Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor - Chapter 2189

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Chapter 2189: Stop Joking (1)

“Yes, go and buy them now.” Ye Qing waved him off before starting to clean up the tripod, which was filled with failed elixirs.

Yun Chen looked dubious but since Ye Qing had given the instructions, he had no choice but to comply.

While Yun Chen was off getting the herbs, Ye Qingtang soon cleaned up the tripod. Compared to her previous life when she had to hide and could only make use of a basic tripod in the wilderness to refine elixirs, this low-grade alchemy lab was already considered a luxury.

Ye Qingtang estimated that it would be a period of time before Yun Chen would return. She strolled around the alchemy lab and swept up all the medicinal herbs on the floor.

It had been a long time since Ye Qingtang had personally refined elixirs. While in the First Domain, she never had a day when she could settle down enough to do so. Looking at the sparse medicinal herbs she had on hand now, Ye Qingtang glanced at the alchemy book laid open on the table.

“Cypress elixir…” Ye Qingtang scanned the page and immediately knew that it contained the recipe for refining cypress elixirs.

Cypress elixirs were considered mid-grade elixirs and were often sold at auctions. It was not considered a rare elixir.

Ye Qingtang looked at the cypress elixir recipe and then at Yun Chen’s bottle of “cypress elixir”.


It looked like she had underestimated the impact of Yun Chen’s bloodline.

To be able to refine a cypress elixir like this… was indeed a rare “skill”.

Since it would be some time before Yun Chen would return, Ye Qingtang tidied up the medicinal herbs and prepared to warm up her own skills.

Yun Chen had already gotten most of the herbs needed by Ye Qing. But some rare herbs could not be found on such short notice. Yun Chen placed orders for those herbs before bringing back a fully-packed space ring back to the alchemy lab.

He pushed open the door. The temperature inside the alchemy lab was already much higher than the outside. A fragrant smell spread out together with the heat.

Yun Chen immediately recognized the smell.

Cypress elixir?

Yun Chen was taken aback. He was very familiar with this smell.

This was the fragrance of the cypress elixir. Yun Chen might not be able to cultivate a real cypress elixir, but this was a frequent scent produced by the other medicine faculty students.

For the cypress elixir, the more crisp and fragrant it was, the higher its quality. With just a few sniffs, Yun Chen could already feel his mind becoming much clearer.

Where was this smell coming from?

Yun Chen was confused. Scanning the room, he realized that his tripod, which was previously filled with ashes, was now burning with a vigorous fire. A completed elixir was upon the roaring flame.

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Roasted by the fire, the fragrance of the elixir filled the entire lab.

Was that the… cypress elixir?

Yun Chen stared in astonishment at the tripod. He just kept staring at the sweet-smelling elixir in the tripod. Although he had smelled many cypress elixirs before, none of them could compare to this.

Even the cypress elixirs cultivated by the medicine faculty teachers during their demonstrations were not as fragrant as this.

Where did this cypress elixir come from?

Could it be…

A startling notion surfaced in Yun Chen’s mind. But he immediately quelled it the moment it appeared.

He had not been away for that long. Ye Qing could not possibly have cultivated this.

Yun Chen was well aware that even a medicine faculty teacher would need at least one full day to refine a cypress elixir, and he had been away for less than half a day.

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