Return of Mount Hua Sect - Chapter 953

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Namgoong also bit his lips until the stomach was torn.
"Cheer up, just a little...….I'll hang in there a little longer.….”
I know, he's been pushing his way through and trying to keep his hands falling, but...…I already understand that no matter how hard I try, I can't save it.
It's not even my first time.
It's not like I've never seen this before.
The blood dried and turned dark red, his hands shuddered and approached his face.
"Yes, Jin. Just a little more strength. Hold on a little longer and you'll have backup! Then we can go back to the palace! Until then... Power……."
The face of Namgoongdo Island was horribly distorted.
I can't straighten my face even though I know I shouldn't.
It's an obvious lie. Both those who do and those who listen know. What a ridiculous lie this is.
However, Namgoongdowi desperately told the obvious lie. There's nothing else I can do.
"Ba, I'm sure...…Survive……."
The hands of Namgoongdo were shaking.
You deserve to get used to it now. How many people has already sent him here. But I'm not used to it at all. It was painful like the first time that I felt this cool, crappy sensation of losing body temperature and strength from my hand.
"I, Namgoong…" one more time.…I miss you…….”
Nam Goong-jin's pupils, who were struggling to keep talking, loosened. At the same time, the strength slipped out of the hand held by Namgung Dowi.
"Namgoongjin! You punk!"
Violent shouts erupted from those who were guarding his end. A voice of evil, mixed with tears, unable to cope with rising anger.
However, Namgoongdowiman just lowered his head and buried his forehead in Namgoongjin's dry-blooded chest.
"Don't cry.’
The blood ran down my torn lips. However, Namgoongdowi was unable to shed tears even though it could have shed blood for Namgoongjin.
The moment you show tears, everyone will collapse.
With red-eyed eyes, Namgoongdowi grabbed the ground as if to tear it apart.
I don't think he could have saved it.
You sure you couldn't save her?
He would not have died if he had been treated on time by a proper lawmaker. No, if I had taken such a large group of people in my family, I don't know all of them, but some of them might have been saved.
But there is nothing here.
Lee Do, who will cure them, and Young Dan Do, who will connect them to life.
All it has is a desolate land, a weary river running carelessly. And…….
Namgoongdowi raised his head with eyes full of original poison. Then he glared at the ship of Sapaeryeon surrounding the island and the political factions who watched it as if they were watching from across the river.
The place where the young venom is truly directed in those eyes may not be Sapaeryon, but the old file room beyond them.
I know.
All this was done by Namgung Sega. It is not reasonable to put off the results to others. Namgung Sega should be solely responsible for the countless deaths.
But nevertheless...….
Bboom bubbing sound.
Namgoongdowi changed his teeth.
I wouldn't blame them if they hadn't shouted and shouted. It would have been so if he had not proudly talked about defending the midfield and raising consultations.
But... where is the agreement they have been calling for?What the hell are they doing while those wounded in the fight for their people die on this cold land?
At that moment, there was a sound that grabbed the nerves of Namgoongdowi. It was someone else groaning from injury.
He breathed out a new long breath of cracked lips. Then, he slowly reached out and closed Namgoongjin's eyes before raising his body.
While looking down at Namgungjin without saying a word, he opened his mouth in a dry voice.
"Take care of the body."
"…Cow Lord."
"I know how you feel. But there are still some who haven't made it. If we have time to grieve over their deaths, we should use it to save the living.”
Who wouldn't have gotten angry at the words?
However, none of the inspectors of Namgung Sega, whose eyes were red, refuted.
Namgoong-do Committee was especially close to Namgoongjin. His shoulders were trembling, showing how he felt when he said this.
Namgoongdowi turned away as it was.
The man who tried to call him up reflexively clouded his words. I know Namgoongdowi desperately needs time alone.
After walking weakly to the riverside, Namgung-do-wi collapsed.
The fleet of Sapaeryeon, who is not interested in the situation of Maehwado Island, and the Gupile Room, which is located in the area.
Looking back, I could see Namgoongjin's body being moved. They are also treating injured people who cannot come to their senses. The touch was powerless.
That's understandable.
The suspicion and fear that all those acts may be meaningless will continue to wear the mind out.
How many more days are left?
Three days? Two days?
New, cracked lips leaked out of the blue smile.
Perhaps if that bay man and the watercolour pushed into the plum blossoms together, they would have to die without even trying to resist. In the five days that Jang Il-so gave them, they don't save their energy, they just dry up more.
Namgoongdowi rubbed his face roughly. The grip of his face was filled with anguish.
I know.
They will not help the Namgung. Everyone knows that as well as Namgung Dowi.
But more than that, what really drives Namgoongdowi crazy...He was the last ray of hope, even though he knew that they would not help him.
A voice leaked out, unknown whether it was a moan or a cry. He looked over the river with bloodshot eyes.
"…How do you feel?”
The muttering voice seemed to smell blood.
"How does it feel to watch this place from there...…?”
I want to ask.
I really want to ask.
Do you know how it feels to see a family who had been facing each other until yesterday dying in front of their eyes, and how it feels to see a person who is rotting and crying in pain, but can't even give a little help?
Perhaps the same was true of Namgoong.
If he had not experienced this, seen it with his eyes, and groaned in the pain, he would have chosen the most beneficial way for the Namgung Palace by rolling his head across the street.
But now I know.
'You can't weigh the benefits of people.’
Anyone who has been through such a thing would think so. Anyone!
But what can we do?
To know that too late.It was just when the body of Namgoongdodo, which had tears of blood, was leaning sideways.
He suddenly touched the ground and supported himself. His eyes, which had no desire left, clearly grew.
With blurred vision, it was clearly visible.
He rubbed my eyes roughly. Then I opened my eyes straight again and looked across the river.
Namgoongdowi bites his lips strongly. The hazy mind returned.
Probably not visible to the old file room across the street. They can't afford to look sideways or backward. However, it was clearly visible to the eyes of Namgoongdo Island, which is looking at the riverside from here.
Next to it, a river pretty far from the old school. The way someone in green looks at this place and observes it.
It was definitely Sichundangga. A shaman of the Tang family, who is known to have already withdrawn from the Janggang River, is checking this place.

