I'm sure those of you who came here already understand what our plan is, yes, that's right, we want to reunite Olympus."

No one was surprised by his words, instead of being surprised, some looked worried.

"Unifying Olympus is a very easy thing, after all, the two presidents of Olympus even sit side by side." He continued while looking at the two middle-aged men sitting beside Old Edward.

He laughed lightly as he looked at them.

Both of them smiled awkwardly as they felt his gaze.

Unfortunately neither of them realized Qin Tian and the two others on the second floor of the villa were watching them from above.

The middle-aged man with the golden mustache then continued his words.

"Well, although it is very easy to unite Olympus, but the war on this land cannot be stopped."

What he said this time immediately made people worry.

Of course, not all of them knew why the war on Olympus could not be stopped. Maybe only the elders of Olympus knew.

Some chose to be silent about it because they had no other choice but to follow their orders.

As for those from a small poor country, some of them still believed that the Olympians were the truth. Because they want war, that means war is the truth.

Asian countries, on the other hand, are divided on several sides.

Several Asian countries are their vassals. And those who are not, on the surface they may be a great power that can compete with the western world. Although that was true, but the elites of Olympus who had spiritual backers were a group they could not overcome.

They didn't know who was backing them, but there was no way they didn't realize that. And they knew it was an existence they could not fight against.

Of course, the Asian countries that came to this meeting were only Asian countries that had already become their subordinates.

"What are you planning?" A minister from a small European country then asked.

"We will still use the old plan," the middle-aged man replied.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, we will give weapons to the countries in the south, let them attack this land."

"Mmmm, but the people of this country have been at war for too long, we think now is the time for them to rest. So, we hope you will send your troops to this country to withstand terrorist attacks from the south."


Everyone there fell silent after they heard his plan.

What a beautiful plan. You want us to fight while you rest.

With the technology at their disposal, they could definitely keep their residents safe even if a war broke out right next to their town.

Clara looked like she was about to cry out of anger.

Qin Tian then looked at Benson, but the latter was still very calm. However, Qin Tian could feel a ripple in his heart.

Maybe the war didn't bother him at all, but the reason for that. With his status, there was no way he would be able to figure out the cause.

"Let's stop them," Clara suddenly spoke.

Qin Tian looked at her and nodded. He was ready to come down and show their figures.

However, something unexpected suddenly happened right before he made his move.

He suddenly felt something moving towards the villa from the sky.

It also seemed to sense its existence.

He immediately used his eyes to look outside.

About 500 meters from the villa, he saw a black winged figure flying through the air.

The figure had a human-like body, but his body was covered in red scales.

There was even a horn on his head.

Moreover, black flames radiated from his body.

His appearance looked like the devil in the movies.

"Abyss Demon, how could it still exist?" Luna was much more surprised when she saw the figure.

Qin Tian did not have time to ask for an explanation.

It also found him.

"Kekeke, it turns out that there is a very strong human, that's good, I will eat you to increase my strength," said the figure.

He didn't even hide his voice so it was heard throughout the mountain peak.

In fact, the sound could cause the mountain to shake, but strangely the mountain remained steady as if nothing had happened. But the villa on the other hand was shaken until cracks appeared in its walls.

Everyone immediately panicked, no one understood what was happening.

The figure then slashed his finger towards the villa.

One of his nails then extended to form a sword.

Like a knife cutting a fruit, it then cut the villa in half.

Flames shot up, burning the top of the villa to ashes.

In an instant, the night sky was revealed from within the villa.


But no one was interested in observing the sky, people's gazes were only on the figure flying above them.

Even though they all knew about cultivation, no one knew about that figure. Even the Olympians were stunned and frightened.

However, there was one person who was still calm among them.

It was Old Edwards.

He was only shocked when he saw Qin Tian and the others appear in the villa.

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