Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around! - Chapter 1483

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Chapter 1483: Trouble

Ye Jian glanced at her secretly and retracted her gaze calmly. She lowered her head and took out a small silver phone from her pocket.

The signal in the mountain wasn’t good. Before they left, Major Xia and the rest thought of this problem. White Crane gave her a small instrument the size of a palm specially used to receive signals. Once she entered the mountain, she would be able to receive a signal once she turned it on.

Her fingers were lazily playing with the keyboard on her phone. The clicking sound of the keys could be heard from time to time. It was a message that she was very bored and frustrated.

Sitting with Ye Jian was a young man who was a worker returning to the village. He was a little reserved and didn’t dare to lean on his seat.

Every time he glanced at the pretty and young girl beside him, he seemed even more nervous.

Ye Jian felt bad for him.

After playing with her phone for a while, Ye Jian lowered her eyes and covered them. Then, she casually placed her phone in her pocket and closed her eyes with a ‘preoccupied’ expression.

Ye Jian’s target looked at her secretly many times. She sized up Ye Jian’s attire and observed her expression.

In the end, she seemed to have confirmed something. She opened her exquisite handbag with her hands that were painted red. She fumbled around in her bag for a while before retracting her hand.

“Hold on tight, hold on tight,” The driver said loudly, reminding the passengers to stand properly to prevent falling when the bus made a sharp turn.

As the bus started to turn, the people in the bus started to fall in one direction. Then, they fell in the other direction. After two consecutive turns, the passengers on the bus swayed over and over again.

Some people wanted to get on the bus halfway. They probably didn’t want to stand in front, so they squeezed their way to the back. The passengers who got squeezed said, “Why are you squeezing? There are no seats at the back!”

“I like to stand at the back. What can you do to me?” The person who got on the bus was a sloppy man. He used the simplest and crudest language to reply to the passengers who were talking about him.

Someone reminded softly, “Don’t provoke him. The hooligans in this area usually rely on stopping foreign cars to earn money for their livelihood. If they sleep on the road without paying, they won’t be able to get up. The villagers call him ‘Old Rascal.'”

Most people wouldn’t provoke such a person. They were afraid of getting into trouble.

The man with the nickname ‘Old Rascal’ wasn’t angry. Instead, he felt proud. He squeezed his way to the back and exchanged glances with the woman that Ye Jian was staring at. He saw the woman looking at Ye Jian.

Old Rascal immediately looked in the direction of her gaze. When he saw Ye Jian, his dirty yellow eyes widened. Something good had come.

Sister Li’s was a good judge of character indeed!

The two of them exchanged glances silently. Old Rascal walked over to the young man sitting beside Ye Jian and said, “Stand up. I want to sit here.”

His voice was just like his nickname, shameless and barbaric. “I’m counting to three. If you don’t stand up, I’m going to hit you.”

The young man was naturally unwilling. However, when he saw the man suddenly taking out a small knife from his pocket, his expression changed. He lowered his head and hugged his old backpack tightly. Then, he stood up silently.

Ye Jian didn’t open her eyes. As the bus shook, her body swayed too. She maintained her balance and didn’t move left or right.

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