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Namgoongdowi grabbed my thigh for a moment.
'No, no, no.….’
It may be a hasty idea. Maybe he sent one person to Janggang just to get some insight.
Namgoongdowi did not even move, but sat there like a stone statue and looked at the warrior of the Tang family. He turned away after carefully examining the movement of the Sapaeryeon, the political faction, and the situation inside Maehwa Island.
After a while, Namgoongdowi rose up as if possessed. And he stared far away for a long time, as if he were trying to tell if what he had just seen was reality or fantasy.
"If the Dangga were here...….’
It wasn't until long before he turned slowly.
As I went back the way I came, I could see the whole situation on the island at a glance.
"Wake up! You son of a b*tc*! Don't die!"
"For God's sake... Why are we the only ones...….”
those who die day by day in grief Those who can't control their anger by dealing with the wounded. The smell of rotten blood and smell. And a stench of great despair.
Namgoongdowi did not stop walking.
'This is stupid.’
'There may be no income. It's only going to get worse.’
I know that, too.
"But why?"
The reason is too simple. I can't just sit here and wait for death. He has a responsibility to protect those who are here.
He's the bull of Namgoongsega.
My steps got faster and faster. So the place where he finally arrived was in front of Namgung Hwang, who seemed to have aged a decade.
Namgoongdowi looked quietly at Namgoonghwang.
Namgung Hwang, who had exhausted all his energy to push the injured person into the field, closed his eyes with his back against the rock broken by artillery fire. I felt deep remorse and heavy responsibility on my face.
A heavy responsibility that seems to suffocate.
Feeling a sign, Namgung Hwang slowly opened his eyes and looked over Namgung Do-wi.
"…what's going on?"
Namgoong Dōwi stared at Namgoong without saying a word. The rich man's eyes intertwined in the air.
"You told me before, didn't you?"
"If you put your mind to it, you can get out of this island."
Namgoong Hwang shook his head.
"I'm not going."
He was young with a smile of self-help around his mouth.
"I, the owner of the male palace, will abandon them and go anywhere. I will share my fate with them here. And……. Cough."
Having a dry cough, he twisted the corners of his mouth.
"I don't know then, but it's too much now."
"On my own."
Namgoong Hwang looked up and looked over Namgoongdowi.
"…what are you trying to say?"
Namgoongdowi, who finally made up his mind, stared at Namgoongdowi as if he were staring at Namgoongdowi."It's hard for you to work alone, but if you join forces with the elders, you can get one person off the island."
"Some places are safas, but they don't break their own words. He's also after something, so even if we try to escape, we won't attack the island in retaliation. In other words....”
Namgoongdowi continued as if he were chewing.
"It's worth sending out at least one person."
"Let me out, my lord."
His eyes were burning with determination and anger at the same time.
"Please let me live and touch the land, even if I give up my life."
Namgung Hwang, who turned pale, looked at his son.
One day, a father faces the moment when his child stands at the same level as him. And right now, Nam Gung-hwang clearly felt what it was like.
That's why I didn't ask.
What do you want to do? Why should Namgoongdowi go, not him?
That's meaningless.
"……What's the price?"
This was the only thing I was curious about.
"As you say, every elder, including me, has to risk his life. What's the price for us to sacrifice our lives to protect everyone's lives for one more second?”
Resolution stood upright in the eyes of Namgung Island. It was not found in the current Namgung Hwang.
"Can't you do that?"
Namgung Hwang, who had been silent for a while, grinned.
"Can't you?"
Namgoong Hwang slowly rose up. His eyes also began to bloom. A childlike determination in the eyes of a grown-up son.
"…It's enough."
His hand gripped the shoulder of Namgoongdo Island.

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