Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother - Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Unable to Meet (2)

Qiao Jiusheng was shocked.

A woman’s intuition is really scary!

The intuition of a female designer is even scarier!

“There are countless similar people. Who do you think I look like, Miss Wei?” Qiao Jiusheng smiled brightly without a hint of hypocrisy or fear.

Stunned, Wei Xin stared at her smile and said, “Your smile looks more like hers.”

Upon hearing this, Qiao Jiusheng could not be bothered to smile.

Qi Bufan muttered something in Fang Yusheng’s ear. It was unknown what he said, but Fang Yusheng suddenly took a step to the left and leaned close to Qiao Jiusheng. He slowly stretched out his hands and pulled away Qiao Jiusheng’s and Wei Xin’s hands. Then, he smiled and said to Wei Xin, “Miss Wei, please sit.”

Wei Xin shrugged and walked to the sofa. She crossed her legs and sat like a queen.

Qiao Jiusheng was about to sit on the same sofa as Wei Xin’s was when Fang Yusheng pulled her to sit on another sofa.

After Aunt Jin served the tea, Wei Xin took a sip and bluntly said, “Mr. Fang, I’ll accept your order. Just pay half the deposit first. Once the gown is ready, I’ll call you to collect it.”

Fang Yusheng was a little surprised. He understood Wei Xin well. She does not accept orders easily. What moved her?

Without waiting for Fang Yusheng to ask, Wei Xin said, “Mr. Fang, can I borrow your wife for half an hour?”

When Wei Xin said this, Qiao Jiusheng and Fang Yusheng were both stunned.

After a moment of silence, Fang Yusheng thoughtfully replied, “I will respect what my wife decides.”

Qiao Jiusheng said, “Of course.”

Fang Yusheng frowned.

Clearly, he wanted to hear Qiao Jiusheng reject it.

Wei Xin and Qiao Jiusheng stood up at the same time and walked toward the backyard.

Fang Yusheng held his teacup with a complicated expression.

Qi Bufan curiously asked him, “Sir, what are you worried about?”

Fang Yusheng remained silent.

He was thinking.

There are rumors that Wei Xin’s private life is rather strange and that she does not shy away from men and women. In her love history, there are both men and women. She has even almost gotten engaged to a woman once. Fang Yusheng was very sensitive, and Wei Xin’s performance just now was just short of saying that she was interested in Qiao Jiusheng.

Fang Yusheng held his forehead and felt a little tired.

I have too many love rivals. What should I do?

In the backyard, Qiao Jiusheng had just walked down the wooden stairs when the tall woman in front of her suddenly turned around and condescendingly looked at her.

Qiao Jiusheng looked up and met her eyes.

She saw scrutiny and suspicion in those eyes.

Suddenly, Wei Xin’s lips curled up as she shouted a name that shocked Qiao Jiusheng.

“Qiao Jiusheng.”

After shouting this name, Wei Xin stared at Qiao Jiusheng’s face without letting go.

When the woman in front of her heard this name, her pure and beautiful face naturally revealed a surprised expression. Qiao Jiusheng turned around and glanced around. When Qiao Jiusheng did not see anyone else, she looked at Wei Xin in confusion and asked, “Miss Wei, what’s wrong? Second Madam lives in a house on the west side. Unless there are special circumstances, she usually doesn’t come to our house.”

Her reaction was impeccable!

A hint of regret flashed across Wei Xin’s heart.

She shook her head. “I was seeing things,” she said.

Qiao Jiusheng saw the regret in Wei Xin’s eyes and felt guilty.

Sorry, Xinxin!

“Oh right, you especially called me out. Is there something you can’t say in front of Yusheng?” She portrayed the identity of the Eldest Young Madam very well.

Yusheng… Yusheng, the way she called him is really intimate.

This is not Qiao Jiusheng. The real Qiao Jiusheng would only speak of Brother Mu that way.

Wei Xin pretended to smile and said, “There’s nothing I can’t say. I just wanted to ask you what requirements you have for the gown.”

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